Reviews for First contact
alltheeagles chapter 1 . 1/11/2017
Well this universe sounds very interesting so far with the two big warring sides and this new third party appearing. You've set it up so that there is plenty of room for more adventures on both sides, and the lead characters are solidly presented.

You have a more factual style of narration, kind of textbook-ish or news-reporting-ish in tone, which works just fine for this showcase of tactical manouvers and descriptions of hardware, but just to point out, sci-fi can have a human side too with interactions and emotions and all that, so maybe in future pieces you could insert some of that.

I kind of sympathise with the Yakta at the moment, all they wanted was to be left alone and they did clean up the planet that the other two sides messed up, so they're not all bad. Yes, maybe a little trigger-happy and defensive, but they were being threatened so that wasn't such an extreme reaction.