Reviews for Pen And Paper
floreloyx chapter 1 . 1/22/2017
Pen and paper, a reply

Words spoken cannot discribe
what the heart has felt
No friends can discern
what time hast delt

The lines apon a page
A story for those to see
Prehaps with these strokes
They might think of me

Not just a friend
Not just an auther
Not just a sister
Not just a brother

A person who feels
As strongly as they
A person who fights
For the words that they say

But can write frealy
At night or at day
So discernment can happen
While I am away!

Sorry about that... I am not wanting to take the spotlight from your work! But I couldn't just write what I felt after reading yours... I want to thank you for posting your peace as it is truly a work of feeling, as well as a talented hand!

Anyhoo hear I am babbling on like a brook again... (Many sounds made but not much explained)

Hope all is well and that writing continues to be a stress relief, as well as a pleasure for you!