Reviews for Break Time Conversation
jwdachamp chapter 1 . 2/6/2017
Interesting play. Touched on a good range of topics. I liked the Idea of smokers committing a prolonged suicide. Very masochist activity. I See Eric as the person who is afraid of change, rigid. Joe thinks very logical and even minded. Both eric and joe seem similar but the main difference is that one is more open to new ideas and thoughts. (flexible). Heather has an idealist world view of peace and love that regularly gets trampled on from the harshness of reality. To me she seems like a soul clamoring for someone to listen and understand her for once. My only gripe is that we don't get to see these characters be fully fleshed out into a longer narrative. The climax of the argument seemed a tad bit too rushed. I feel like these characters didn't get to really form a simple bond before they began arguing. Which really doesn't make me care for them other than there viewpoints. The characters begin to sound like mouthpieces rather than real people.