Reviews for Four Seasons of Rainy Days
Folding Turtles chapter 30 . 9/28/2021
This is a really fun story so far! I had random thoughts pop into my head as I was reading, so here goes:

#6 - Wait, which trilogy is it, the one in which the main character dies in the last book? Also, I'm not familiar with Canada Day. Is it a national holiday in Canada?

#7 - "Just ignore my friend. He has no filter." - that made me chuckle. So...the description of Patrick...I was in LOVE with the MAXIMUM RIDE series in middle school and the first part of high school, and as a first semester freshman, I saw this dude (my eyes almost bugged out) in the hallway who LITERALLY looked like the reincarnation of Fang (MR book series character), the classic "dark, mysterious, semi-alluring bad boy" archetype, and I'm imagining Patrick almost just like that. XD

#8 - Ohmygod Holly playing the matchmaker. "Unless [...] you can read his mind" - Hey Renee, wanna get a bite from Edward Cullen and (maybe) turn into a mind-reading vampire? "No, just no." - perfect emoticon for her feelings at that moment: -_-

#9 - From a cursory Internet search, Tim Hortons is a Canadian version of Dunkin' Doughnuts? Patrick's attempt at a pick-up line: "Cat got your tongue? ..." - I was like NO, JUST NO -_- "Oh God, I'm awfully sorry for this moron's behavior." - That's the second time one of Patrick's friends has had to apologize on his behalf for his...AHEM...lack of filter. "Did you just not hear her squeak earlier?" - ANNNND...the lack of filter continues.

#10 - "tiny magic pill" - ever read BRAVE NEW WORLD (Huxley)? Reminded me of Soma, the magic happy pill everyone is loopy on in that dystopia. Wait, questions: how old are all the characters? I'm assuming Patrick is around 18? What is Advanced Functions? Despite Raini having a condition that most people don't have, I'm finding the monologues that run through her head to be quite relatable.

#12 - Answering my own characters' ages question: Well, so I guess Raini is around 17/18 b/c she's a senior, and Tripp is at least 18?

#16 - Ooooo... :( Raini's freshman year "friends for a week at lunch" people sound like real douches.

#18 - The one book Raini should NEVER read is THIRTEEN REASONS WHY. I do recommend for her, however, EVERYDAY (David Levithan).

#19 - "What more could a guy ask for?" - a ripping hot bod and a motorcycle XD

#20 - "I made a silent wish that I could be a part of their trio someday, too." - YES, RAINI! Complete the square! Just like you would in math ;)

#21 - More questions about heights: I'm guessing Raini is around 4'8" and Patrick and Roxy are around 6'0"? And Mig is 5'10"? One comment about the text message exchange is that, at least in my experience, guys tend to minimize the number of buttons they have to press on their phone. Like, one word responses are really common. I was in a group project where one member recapped our responsibilities in a PARAGRAPH-long message, and one dude was like, "k" ... LITERALLY. -_- Patrick must be more studious than he appears to be because he actually (SHOCKER) uses punctuation and writes in complete sentences. "Distract me." - Reminded me SO MUCH of Edward Cullen telling Bella to distract him while driving at 100mph so he wouldn't go rip out her mugger's throats in Seattle. "I like [...] alternative rock" - I imagine Patrick would like Imagine Dragons. Maybe BELIEVER...though I don't think the song would've been out yet while this story is happening. OMG I love SPIRITED AWAY!

#22 - The text messages in this chapter seem much more believable than the ones in #21.

#24 - Personally, I think your portrayal of character development in romance situations is more realistic than what typically happens in YA fiction (a.k.a. insta-romance -_-). Also, at least Tripp's reaction isn't as bad as what happens in THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV... (*cough, cough* patricide)

#25 - Tripp learns, instead of music theory, the theory of the FREUDIAN SLIP. : Raini playing an octave on the piano... I remember when I was really little, maybe seven or eight, and I was straining the webbing between my fingers just to stretch to an octave, like UGGGGH! And somehow, as I grew up and my hands got larger, my left hand could stretch a ninth, but my right hand is still stuck at an octave. A bit too short to play LA CAMPANELLA *sigh*

#26 - Tripp and Mig not bundling up for the winter... Knew a guy like that in elementary school (and, actually, also in college) - wore T-shirts shorts in the middle of DECEMBER for Chrissakes. The guy from elementary school caught swine flu one year and literally NEVER WORE SHORTS EVER AGAIN, not even in the summer... must have been a scarring experience. The guy in college, I'd see him shivering in the cold as he walked between classes and was thinking to myself, "ever heard Chopin's WINTER WIND ETUDE?" The possibly vampire guy from the hayride with the golden contacts is dressed as EDWARD CULLEN! AHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

#27 - Really random, but a thought I had. If the characters were designer labels, Tripp would be BALENCIAGA, and Raini would be MARCHESA.

#28 - "Oh Lord, how many times was he going to electrocute me?" - AHAHAHAHA XD

#29 - Tripp's English paper - Hm... procrastinate much? The song that matches almost perfectly with Raini x Tripp UNCONDITIONALLY, Katy Perry. "Raini only really knew about the good... would we even be friends if she knew all of the bad?" I didn't know that FP would let you keep emojis in the plain text.

#30 - "with anything save for country music" - Country music isn't all about beer and baes and trucks and haystacks. REALLY. I know that's the impression a lot of people have about it, but it's really quite good. Carrie Underwood: "Blown Away," "Two Black Cadillacs," "Before He Cheats," ... all really good songs. Tripp is a Pisces. Raini is either Aries or Taurus. Interesting. By their personalities, I'd almost have guessed it'd be the other way around.

(Side note: I PROMISE, despite the numerous Twilight references I make, that I'm not a Twihard. I just find a lot of the things to continuously pop up in pop culture, and I find them to be a bit funny. hehe.)

The first few chapters could be a little tighter/fast-paced to grab the reader's attention. Development after that is good, though. I'm wondering if you know expected word count of the complete project? Whether this is going to be a long drama epic? Update soon!
icaruswalks chapter 30 . 7/13/2021
heya nix i'm here! thanks for the shout-out nd LOL a late gift yes, another yes that you're on the dot that i am long starved for patraini bonding nd SAME girl i don't know wadda hell i'm doing either HAHAHA. also i do wanna congratulate you that you've been wanting to write more words and scenes for your chapters so you can check this off (and continue to!) for 4SROD haha! now to get this long-awaited patraini show on the road:

awww it's so cute how you start off with pat's texts to raini from the last chapter *pleading emoji* also we have some naomi-raini time since we don't see much of her and i think it's great that they continue to have a sisterly relationship for stepsisters :D also naomi is totally there for raini getting closer to pat too hehe nd raini has to steel herself before answering pat's call aww. it's so cute how she accidentally hung up on him nd pat laughs it off, good understanding patty pat lol. do wanna say i do love how you write raini's POV since it's drastically different from pat (which yanno how some dual POVs can literally read the same) nd her anxiety through lil actions is always just kinda there, which isn't a bad thing, it's just part of who raini is as a person. nd it's ADORABLE how raini goes downstairs nd she has to pitch the question about hanging out with pat nd she literally goes to identity pat like, [I stretched my arm upward above my head and went onto my tiptoes to indicate his height. "He's tall, has brown hair and green eyes."] like aww raini bby *pleading emoji* LOl same raini my parents hate hearing "I don't know" but it's my go-to answer like tf lol? but anyway naomi is right that raini is interrogated on where she's going with pat, but that's asian parents for you. but raini is a docile, filial (my viet bestie loves using this word) kiddo so i don't feel like her mom has much, if anything, to worry about? also FUCK YEAH to bubble teaaaa what's it with our asian protags introducing their future men to bubble tea (tho for elías, he's had it before, but it was lottie ordering him a flavor he'd actually enjoyed) nd i'm really lookin forward to patraini bubble tea yeeeeeeee.

OHHHH so raini thought the date included rox and maybe miguel too but... girl is a romantic date just enjoy pat's presence as he is hehe! also so cute that they call each other twice in a day now nd i'm just as excited as both thems for this bubble tea-banh mi date YUM. and now miss rox is here! it's so cute how they're talking while eating fruit since eating fruit with friends is a type of intimacy we all need haha. also very cute of raini to say, [We stockpiled on some store-bought cookies, although they weren't as nearly as scrumptious as Roxy's homemade cookies...] props to rox when she explains to raini that dates don't have to be between official couples, can be for people who haven't defined their relationship just yet, and she lovingly applies it to her dates with mig before he asked her out hehe. also gotta love rox for saying this directly to raini, "You're everything to all of us. I wish you could see yourself how we see you." and everything afterward cause rox knows exactly what to say to raini to make her feel better about herself (besties supporting besties!) and the oncoming date and kinda makes me think if rox can go the therapist or psychiatrist route? also the playlist you mentioned that pat exclusively made for raini (nd he also made one for rox too as his bestie aww) i have your playlist on rn :D nd oh PATTY PAT you gave her a playlist with no titles nor artists on it so raini has to figure it out by listening to the lyrics, which i used to do for radio songs LOL, but sad storytime to hear how rox suffered with bulimia cause of peer pressure and now she's loads better after staying at the clinic, especially with pat dropping off the Insomniacs playlist to rox :') ofc that rox as fire analogy is the best to describe how much rox supports her, ugh that last line; "She was an endless source of warmth to those around her, and I was so lucky and grateful that this warmth reached me." yeah she truly is and it goes both ways :D

PATRAINI DATE DAY! yaaay you included date outfit which is a plaid tank top over a white turkleneck nd jeans aww i can imagine that fits raini's personality perfectly :) also pat came and he had an impromptu lesson where raini's mom teaches him to how to say her name, haha, i do think it's a bit hard as an English native to imitate the tonal sounds but not impossible! also i can see my mom in raini's mom with the way she speaks English since they skip or rearrange words but you can generally understand what they're asking, much relate there. ohhh i see with raini's mom worrying about pat using her for schoolwork but more on that later on. also LOVE that pat describes how "very intelligent and kind-hearted and a good listener and understanding and patient" that's a lotta words pat nd all perfect to describe raini :D also in the carrrr when pat noticed that raini talks more with her mom, a given, nd i think he wanted to say, "Did you also think to be as comfortable with me someday?" or along those lines right? i'm calling it LOL but NIX... WHY. i thought we were gonna get a cute lil picking out flavors scene (with raini leading the choosing) but i get it, you have more important scenes to write i'm still gonna *cry emoji* LOL. onto the banh mi place, i do like that raini explains the choices to pat here so we do get that, never mind, makes more sense actually since banh mi is more raini's Viet culture than bubble tea. i would suggest the meatball cause idk i'm unusual like that, but any sounds good like pat says haha. ooh they learn each other's birthdays and the old Viet man talks to raini in Viet, but it triggers a social anxiety attack awww nooo D: tbh i should've expected raini to have one while she's out in public, and all these anxious thoughts spiral in her head, poor girl, she can't help it.

flashback time :( it makes sense that raini is so nervous about her classmates now cause she had trauma of them using her in the past and worrying about their reactions if she told the teacher. am wondering if you're gonna go the nice-classmates route now who might not be raini's besties but they'll still defend her if necessary lol. also funny enough i did read up on the 5-4-3 method to describe someone outta an attack haha, but I'MMA PAT STANNNN for applying this calming method nd adapting quickly to raini's lack of responding nd he's just too sweet, i swear. ugh i died at [He must have seen the recognition in my eyes, because he released a steady breath and cracked a small, relieved smile. "Hey, you. Yeah, my voice absolutely counts."] such a sweetie we totally stan pat's compassionate self in my house. also he got the owner's daughter to close shop early for raini like... when will your man ever? LOL also yeah panic attacks can last for like an hour or even longer, but feel like mere minutes to the person does it? you tell me lol but catch that pat tips the shop a lot and so raini cause they too be the epitome of considerate couples lol. pat and raini are holding hands yeeeessss and raini brings it up but pat is like wateva, we can keep holding hands cause you might trip? lol TRIPP but she's tripping into tripp alright LMAO. anyway but in the car, pat was thinking how kind raini is to homeless people nd raini doesn't want to bring up chase, but she does mention that she volunteered at soup kitchens and youth shelters before... awww babe. another flashback of chase with his blond hair, pale hands, and colorful paints that describe her old crush... hard times.

they're eating the banh mi now yay! it's awesome when someone you like likes the food you've been eating but which banh mi did they get? also boba time it's cool that raini knows the history (i love this shit but i cannot explain for the life of me) behind it and again sweetie pat on the scene when he says, "Hey, reading about it is no fun. I rather hear the fun facts straight from you." nd he's learning about Viet language, actually finding it interesting aww. also raini the sweetie here too (they really do match each other super well with these acts of kindness lol) offering pat some lozenges nd damn boy with your moves when he took her hand and put it against his forehead Aaaaack LOL. another lol when emoddess' latest chapter mentioned serotonin and yours mention dopamine haha i remember this random stuff. anyway raini was about to go on a speech about how much she admires his lovable character qualities nd it's okay since their pre-relationship feels mid-stage (this is their first unofficial date after all) so raini has all the time in the world to rave to pat about him when she's ready :D also her "I don't want to go home yet. I want to be here." AWW girl they get to talk about raini's past now with her classmates using her for a good grade, fuck them, and i think it's a huge cornerstone that raini can tell pat about the hurtful parts of her past too so. ooh with pat's past too sharing how unruly he was back then living with his parents and teagan has agoraphobia huh. even though raini didn't say it back, i think when pat said it was easier to tell raini about the hard parts of himself, it's the same for raini too, isn't it?

"My heart jolted when my gaze returned to Tripp's. The corners of his lips unfurled into a knowing smile that tilted everything on its axis. I grew increasingly flustered at the intensity of it." yeaaaaaa love this but also raini is in loooooove hehehe love that for her. also pat freaking out that he kept them in the motionless car and also kept raini in the coud and gave her the blanket for his dog awww (the dog needs a comeback too btw, pat's pov is next?) OH YEAH rox was talking about pat's playlist themes and the first track to the CD with the piano intro is "Keep Holding On" right? and omgggggg what a pleasantly peaceful scene of them two reclining back into their car seats and staring out the windshield as they listen to pat's playlist, that's one of those momentous moments of their relationship aww. raini's word for it was exactly "safe" too which means a lot. also i see oliver's message to pat LOL those clapping emojis are iconic nd he already told oliver that he likes raini yeeeeeesss. but raini was having, noticeably less, anxious thoughts that she dropped the phone on her face (i forgot they were laying back nd i was like how does that phone fall toward your face LOL.) but pat's only concern is if raini is okay, he even uses the cutest lil "Rainy Day" awww. didn't he touch her forehead once and now he's touching her noseeee ehehehee they're too cute i can't.

now here's the lil mistake that gets cleared up right away THANK THE LORDDD, or just you nix LOL. also raini is getting some feels about Kelly, but she includes a mention of Holly too yeah! do note that raini feels bad for not wanting to see pat perform, nd therefore support him, but if raini is worried for her mental capability then i bet pat would tell her she can do what she wants if she feels it's better for her yanno? anyway LOL RAINI JOINS THE CLUB OF "falling asleep in your love interest's car while they drive and they don't wake you up" HEHEHE. but also now raini connects two and two that pat is encouraged to ask Kelly out by oliver b/c of the CD playlist, but noooo baby, not this: "I tried my best to ignore the spike of jealousy and shame prickling in my heart at not supporting Tripp's happiness to the fullest." but yes... pat instantly clears the air by not letting her walk away from a miscommunication error and he explains everything nd he even relates to raini mixing it up cause it happens! i say that and then raini mentions Chase... oh boy. this part will have to be more dramatic, but chase is also her first love so... oh dang, raini really gotta go now and they mentioned spares tomorrow so i wonder if pat will bring it up once theyre alone again. idk, it's up to raini, nd they're still on good terms, oblivious to each other's crush on each other, nd poor rainy day... "I iddn't need to turn about to know that Tripp had left, and he had taken half of my heart with him." end this with multiple sobbing emojis here LOL.

WOW WHAT A CHAPTER i'm glad i'm all here for it, nd while the date didn't go the way i thought it would, it's an awesome thing you write the date in the way that advances their character and their relationship plus plot stuff lol. overall i very much enjoyed and for the playlist! tbh ig i'm used to you nd emoddess' reccs with the screamo (if that counts) that i'm not as intimidated by this kind of genre and i can vibe more to it by now haha, i actually like how some of these start off soft before going into the screaming LOL. i like mayday parade's "still breathing" best nd i also like the acoustic-ish sound of Claivoyant "the story so far" they're both cute to me LOl. also i see sleeping with sirens is the song right after the one we gotta stop, so saving that for laterz! anyway you said you're taking a much deserved writing break now so that's well deserved and all the best to you nix :D
Emoddess chapter 30 . 7/7/2021
SO I just realized that FP also has a word limit and thankfully I noticed that soon or else I'd be leaving a cliffhanger on my review. And thankfully I had copied my own review in case things like this happened so here is the continuation from the last one:

...I felt Raini's need to explain to him about it more, and I also felt the pressuring time of her curfew cutting close.

Most of all, like 360 degree cycle, I felt it when she said:

"The rest of Naomi's words didn't register as I listened to the tires moving over gravel and the car engine receding. I didn't need to turn around to know that Tripp had left, and he had taken half of my heart with him."

If I could put emojis here, it would be a dozen sobbing emojis. OMG. OMGGGGGGG this was the UH OH moment, alright. I felt heavy at her words, and knowing what just happened just intensify that. What's gonna happen now? It feels SO CLOSE YET SO FAR AWAY. And now there's a wall between them. I hope they'll be able to move past this misunderstanding AND knowing more about Chase in Raini's life then. I feel like I know now what could drive a wedge even further in their friendship/relationship or be the fuel to keep moving forward. It's Chase.

This is definitely what you meant when you said a drama-sort of, right? AHHH. I wanna know what happen to them in the next chapter already! But, of course, you deserve a much needed break from writing this amazing chapter so go get it! I personally don't feel like there's much to fix or improve on this chapter as I think you've done a marvellous job explaining more things about Raini and Tripp as well as keeping the plot on track. Also, it would be absurd of anyone not reading this chapter till the end okay, because this was a great read. Lots of emotions played a part, but also we get the hang out date with Patraini. I am mentally and emotionally drained from devouring your chapter so I'm afraid I'll just be going in circles, therefore I think I best leave it here.

This was a superb read, and even though I didn't think you'd end the chapter with THAT (*cries*), I'm still glad that I got to read them. Thank you for updating this chapter, Nix, and I'll be looking forward to reading more on Raini and Patrick now that the topic of Chase is out between them! It'll likely be in Tripp's POV too, right? Really wanna know what he thinks of this, since he may seemed casual when he send her off, but we all know he's shaken up by that. Since he never knew about a Chase from Raini, and since we know he's got a crush on her, we'll just have to see how they approach this.

That's all from me! Take care! :D
Emoddess chapter 30 . 7/7/2021
HELLO! I had to take a few minutes to gather my thoughts and sort my feels after I read this BRILLIANT chapter. I just about fangirled and gushed and sink and *pleading face emoji* all throughout this chapter. This may be a very lengthy review but you know that's how I usually roll ;D

Once again, congrats on writing this massive chapter so far! *claps and throws confetti* I really ought to get straight into the review so I'll just dive in!

First up! YAY we get a continuation of conversation in the form of texts, or rather, Raini's mind perusing over Tripp's texts and still in disbelief over it. I know Raini has anxiety, and you have described and displayed them very well through out this chapter, how she thinks, feels, and act because of it. But I also can see how she's trying to break free from those thoughts by reminding herself of the techniques she learned from Tripp and her therapist. So to that, I say, WELL DONE RAINI! I'M SO PROUD OF HER. It's not easy and far from where she wants to be, but I KNOW with the help of her friends, family, as well the professional guidance which appointment was made on behalf of her, Raini will progress even better. And she has progressed a lot since when I first read her character. I also found her to be really relatable in her concerns and fears, even though most of them are likely not to be true, but her anxiety made it bad. Perhaps the fears and worries based on past experiences made her apply that to every situation, and she couldn't help it. I know we are learning more things about her and Tripp as we go, and when I read that she was mistreated by her peers back then over her generosity and kindness, I was livid. Like whattha hell? How dare you? Then again, she was in 6th grade and most wouldn't think much over their actions which sucks because...people can be scarred ya know. I think this is one of the things we're getting to know more about Raini, and I wonder if that was the turning point of her developing the social anxiety disorder, or if there's more to follow. Also again, why won't anyone wanna be genuinely friends with Raini? She would have been a great friend, so it's their loss of potential friendship! Anyways, that was then and I AM SOO GLAD THAT RAINI HAS FRIENDS WHO TREASURES HER AS SHE SHOULD. Her friends now are so much better and I just hope those past incident will no longer occupy her mind and instead, be replaced with more precious memories and good things.

I am definitely digressing which I told myself to stick to the point lol so I'll be on track again. I like that you showed her relationship with her step-sister, Naomi! We haven't seen much of her so it's good to know how they interact when not at school. Naomi seems like a nice and cool step-sis, which is the opposite of what I had in mind before I even read more of her character (when I first saw her being introduced) so glad I'm sooo wrong on that. Also she seemed supportive of Raini and even gave her recommendations on where to eat with Tripp (10 points to her!) and sljdlfjdl you incorporate the bánh mì ideas and even bobas into this yessssssss (crying inside because emojis would have made my expressions easier here but just imagine there's the triumph emoji x 2). ALSO there's the scene with her mom and step-dad (I like that even though he didn't conversate much, the gestures he did here which is showing a thumbs up to her shows that he's also a cool and nice step-dad)... ngl, reading her mom made me feel slightly intimidating at first but like, I can also understand where she's coming from later on when I find out what happened to Raini then. And it all made sense which further strengthened my mental point that she was actually being protective of her daughter, and can come off as harsh even though that wasn't always her intention :O

Okay so there's actually lots of descriptions and moments that I LOVE and like, it hits differently but since there's a lot, I'll just include some (later on hehe). Also nice! I may not know the Vietnamese words but I like how we see that Raini is also conversing in her native tongue with her mother and at the bánh mì shop (!). I looked it up and apparently, 'con' means child so I know now what her mom calls her. And honestly Raini is sooo cute throughout this chapter sometimes, even though I know she didn't mean to be. But that part where she described to her mom who Tripp was and showing her how tall he is...that was a cute way to describe it haha. Also also she would be eating out together with Patrick! AAAAAH OMG *dancing delightedly* I LOVE the scene with Roxy and her and honestly...this is more proof that Roxanne is such a great friend and influence to her because she tells her how she and everyone else view Raini, and like letting her know that she's so much more worth it than what her mind makes her believe. ALSO I LOVE WHEN ROXY'S WANTING HER TO SPILL THE BEANS AND THE "Doll," Roxy giggled. "You're like me. We wear our hearts on our sleeves." YESS YUP. Glad Roxy's there to help sort out her thoughts and concerns and letting her know it's all okay. Also the ENTIRE discussion about how she wished Raini would see herself from their view to comparing her experience with Miguel, Tripp, and Ol-El back was also painful knowing that, but Roxy's made a tremendous progress since then, and I really like how she's opening up to Raini so she knows how precious they are to each other. And Raini is definitely included. OH yeah I can't help but also feel like I shared similar perspective with Raini on the 'going on dates doesn't equal to relationship? i hAd nO iDeA" I mean, I do now. However, I am/was reminded of myself then when I didn't think that going on dates doesn't necessarily have to mean that you gotta put a label on it afterwards. So this is nice being reminded once again that it's totally okay! NOW THAT PLAYLIST PART AAAAHH I'D BE REACTING LIKE ROXY TOO LDJLSDJLSJL because my bestie has a playlist from my other bestie and like? Precious. Also he made playlists with themes for them Patrick he is such a treasure. And at first I was like, wait he didn't give her the title tracks? But then finding out that couldn't ask him because of her consideration then, and how she TRIED TO FIGURE OUT THE SONG TITLES IN THE LYRICS LKSFJLJFLSJFSJVSL SHE IS ADORBS. But also that could have been a "thing" for them too.

Also AHHh I went back and check that Roxy was talking to Raini about how she started to harbour feelings for Tripp back at the festival...and omg "...lately every time Tripp smiles at me or laugh, I feel like my heart's going to burst." You've definitely catch yourself some strong feelings for him, Raini! And ooh oh I'm jumping everywhere but please bear with me my thoughts are just as chaotic as how I am feeling now lol. I can't I CAN'T when Roxy compares what Raini was going through to like her romance novels kinda setting and when Raini couldn't come up with the theme, she straight away went to think how this could be a start of something newer! OMG okay I'd best move along or I'll keep going on and on...

THE DAY OF THE HANG OUT! I already love Raini's outfit, it sounds so pretty and adorbs just like her. If you have an image which you were inspired by, do show us! And then Patrick! When you showed that instead of his usual denim jacket, he wore a fall coat instead...please, we need to see the inspiration because I'm sure he'd look just as dashing. Together, their outfits already screamed 'DATE' to me hahah. AND BEFORE I FORGET (how could I?), whoa I LOVE that he wanted to know how to pronounce Raini's Viet name properly even though they don't call her that at school. I can understand how Raini would feel since it wasn't a big deal to her, but it clearly was to her mom, which is rightfully so because she named her daughter that. And besides Patrick being respectful, I also feel like he would love to know everything about Raini (especially even more so since we know he has definitely caught feels for her) since they're friends and he's interested to learn more about her. AND THEN HE DID SOMETHING. He made her mother laugh! A good start already since he may very well be her future son-in-law hehe. But school comes first of course!

And I know I told you this lots of times before, but I'll never get tired saying it again: I LOVE YOUR DESCRIPTIONS OF THINGS HERE. IT REALLY HIT THE FEELS DIFFERENTLY AND ALSO I CAN DEFINITELY IMAGINE THEM VIVIDLY. Like that part where you described how finding parking in Chinatown wasn't easy to the descriptions of the Vietnamese shop with the elderly man napping which reminded her of Raini's grandfather, and the teenagers crowding at a table talking to their peers. Like the setting was richly displayed even without a lot of descriptions! I think that's one of your specialities. I also looked up their other two dish, including the descriptions of the dish, and this was another lovely insight to knowing more about Raini's character - so this was a job well done! I like that she told him more about herself through food in a food setting, because often great connections are made bonding over food hehe. ALSO PATRICK COMPLIMENTED HER! UGH THIS BOI is just very attentive and that's a great trait. And they both finally know each other's birthday datess. Yes, it's a relief that their birthdays haven't passed yet because I know Raini would feel pressured and guilt for not doing or bringing something for him, even though she shouldn't have to feel that way. Ah yes, that part where the elderly man told her off...I may not know what they're saying, but thanks to some English words, I can make out the gist of the content kinda and shyte.

These parts next are painful to read but also something that I can understand well because Raini is still finding it hard to believe that people would wanna be her friend, since they rarely do in the past. And with the people looking at her because of Tripp's blaring phone, she gets even more pressured and anxious...which threw her back into the past. Through out this, I was sorely hoping that Tripp would come back and help her regain her composure which he did, and which we know now, what happened then when she was asked by her teacher. I think even then she was already burrowing into herself, right? And because she didn't have any friends, she wanted them to like her...even though she may have known that they were taking advantage of her kindness? T_T :(((

Tripp then helped her out! You know what I noticed here, and what I love even more about Tripp's character? Instead of just calling her Raini as he usually do, he also called her Lánh. Like...he is just...I can't find the word, the exact one but he's just very considerate and respectful. Okay, these words are similar to what I was trying to say. Like instead of ignoring the new knowledge of her, he actually made use of it and acknowledge that her Vietnamese name also deserves to be used than just her English name. Gosh I hope I'm making good sense. Also when he was patient with her and kept asking her questions just to keep her tethered to him, and he said how it's okay if she couldn't name three things, so how about one thing she can hear?

And she eventually was brought out of her trance, and she said if his voice count...and he said, "Hey, you. Yeah, my voice absolutely counts." and I just...ya know, it's hard not to fall in love with his character and if you intended him to be a patient, compassionate, kind, thoughtful, and a male lead that is bound to make people (or me) swoon and love him, then YOU'VE TOTALLY NAILED IT. HE EVEN HAD THE WHOLE SHOP BE ON BREAK BECAUSE HE WANTED HER TO FEEL AT EASE. Thank goodness Minh, the shop owner's daughter was also very thoughtful and like, it's also another reason for her to focus on her studies more. But Raini was feeling overwhelmed and she thinks it's all because of her...which no Raini, you're totally fine. It's OKAY. Next, when they're walking to the car and (1) he pulled her back towards him because the freaking cyclist used their sidewalk, (2) when she accidentally stumbled across the crack and let his hand go because she wanted him to balance the drinks; in return she startled the homeless woman, and who was also selling art pieces, and (3) Tripp was saying why did she let go, and wanting to hold her hand again AND HONESTLY SHE EVEN SURPRISED THEM WHEN SHE BOUGHT THE PAINTING. Oh, Raini. Also I was thinking that in this scene, somehow Chase's name was on the painting and she bought his painting without knowing but I was waaay ahead of myself and wrong. So moving along~

I like that he told her what he's thinking and in return, she let him know about when she used to volunteer...also uh oh. And this was the first 'UH OH' for them but I was just glad that Raini was thinking about Chase because she is still her soft spot that she doesn't wanna think sometimes, and actually haven't been thinking for a long while since she met Tripp and co. but talking about volunteering and paintings reminded her that. Oooh okay so like, she was volunteering in the soup kitchens because she wanted to see Chase again :O Oh now it's making sense to me here. So this could be after he left since the prologue right?

And omg the occasional misunderstandings between them, which I'm so glad wasn't drag out for too long (because they need to be on the same page about their feels and everything they misunderstood each other I was like... *scream emoji*) ALSO SADSLJSLJ I CAN'T I LAUGHED WHEN SHE NOTICED HOW HE KEPT COUGHING AND PRECIOUS RAINI DIDN'T THINK OF OTHER REASON BESIDES HIM PROBABLY HAVING AN IRRITATION IN HIS THROAT SO SHE OFFERED HIM HER LEMON LOZENGES DLSDJLASJDLASDJS *heart eyes and pleading face* I wonder what he was thinking exactly hahaha and oooh he initiated this where he held her hand to his forehead and her just reacting automatically and like THEY HAD THEIR MOMENT. ALSO HAHAH WAIT the part where he said this:

"Cool, cool... so, you seem back to your usual self now so that's good." Tripp brought a fist to his mouth and helped himself to unwrapping another lozenge.

LIKE did he put his fist into his mouth as in cringing at how he said it, before changing the topic by eating another lozenge or he was just casually about to unwrap it and eat the lozenge? Also I like that they both actually revealed more about themselves to each other. First, it's the volunteering, and then Tripp was talking more about himself and Teagan back then. I mean, it must have not been a pleasant experience since Tea suffers from panic attacks too, however, he was revealing more about him to her, which like he said, Raini somehow made it easy to do that. I also like that whole music bit tbh and sjlsjdlsjdlsfjj don't think I didn't catch to this:

Tripp: " could extend to melodic voices as well."
Raini: "Voices of singers...yes, that makes sense." Maybe laughs, too.
Tripp: "Well, not just singers..." Tripp mused.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH DLFJLFJSLFJSLFJASLJ THEY WERE DEFINITELY TALKING ABOUT EACH OTHER YUP YUP YUPPITY YUP. I KNOW IT HAS TO BE. They both are into each other but neither knew yet of their feelings aww. You know what I also love? That Raini totally expressed what she thinks and feels to Tripp in the part where she's thankful to him for not just today but other times too. T_T And the part where he was frustrated at what happened to her then, yup, he was reacting on behalf of us readers. At least, on my behalf of me because I was mad too that she was treated like that. AND NOW IS THE PLAYLIST!

AHHH I AM HONESTLY EXCITED FOR THIS AND I ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THE ONES WHERE YOU INTENDED TO AND LIKE. MY FEELS. THIS WAS A TOTAL THROWBACK NIX BECAUSE IT'S BEEN AGES SINCE I LAST LISTEN TO THEM SO LISTENING TO THEM AGAIN, REMINDED ME TO WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL-COLLEGE. Like, it was emotive, and I definitely felt nostalgic too thinking to those times when I listened to them. Sometimes, I tend to forget that I'm reading a story circa 2013, so this playlist really helped in finding that vibe and things that I liked listening to back then. It also felt like I was vicariously living through the times when I listened to them. As for how many of them are a throwback, EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING WAS A THROWBACK. Although I'm surprised but also delighted to find that while some of the songs was a throwback to me, I find that the entire list of artists were musicians that either I've listened to or briefly interested in, and heard at least. Speaking of this, I shall explain more personally haha because this review would be never ending then. But all I can say regarding to Patrick's playlist to Raini is this:

I LOVE it. It feels like by selectively choosing the songs he wants her to listen, he's actually letting her see his vulnerability, his past (the emotions that influenced it), his strength and motivation, as well as his dreams. And I would love to express more if I could, but I can't because it feels intangible somehow, so what I could is just...he's giving a piece of him to her to listen to, to get to know more of him, and in return he's hoping that these songs which has likely helped him get through those times to give her the strength and hopes to get better. There were definitely songs that I felt was so them like PTV's Stained Glass and Colorful Tears as well as Still Breathing by Mayday Parade (both of which were my favourite songs back then). Actually, there's more but I'll cap at these two first.

I'm so glad to have read this chapter coupled with the playlist, because it definitely enhanced that experience in immersing myself in their story. Also that part earlier on when Raini said to Naomi how Patrick gave her songs which has lyrics and no lyrics to listen to, I was thinking... hey that's the instrumental! And it was this one song which I hadn't heard of them then, so I'm glad I do now. Their instrumentals were beautiful and also, to Raini, I'd say that learning more about others and the meaning of the song doesn't necessarily have to be from learning what the lyrics said, but by immersing oneself in the lulling of the melody itself, could also evoke emotions and interpret the meaning. How some words needn't have to be said to be understood, it's the same with some songs not needing words to convey them. And I think this was a beautiful addition to the playlist from Tripp to Raini. Because they're both somewhat of an enigma, and they're both slowly learning about each other, sometimes just with body languages and gestures which they definitely do (e.g being attentive to each other).

I chuckled a bit when the phone hit Raini (I shouldn't dsjdlsj though somehow I found it cute, and yes I'm so weird idek but SO GLAD SHE'S NOT ACTUALLY HURT!) because of Oliver's message and here comes more misunderstanding. It's so easy to understand why because if I weren't the one reading about them, and is in the situation, I'd misunderstand too. So your plot here is seamless, Nix. THANK GOSH TRIPP CORRECTED IT AND IT CLEARED UP RAINI'S MISINTERPRETATION! *claps in relief*

This part where he wanted it back though... dlfjljslfjlj after I read them, I think he means another CD to give to Kelly on behalf of Ben and this CD where he gave Raini, I think he wanted to check the songs to see if there's any love songs or perhaps adding more because when he made the playlist, he still wasn't aware of his feelings for her, right? Hehe.


"Chase." Tripp repeated thickly. "Who's that? A friend of yours?"

She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 30 . 7/5/2021
Ohhh noooo that was painfully awkward! I mean, it was kind of adorable at the same time? But also very awkward. Poor Raini. But poor Tripp too!

Anyway, Raini's mom is - well, a little overprotective. She has good intentions, but if I were Raini I'd be embarrased, and if I were Tripp I'd be pretty intimidated. He handles it like a champ though.

It's really sad to find out Raini was used that way by other kids, and it totally makes sense how that would feed into her struggle to feel safe with new people. She thought she had friends and was betrayed, and so now she's stuck with the lingering fear that it will happen again. ): Kids can be cruel.

Aww it's really sad that Raini used to volunteer to work with homeless people because she was looking for Chase. But you know she does it for selfless reasons, too - it's good that she genuinely cares about supporting street artists.

Ah but yeah, that whole conversation at the end about the playlist, I wanted to shout "just kiss already!" lol but that really doesn't seem like either of their style. and yeah I could see why both sides were misunderstanding the other.
Emoddess chapter 1 . 6/11/2021
It's a great note to address, like a preface to your story which explains clearly what the setting and music is like to the characters. Like, revisiting that era for me and reminding myself how it felt like listening to these bands you listed on here. Anyway, I just felt the need to review on this because I had no idea you made some changes! Speaking of changes, I also checked the next chapter and I see you've arranged the prequel and its titles neatly as compared to when I first read them. I like it! :D
Emoddess chapter 29 . 2/23/2021
Hahah honestly I don't know why I'm like this lol it's been hours since I read this chapter and I was just thinking about it and ya know what? I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO SAY THAT ONE THING I PLANNED TO INCLUDE WHEN I WROTE THE REVIEW SHDJSKSK SO HERE I AM AGAIN LOL. That part when Raini noticed his doodling? Yeah, that super cute and hilarious part. The "donut worry, bee happy." That really made me aww-ed and get all fluffy feels for them and he also proceeds to sing to the tune and she was just giggling and I just HAD to let you know that I adore that moment between them. Okay, thank you and take care! :D
Emoddess chapter 29 . 2/23/2021
Hiii, I'm here! I LOVE THIS CHAPTER. I like the flashback in the beginning and thought it was nice seeing how the night ended for them, with Oliver basically wished he knew about Raini being offlimits since Tripp kept evading the topic but he knew now hahaha. I remember when Roxy strongly nudged his legs with hers under the table lol cause he was obviously flirting with Raini xD

I enjoyed their little conversation a lot and HUH noticing the appearance of Kelly too in this chapter, like comparing two love interest for him. Also, throughout this chapter, or at the few last scenes, Kelly seemed to hinted at us and Tripp that she's interested in him more than a friend hmm...

Also aww they were at the library! More Tripp and Raini scenes together and I adore their conversation, the gestures and just... LOL Tripp was just trying to convince himself that he and Raini are "just friends" hahahah and all because of what Oliver said! Oh maaan. The "Raini and I were just friends. Friends doodled in each other's notebooks." & "Friends could also help each other with homework." BOII I mean that's true but it's obvious you do have the likes for her hehehe. And oh gosh they were in the midst of completing their essays and Trippppp I feel his pressure on finishing it especially by 11:59pm. Gosh this just brings me back to when I was in college and was chasing the clock. And he didn't study the literature he was supposed to but hopefully his notes will suffice for him to ace it. Also I can't believe how angelic and so good-hearted Raini was...she not only went through his paper and provide comments on where and how to fix it, the girl even had a copy of her edit of the essay for him in case he was swarmed with other assignments. She was thorough and thoughtful. Too precious of a friend and I'm sure Patrick 100% agrees with me!

OH and I got excited omggg I can't believe the emojis are seen in here like yesssss thank the format! This is sooo cool and it feels just like texting when I read the text words between them. We've come along way from using traditional text smiley symbols to having an actual emoji in this. I really like that you incorporate the emojis here! If only we can put emojis in reviews too heheh. Also, Raini lost her composure even in texting and had typos all over hahah she's soo cute. They are too cute! Tripp was just fanboying over her and I had a big smile on my face since the beginning of the chapter, I'll have you know hehehe.

Oh yeah, when you showed how he had a tattoo...I had no idea he has them? Omg. And also I'm lost at the two-in-one letters/number that Raini saw. Can you please explain to me? *teardrop*

I do get that he has a SURVIVAL one and smart Raini! She figured it out wayy ahead before me hahah and she even connected it. We can see here how Tripp is continuously being amazed by her yesss. Ooh ohh did I also mentioned the pressure I felt when I saw him panicking over the time being closed to midnight? I may or may not have internally screamed in panic because he was away for about 45 minutes while on the phone with Kelly (aaaah a word of advice here Patrick: Don't distract yourself from your assignment at least until you have edited and submitted them), and just now saw he had a bunch to fix and DAMN at least he managed to send it in a minute too close before 11:59. Boi please don't do this to me *sweat* Thank goodness for Raini, tbh.

But lastly. LASTLY! He finally came to terms with his feelings for her yayyyyy! Honestly, he even thought of her like the musical melody which he quoted from his teacher Mr. Chen, "a sweet or agreeable succession or arrangement of sounds" like...THAT IS HER and I love how this definition of music is how Raini is to him.

Also, despite his revelation, I also understand why he'd be nervous or apprehensive in deciding what to do about it, since he really like how they are and where they stand right now, and confessing could very well ruin this nice dynamic they have going on. Plus, Raini is still progressing right so I think he's also worried about how it will affect her reaction towards him. I see his dilemma. I wonder how he'll behave next around her now that he's very well aware of his feelings for her. I can't wait to know what will happen in the next chapter whenever you've got it! Also to address your A/N, wow it's been 4 years since you first published this? I'm glad I found this story and got to know the wonderful characters in this. Also, allow me to say Happy 4th Novelanniversary (pretty sure that's not a word but hehe) to 4SORD! And LOL I cracked up at your comment on it being two seasons instead of four hahah. No worries really, I like how things are with the seasons you showed so far, so do keep it up! And lastly, thank you so much for your sweet shoutout! I'm happy to do so :D
icaruswalks chapter 29 . 2/21/2021
wassup nix i said i'll be here nd i'm here soooooooo

okay SWEET i know i told you i was confused when oliver spoke to that event member and you cleared it up here in the flashback with what exactly he said so thanks for doing that :D nd count me in for kicking oliver whenever he flirted with raini LOL i enjoyed that scene regardless. but back to the present where it's study hour with patraini aww *heart emoji* i love how close they are compared to maybe like that one scene where pat showed her the soundproof music rooms? raini is evidently nervous still but she's come a long way allowing pat to draw on her notebook (even touching her arm to do that) nd letting him touch her forehead aww. also is the "Donut worry, bee happy" from the cheerios commerical? tho i thought he said 'don't worry bee healthy' or sumn? idr hahaha but is cute that you can count on 2 hands nd more the amount of times raini smiled/laughed b/c of pat nd that's the best feeling in the world hehe. also i peek her getting so flustered she was holding her pencil the wrong way LOL her crush on pat is baaaaaad isn't it, but in the good way! alsox2 i like how pat is repeating this one line like [Friends doodled in each other's notebooks/could also help each other with homework/knew about each other's past] since yeah he's deluding himself into thinking normal friends do this but add "girl" in front it... in soon time pat LOL.

but ofc raini is the ultimate cinnamon roll to agreeing to help edit pat's essay (nd later on doing an absolute bomb job at it too we stan LOL). nd i think it is a huge jump for her to want nd be able to ask pat a personal question (well she does know a lot about him now, personally) so to ask about his knuckle tattoos is a cute idea. idr pat having them lol but SURVIVAL huh i am asking you tho that's 7 letters so how did pat format that on 10? *thinking emoji* anyway haha i agree that was a good question for raini to ask but the answer does seem to be based on the crap he endured from his past so it's also a good segway for raini to be updating about pat's safety. also raini is such a cutie when she screwed her eyes shut nd pat was smoothing her wrinkles lol. but into the hard stuff, i agree with raini that i wouldn't know what to do either since it's hard to put yourself in other's shoes nd they've been through some bad shit so. how can you imagine what that's like when you've lived a completely different life? but yeah raini saying whatever path pat's going with, she'll support him is the ultimate future GF move LOL. i also agree with pat that it's a good idea to see his mom when she's sleeping tho i will suspect that when pat does get to visit tara when she's sleeping, that he'll say the stuff off his chest, nd she wakes up in the middle of it maybe? tho, yes, pat can always run for it but i feel like he does need to hear whatever his neglectful af mom has to say to him... at least if not sean, maybe his mom? idk but when pat blurted that raini was a freaking genius, it's so cute that hearing that made raini happy therefore makes pat happy/smile nd it's a cycle of happiness for thems two hahaha. awwww.

ooh text convo time heck yeah! i like how pat texts in lowercase/more emojis nd raini stays to profesh english punctuation it's like their contrast haha. also raini making typos aww but anyway ooh so kelly is came back in this chapter. tho i will say she's the competitor girl from the very first Battle of the Bands right? i think so but it's cool that she and pat keep up with each other like normal, actual friends do lol. i feel like other writers would try to push kelly/pat together but i know you said you don't really like love triangles nd stickin in chase is enough as it is LOL. plus i like that pat can keep platonic relationships with girls, ofc with rox all the time, nd it's cool to see him interact differently with kelly too, especially since she's into the same music he is! but ooh she was asking him to fill in for her band's bassist that sounds like an awesome opportunity, esp since i think pat is more music-forward outta the Insomniacs, but i know he'll want to stick with his band so that's why he wanted to ask them first. i know they'll say go for it, but am also wondering how they'll react still? but it's too cool that pat can talk to his friends on the phone for hours nd pat is more on the humorous side so ofc he appreciates a girl who can "make him laugh until his sides hurt" nd i know raini is slowly growing on him to make him laugh way more too hehe.

but damn raini do you take commissions can you look at my essays? tho i'm actually the one to look over my friends' stuff since i'm the native English speaker but i'm sure raini can relate even tho pat is native English speaker right? LOL but like i said before, raini is the bomb dot com for going through so thoroughly nd even including a legend? she does the most for her friends nd that's why i predict that she'll get along with her classmates in the future, since i feel like when he accepts to help someone, raini is the type to give her all sorta deal? but she included the clean completed doc too she's the bee's knees, sing that song pat~ lol but i do find it funny that pat submitted his essay 1 min before it was due haha i feel like this isn't the first time he's cutting it so close lol. buut OMMMGGGGGG: "Are you free this weekend to grab something to eat? my treat. let me know" it's an unofficiaaaalll daaaaaatee frickin finally lol! i want a scene where rox dresses raini up b/c we need that girl time ofc ughhh cannot wait for this future patraini date plsss nd pat ending with "sweet dreams, rainy day" where's my *pleading emoji* lol.

last thoughts; i really liked that paragraph starting with "She was like a melody that you'd find yourself humming along to." like he remembered that definition verbatim? tho it is music class which is prolly the class he's acing best so hmm? but agreed that raini is like a melody nd it is really cute that pat is applying musical similes since that's just the way he describes things best? also that final realization ABOUT TIME MY GUY that he did indeed like raini... we've all been telling you dude. LOL is great timing since raini has been crushing on him not too long ago but is funny that they have the same concerns of being afraid of changing their good camaraderie they have now but like. nix you better not having them mutual pine for each other for too long cause we the readers can only stand them for so long LOL. but oh nice you've been writing 4SORD for over 4 years now congrats! uhhh yes pat had that revelation but also i like seeing patraini alone together ofc nd feel like there's been a mass improvement of friendship between them so :D oh i think you did mention you're working on the next chapter nd hoping that you get to finish that soon! and aww thanks for shout-out ;D ooh last suggestion, since pat is now deciding to visit his sick mom, ofc he'll prolly go with his aunt or sister, but maybe take raini too? since raini is now aware of his past nd idk yes his family helps a lot too, but having someone calm and steady like raini would help ground his presence when all pat feels is negative emotions right? idk just a thought but i really enjoyed this chapter nix yanno we're all about patraini scenes! so until next chapter then ;D
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 29 . 2/11/2021

I can't wait to see what this leads.

Anyway, I think this chapter WAS eventful just because it was about Tripp finally shifting his point of view and admitting his feelings to himself. So now I'm just burning to know, now that he realizes, what is he going to do about it?

and I like the reason he realizes it too. A bunch of little things, specific to Raini. The fact that Raini figured out what his tattoo meant, that she put in extra effort to help him with his essay, that she doodles in his notebook. None of the cliche "She's the prettiest with the most amazing eyes" or any of that generic stuff. It shows that both characters are actual people and not just fill-in-the-blank (which I'm just a little fed up with because I've been reading a lot of terrible romance books lately because there are no darn good ones, lol.) Anyway it was really cute.

That conversation about Tripp's dying mom is heavy stuff... on the one hand, he doesn't' owe her anything. On the other hand, there's always the chance he'd regret not visiting later. If I were Raini, I'd be terrified of having a conversation like that with a friend because I'd be afraid of saying hte wrong thing, but Raini is calm and doesn't make it about her. She's a good person.

anyway. it is a travesty to make a paper due the day after Halloween. Halloween should be free of obligations.
Emoddess chapter 28 . 12/23/2020

I giggled and laughed at some parts, especially their conversation and I'll get to that in a bit. First, lemme just say that Miguel really surprised me (and Raini too!) but it's a good one because I love that he's very comfortable in showing his expressions freely when with his friends. I didn't see much of that before so good, good. Also I need to address your A/N now hahah that title, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a good one and it would seem so on Raini's perspective considering how she almost didn't come and then she struggled with the introductions, plus she worries about things and also has anxiety over it, right? But the current title is awesomesauce too so it's cool. OKAY, now let's get into it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE AND LOVE THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE THE HAPPENINGS AND HOW THEY THINK/FEEL and this is from Raini's perspective so it's very nice and interesting to see how she views things and people who are friends of her friends too. And aww the moment she took everything in and felt some surrealism in her because she couldn't believe SHE WAS ACTUALLY THERE. I am so proud of her too for being there despite her anxiety. Roxy and Tripp and the crew (surprisingly, but I love his development, Miguel) were all very understanding and patient with her. And I like the mantra too - "Oliver is like Tripp, Elliott is like Miguel" and yes, when she think it like that, it makes sense and it's easy to think of how opposite/similar their vibes are. Since she's comfortable with Tripp and Miguel, that's how she convinces herself that they're not much different so she could relax.

Roxy and Miguel were smiling contentedly when the couple song came on and I just like seeing them enjoying the moment together. AND LMAO the scene when they were voting who to win the categories and Miguel-Roxy made me laugh with their conversation that the voting isn't some Oscar where they could get nominated for everything, and then the part where she crossed out Best Original Song after he told her they didn't even sing any OGs hahahaha. I do agree with Roxy and Raini on there having no specification on the limit though so they can just nominate what category they want for them xD

And she's meeting them! I like the description, "Wearing the party mask helped a lot more than I had expected since arriving at the event. It helped us to blend in. I could pretend to be someone else for a night. Someone who was fun and exciting. Someone who sat on top of Roxy's shoulders so Tripp and Miguel could know that we were here for them and watching their performance. Someone who wasn't internally stressing out right this moment of meeting the rest of The Insomniacs."

Here we see how she really feels being in a crowd and how she wished she could just be someone else who doesn't have any struggles in enjoying the show with her friends. She is too harsh on herself, but it is something she can't help herself with right, until she learn how to manage it? And again Miguel took her off guard, and I love this paragraph she thinks of him:

"If even Miguel was telling me this, then it had to be true. My nerves fizzled a little and his calming tone grounded me. I had yet to witness strong bursts of emotion from him, which sometimes made it difficult to guess what he was thinking compared to Roxy and Tripp, but the subtle changes of facial expressions became more recognizable."

ME TOO. I agree with her on this! Miguel may not be as expressive as Oliver, Roxy, or Tripp, but he isn't shy with letting them see his expressions, although they were just as calm as he is. I like that. Again, I'm seeing some character development in terms of his expression and mannerism amongst friends and I love it.

I love that she is perceptive towards them too, and lmaooo I noticed Oliver, Tripp, and Roxy doing something here:

1. Roxy is trying to get Raini with Tripp xD
2. Roxy kicked Oliver under the table because he got his flirting game on when she's got Raini matchmake for Tripp xD
3. Tripp PURPOSELY nudge their elbows when the handshake went on for long

5. BONUS here: I NOTICE HOW SHE IMMEDIATELY THINK OF HOLLY'S PREFERENCE IN A GUY WHEN SHE TOOK IN OLIVER'S APPEARANCE/STYLE HAHAHAHA OH GOSH. She's being matchmake lmao and she's also matchmaking her cousin who has no idea of her incoming possible love interest.

And ahhh yes, I expect no less from Raini because she wants and needs to be prepared when introducing herself to her friend's friends, right? And her worries do make sense even though I just want to put a rose coloured friendship glass on her so she knows that most of the things she worries over them isn't true ahhh Rainiiii. Elliott is so cuteee omgg and I love the sentence that describe his voice, all lilting and modulating and I just...YES. ALSO jsljfdfjd,fskj RAINIIII - "Oh Lord, how many times is he going to electrocute me?" kdjljldfldjfljs the electric jolt caused by the touching of hands ahhhhhhh I laughed at this part but it's also so cute because the attraction IS SIZZLING IN THE AIR. THE TENSION. I wonder if he feels it too? He's gotta, right? ;D

Also I find it sooo cute that Raini elicit that little muffled laugh over what Elliott said and Oliver noticed that. OLIVER also noticed that she is a left-handed (I DON'T THINK I KNEW THIS BEFORE AYYY NICE INFO AND HE IS TOO - really like how you reveal this information in the description) and that she was going to shake Ell's hand with her dominant hand at first. Like, as much as he is known as a flirt, Oliver is also very observant and I love it.

There's also the little moment between Patraini in the little corner while everyone else is talking and the last part too. Next, the won and yesss all of Roxy and Raini's hard work paid off in creating their 'Low Budget Halloween Costume' which must be satisfying for them, right? And the guys laugh because they didn't think they'd win that lol but they did and it's good! Also Samir waving at Ell is cute esp the latter's reaction awwww. NOW FOR THAT PART.

THE PART she's feeling panicked because there's another group of guys attaching to the one she just met walking towards her and the fricking guy HAD THE AUDACITY TO MAKE FUN OF HER? Like how dare you. Stop being immature. It's messed up because the stranger guys didn't care to think of how Raini would feel because of her anxiety (but the rest of the crew knew and girllll I felt like the water has turned cold reading that part). People think it's a clever comeback of a joke like no, it isn't and it's sad that this things do happen irl. I'm glad though that Samir told him to stop 'being an ass'. I wished he could have put more stern and glaring look at them so they KNOW. Then Roxy and Tripp tripping over each other to defend her but by then you could feel like there's just a distance because everyone knows what happened just then wasn't cool, right? AND OH I see so Raini and Roxy has an emergency code/signal between them and that's really great because they could communicate amongst themselves when they just want to confide in each other.

I'm really glad that Roxy understands how she feels and she even genuinely praised Raini for holding up well. I can imagine how Raini would feel after all that, but it's gotta be more pressing on her right since that just happened and she believes it's her fault (IT ISN'T, RAINI) and then Tripp finally came out to search for them!

Roxy's comment on him finally realising that they did not, in fact, went to the restrooms but to get an escape from the embarrassing moment and that it took him a while to notice that. I wonder how the atmosphere in the building is like for them once Roxy and Raini left. ALSO I love that they correct her misunderstanding on how she thinks she ruined their night when that isn't the case at all and then Roxy just said, " Girl, when are you gonna believe us? Besides, what's there not to like about you?" AWW YESS ROXY IS SAYING THE TRUTH she's sweet and observant, pretty, artistic and intelligent too like Raini these are the some of the qualities your friends think of you (I can guess another certain someone too ;D) and also LOL THE LAST PART WHEN TRIPP LOOKED AWAY AND SHE THOUGHT HE WAS LOOKING AT A RED BRICK WALL. GIRL, NO HE WAS TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT YOU...or at you being kissed by Roxy at the cheek. I know he's feeling something for her ehehehe. Tripp feeling bashful xD

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter! It made me laugh, smile, raised my brow in disbelief at that one scene, and jut internally gushing over these characters' interactions! Thank you for this update, Nix and keep up the awesome work! :D
icaruswalks chapter 28 . 12/13/2020
nix i'm here~ the long-awaited raini's addition to the halloween band concert leggo :D

first off, i love how hyped up raini is bc at the start of the fic, we have raini sorta excited to be at that concert with holly, but that was just her cousin. not saying family time isn't as important, but it's a different vibe to have a group of friends nd support those friends when they're playing in that concert so i totally get how excited and ecstatic raini is compared to before. i esp love the bit when raini says, [I could pretend to be someone else for a night. Someone who was fun and exciting. Someone who sat on top of Roxy's shoulders so Tripp and Miguel could know that we were here for them and watching their performance.] leaving out that last bit but raini really was those aforementioned stuff, NOT PRETENDING, THIS IS the real Raini Renée Lành Đang who can go out to large group events and meet new people who'd want to be her friend too! period... lol.

so raini really was too cute when she repeated the [Oliver is like Tripp, and Elliot is like Miguel] mantra, b/c pat told her that sentence, and she really practiced it over and over, which says a lot about pat's advice, raini actually utilizes it over anyone else's? also i liked how mig reassured her with 1 line, but i told you before i liked more mig-raini interactions, so with mig knowing how nervous raini would be, i think it'd be cute if he talked to her a about his side of knowing oll & ell to relieve her a lil more if possible. like any help is better than no help at all eh? but the best helper pat's back aaaa not a good sign that raini started to worry when he said don't worry, but i get that sometimes. dude i mentally rehearse lines too LOL not about meeting new people to that extent, but like my starbucks order or sumn LOL, her progression of overcomplicating thoughts is all too relatable aww.

yaay she finally meets elliot first aww. i like how considerate he was with her with the handshake (which oliver then catches on later too) nd i think you did good with oll & ell's physical descriptions :D especially with describing oliver to have a hair style Holly might like ;D [a new voice-I knew had to belong to nobody else but Oliver-drawled] it's not meant to be humorous but i laughed anyway LOL. i love how both rox nd pat didn't want him flirting with raini, but she's combustion overload anyway cause oll sneak it in anyway. nd thank u rox for kicking him underneath the table LOL nd then pat smacked oliver's hand away from raini's nd mumbled an ingeninue apology LOL (but it's clear raini kinda appreciated it) these two i can't! i like how with all the Insomniacs here plus rox & raini, the humor amps up a lot, which ofc i enjoy immensely haha. ofc you do so well with like the flow of getting the concert back on track nd i forgot but the Insomniacs damn better win that Best Low Budget Costume cause they deserved at least one award. i caught that when they won, the band laughed about it, and raini liked it when she was kinda part of that feeling hehe.

ooh so like there's ofc raini's social anxiety spread throughout this chapter, which is super important as this is the chapter that pushes her comfort boundaries, for better nd worse. i also like the compare/contrast with raini meeting oll & ell compared to when she met samir's band as she had been prepping herself to meet pat's friends but it was too impromptu, plus i think samir's band are less aware of her social anxiety, for raini to introduce herself to more people :'( i can see she's not at that stage yet, which is understandable, but i'd say it's accomplishment enough that she was able to still talk to oll & ell, especially since they made her comfortable enough to fill in the gaps where she felt like she was messing up. but hey we all mess up with strangers, so no hard feelings there rainers :) but that one dude in samir's band needs to calm down, good thing samir set him in place, but raini still needed her moment :c

i think it was bound to happen since that was a situation she couldn't help nd was kinda thrown into it, but i like how rox is learning nd can help raini calm down with her help instead of only pat so :D and rox is so sweet with her words that she's proud of raini going out today when earlier, raini was totally worrying about it beforehand, but agreed that she did so well even with how it ended with samir's band. speaking of ending this chapter, yeeess, please bring pat back in lol, he knew what to say to her here nd i also think he's improving with planning his words as we knew he's a bit of an impulsive speaker before haha. also rox pinching raini's cheek LOL AWWWWW they're at that point in bestie-ship now hehe nd then she's comfy enough to kiss raini's cheek and we know EXACTLY why pat's looking at the side of her face, even though raini saw nothing over her right shoulder... iyktyk LOLOLOLOL.

hahaha i vote for renaming the chapter to The Nightmare Before Christmas! and also i do recall that you wanted raini to blab about holly whenever oliver was tryna flirt with her, but i can see that you might save that for a future chapter hehe. but i think this update was well-thought out and written so i really liked this chapter :D especially since it's not only a progression of patraini's relationship but also working for raini's social anxiety so, two steps back, three steps forward sorta thing right? hmm next updates are always unpredictable but looking forward to the next one whenever youre ready ofc! until next time :D
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 28 . 12/8/2020
Yay, update!

Haha, lol at Roxy nominating them for all the categories, even the ones they didn't apply for. I know some people who would do that.

I had a knee-jerk reaction to the thought of taking off a mask in a crowd and had to remind myself of the context. What a strange world we're in these days... Anyway...

Raini's overthinking about the awkwardness about a handshake is so relatable LOL. All of that stuff becomes so much of a bigger deal than it should be, in your head... Anyway... So, hmm, Elliott. Love triangle rival for Tripp or does he legitimately flirt that way with everyone... hmmm!

Ah man I was a bit worried about Raini being left alone with the stuff, but good for her! She managed to make it long enough! Which reminds me of a recurring theme in this story that comes to light again in this chapter - Raini's struggle to accept her difficulties for what they are, and give herself credit where credit is due, when she succeeds in spite of them. Raini wasn't sure she'd be able to handle this event, but she decided she wanted to and persevered and had a good time, even if it did get scary and stressful for a bit. She should be proud! (It's something I can relate to as an autistic person, there are many things I want to do that give me meltdowns. I used to berate myself for not being able to do them; now I try to give myself credit for trying. It's another time I've found Raini relatable and likeable as a neuroatypical person :D )

Anyway, I couldn't see anything wrong with this chapter, so I'm glad you decided to post it! Maybe if there really is something wrong it'll be easier to spot after you finish the whole story, if you do another revision after that... Happy holidays!
Emoddess chapter 27 . 8/27/2020
Asljglbjfls I forgot to address your A/N! :O It is devastating and heartbreaking to hear about what's happened to Beirut :'(( And I see, so you created Samir to acknowledge this (i hope that's the right word) :o As for Oll and Ell's friendship dynamic, I think it's good that you are showing how they have heart to heart conversation because even though it's not common before, it can be a norm now since guys should have a heart-to-heart conversation without thinking that it's weird or anything, right? I'll be looking forward for any one-shots you may have for them in the future, and keep up the great work, Nix :)
Emoddess chapter 27 . 8/27/2020
Just finished reading and I am here to comment righto-way! First off, I APPRECIATE AND LOVE THAT YOU PUT THE PLAYLISTS FOR TRIPP'S AND EVEN THEIR RIVAL'S (eheh) and I noticed you've got four tracks for them both which is, and as Oliver would say, "awesomesauce"! I really enjoyed this chapter A LOT and the entire band vibes from the way the place was set up, to the movements and gestures of each and every band members as well as crowd felt so much as though I was at the gig xD Pretty much accurate here hehehe.

So yay, it's Tripp's POV this time and his friends are making an appearance! I like knowing more about Oliver and Elliott even in the littlest way like how they are adjusting to college and then signing up not only themselves but Tripp and Miguel too who are in high school. Of course, they are a band since high school but I feel like not everyone will think of strengthening their band they established since then when they're in college. I don't know, maybe some people would have create a new band with other college students? But this is the beauty of their friendship, they're sticking through and staying loyal to their friends! And it's so cute how the guys just leave the costumes to the girls a.k.a Roxy and Raini! HAHAHAH that part when Tripp was saying how if they knew Roxy was gonna dress them in 'spoopy socks' and other original costumes which I find superr cute (plus, they got nominated for Best Costume?!)...honestly, Tripp I'd like to see how you guys balance practicing for Halloween gig and creating a costume xD I do like that they focused on what they did best, especially since they want to make this gig another one of the memorables, right? Anddd Roxy is great at coming up with costume designs :D

And then the introduction of Elliott's crush, Samir which is soo sooo cute! I love that Oliver straight away tries to matchmake Samir with his roommate and the way he emphasized Elliott's name xD Also, Miles Morales! I am ashamed to say that the name didn't ring a bell in my mind until I looked it up and then...oh. Of course I knew where that character is from! :D Samir already seems like a cool dude and oooh he's a year ahead of them plus he's in the shawarma food business! I really like that they told him they ate their shawarma almost everyday and yess, support good local business :)

AND OMG you included the part from our discussions on Oliver offering Elliott some pick up lines but he declined because it never worked in his favour awww xD They're all so supporting of each other especially when Oll came out to them that he's bisexual, which also came as a surprise to me since I didn't know this before, so this is good. Also, I noticed here how you differentiate both Oll and Ell's type of guys eheheh so Ell's more into rugged looking guys while Oll's into good hairstyle eheheh. And I can absolutely see what you mean on Oliver being more talkative in this one hahaha. It's cool and he'll be great at parties for sure, if this wasn't a peek of it. When Patrick is being updated by Raini (awww she almost didn't make it...I thought Roxy and her had a plan to surprise them but she really almost couldn't come but glad she did! I know Tripp was more than relief eheh.) and then apparently Olly gave the emcee a reason which Samir's band liked and it's because they wanted their girlfriends to attend the show on time...I agree is very cute. I can also see here that despite his emotions like how he's disappointed and worried that Raini (cute nickname Rainers!) felt like backing out, he tried to be patient and coaxed her into easing her nervousness. I could understand Raini's jitters especially since it's still a crowd, so I'm very glad that she managed to come along with Roxy (I wonder what Roxy said to her at that point to make her affirm her answer right away hehe).

AND THEN THE BAND PART AND THE SONGS JSASDJSLJLA. Every song sets the mood very well and I could feel the hype too whenever they played to it! The first song, Thriller, and the way the guy played the keyboard (keytar) fits soo well of Samir's image since Jonathan has got that beard and Samir played keyboard too, right? That was awesome eheheh. And the entire music selection for Samir's band, I could imagine how the lead vocalist for them would say the words (a baritone voice) and even those narratives in the middle of the song. Patrick's part got me more hyped up too and I could imagine how both Oliver and Tripp sounded like (Oliver's got that lighter tone whereas Tripp's got more volume to it) and despite Oll being the lead and is louder, I could imagine what a power duo they would be when they pair up their vibes with their band xD

My favs has got to be the cover for This is Halloween and Sleeping With Sirens' cover (which I hadn't listened to before, so this was cool) :D

BUT OMG THE FACT THAT RAINI GOT HOISTED UP ON ROXY'S SHOULDER YESS HOW DID THE CONVERSATION GO? XD That's awesome and I love that they enjoyed the show too, despite Raini being unable to calm her nerves earlier. And awww so finally the idea of the sweaters and the girls' masks are related which are super adorable, even more so that Miguel suggested it. Talk about unpredictable! And LOL that last part when Oliver hit Tripp up and basically was asking if they could meet Raini now I wanna read his reaction hahaha but yeah, I don't really consider this as a cliffhanger much so it's all good. One could imagine his reaction anyway ehehh and Raini would be cutely like, "?" when she sees Tripp freeze in mid-conversation.

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter! It was awesome and cute and I am eager to check out the second part of their post-halloween gig :D
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