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She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 26 . 6/21
Hey, Holly is lucky that her nickname is Halls. My dog is named Holly, and my dog’s nickname is Holly Jolly Banana-Pana Muffin Puffin Goose Girl. Halls should be grateful that Raini doesn’t call her that.

Ah I know that Holly and Roxy are just being friendly but I genuinely hated it when people teased me about crushes, I’d be so mad if I was Raini. And wow, Raini’s mom is pretty strict! My parents would ask all the same questions about sleepovers, but there’s no way they’d even let me go if boys were sleeping over, even in a different room. I couldn’t even sleep over with my best friend because she had an older brother.

Hey, you gave a cameo to Radley, Karin, and Amaryllis. Right? (Oh, and I see you’ve been rewriting that story. Please forgive me for not reviewing the changes, I tend to get confused by rewrites so I’m going to wait a few more chapters before rereading!)

[“If there isn’t an exit and you want to leave, we’ll make one ourselves,” Tripp grinned mischievously.”] LOL haha.

Ah, okay, so haunted houses remind me of a somewhat-traumatic experience I had somewhat recently and I can feel my heart rate increasing, so I’m going to skip that bit.

[Bones could heal within a few weeks or more, but hearts didn’t.] Aww.

And aww that is honestly so sad that Tripp didn’t like to hug his friends for a long time but finally did. It’s a sign that their friendship is really strong and genuine. It’s cute.

Looking forward to the next update, whenever you’re ready to post it.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 25 . 6/21
Ah I’m really sorry I haven’t read this in a while and haven’t replied to your reviews or PMs either. And it’s been two updates!

The opening paragraph of this was cute, and yes it’s very endearing that Raini can overcome her anxiety and appear unafraid of Tripp’s deadbeat dad. And I like the line about him saying “You come to school and face people who make you feel unsafe every day” because it’s often unacknowledged that people with anxiety disorders (and other similar conditions) are facing an extra struggle and forcing themselves to deal with hard situations every day just to function like everyone else, so it’s really sweet that Tripp recognizes Raini’s struggles and admires her for overcoming them.

Aww, it’s sad when Tripp thinks he has his dad’s temper. Maybe so, sometimes people can’t help things in their own nature, but the difference is, Tripp doesn’t choose to hurt the people he cares about or other innocent people. He works to control it. His dad, however, is manipulative and nasty. That’s a conscious choice.

OMG Raini’s mom haha. I know some people with moms like that. They always intimidated me. But Tripp just takes it in stride lol.

It’s interesting that Raini had to explain the difference between the words “friend” and “classmate” to her mom. I love interesting facts about other languages like that.

I was afraid that Tripp was going to hold a major grudge against Teagan for telling Sean where he went to school, but it’s good they talked it out. Their relationship is really sweet, and it’s especially sweet that they’re working together to help their aunt. I’d like to see more of Teagan in future chapters if it’s possible.

[Apparently, there is a wrong way to cut an onion.] – This line made me chuckle. My husband always gives me shit about the way I crack eggs. Some people are just picky!

Also, I didn’t even notice anything weird about Tripp smiling – I think it totally makes sense to smile about a friend helping you out in a scary situation.
Emoddess chapter 26 . 5/9

First, the title caught my attention and it made me feel like I was in for some fun moments between the characters and I TOTALLY WAS! And then seriously, I immediately started grinning the moment Holly teased Raini about her Emerald Eyes a.k.a Tripp. Okay, lemme just say that I REALLY REALLY REALLY ENJOYED THIS CHAPTER, JUST LIKE YOU SAID I WOULD! XD

Oh gosh I'm going to fangirl every-freaking-where in this and I'm pretty darn sure it'll be a lengthy one as well but I'm going through with this anyway because my excitement is gushing out of me with every words I'm typing, so here goes:

Raini's POV is certainly different but in a good way because she's starting to be more comfortable with her friends, with herself, and she's also allowing herself to feel happy with them. Notably, I noticed that she could fall back into the feeling of ease whenever her friends are there with her as opposed to when she first started meeting Roxy, Tripp, and Miguel at the beginnings of the chapter. The change was noticeable and one that I like because she is progressing :D

I can understand her feelings and thoughts in the very first paragraph of this chapter about how she had never quite fit in with Holly's friends until she found the right puzzle piece which are Tripp, Roxy, and Miguel. And I just love that, because I could see how much she's settling in with them too. Like, she finally found them. This is her crowd and they're bringing out the hidden potential in her - vice versa as well. AND OMG TELL ME WHEN HOLLY WAS TELLING RAINI ABOUT THE SCREAMING ANGELIC SINGER THAT THAT'S SHAYLEY BOURGET FROM 2011 OM&M? I'm am screaming in joy internally xDDD

AHHH she was teasing Raini about Tripp on the nicknames (it's so cute how they've got many nicknames for each other, and even Holly's Hols is cute too I agree with Raini) ESPECIALLY WHEN HOLLY SAID TRIPP WAS FLIRTING WITH HER! "I can't believe I wasn't there to witness my dense cousin being flirted with!" AHAHAHA HOLLY I was grinning so hard on these! And also hmm oh boy from a third person's POV, it does seemed like Tripp was flirting although I can so understand Raini's thinking that 'oh what no he's not he's just being himself with everyone' like Raini...I think you're either afraid to believe in that possibility because getting your hopes up high in these thinks can backfire and oh gosh ofc I know what made her hold that thought back. She mentioned afterwards that she didn't want to get her heart broken like she did three years ago. Also yess I remember that moment last chapter when he called her Rainers - very very cute of a nickname too - and also the tickling part! GAH I totally can relate to Raini about that. Plus, this first part of the chapter reminded me of my OCs Lilac and Jo's interaction but I love this one between them because she's finally hanging out with Holly and the girl is catching up about Raini's life at her new school too. Also, the last part about Holly telling Raini she has been shining brighter and it's because of Patrick it reminded me of the conversation Patrick had with his sister Teagan, and then the full line where she's envious of Roxy because she wouldn't be there everyday to see how much Raini is changing like awwww Holly wants to be part of her cousin's journey but she's in a different school. I really like the interactions between Raini and her cousin Holly and I feel like you showcased it properly on cousins who are close and genuinely care about one another and only has good intentions instead of some stories where the cousin is like, 'meh, cool you like this guy and such' or 'interesting you like someone i want him too' which is obviously not Holly ofc. But ohh as much as Raini is comfortable with her cousin, I guess talking about Tripp and especially when she's made aware that she has a crush on him is something she obviously still feels shy about! LOL she predicted that their squealing will get her dad's attention WHICH SHE WAS RIGHT ABOUT and then she quickly evades it by agreeing to have dinner early! Raini, you can be smooth in evasion when you want to hahahah.

Fest time! Aw yeah Halloween is here for them and oh gosh besides the fact that she's going on a sleepover with Roxy and the guys, she'll also be seeing Tripp and his bandmates playing in the next gig which is super awesome! This would really be the moment when she could finally see how he performs with at the music gig and also, I really love the descriptions about the fall festival, the happenings and how crowded it was - I could imagine it all! This is also the moment where Raini gets closer to Tripp and basically even though Roxy and Miguel does too, I see them as chaperones like they did in the romance novels hahah. AND then oh gosh hahahahah I laughed at the conversation Raini had with her mom. Like that part where she was hesitant in telling her mum yeah there's boys but she did and that's good and her mum's "Hmph! I'm going to tell Roxy's parents that you and Roxy sleep in a different room than the boys. Understand?" It's funny but also I totally get it! Her mom is just concern about her in general because she wants the best for her especially since Raini has become more outgoing, it probably is a change that she's trying to get used to? Idk but I like Raini's new way now!

I have the need to stress that I have been expressing my excitement by laughing out loud and even grinning alot at this entire chapter and also when reading their interactions and especially with knowing how Raini thinks now that she's being more aware of her feelings with Tripp. Her internal excitement and screaming is both funny but also endearing? LIKE AWW RAINI SHE'S EVEN MORE PRECIOUS IN THIS.

Raini it's okay I'm also a scaredy cat lol and AHH Roxy is being so sweet and wonderful as ever with reassuring her, wanting and feeling glad that Raini is with her there and ALSO I LOVE HOW THEY DRESSED IN THIS AND ALSO I CAN IMAGINE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE ATMOSPHERE AND PLACE DURING DAY AND NIGHT. Your descriptions are wonderful to imagine! She chose the plain one but Roxy was like, no let's go extra and let's do similar patterns because it's fun and I totally agree! Love the way you describe how the brush felt on her cheeks and also that moment when she opened her eyes and realized Tripp and Miguel was already there! xD ALSO I LOVE THIS PART: "You were no macho when you later fell ill because you refused to dress warmly." like hahaha Raini's thoughts on this is gold because I didn't really know what she thinks of the guys' outfit but now I do. Also, good job in describing how they look subtly but efficiently :D

ALSO AHHHHHHHHH HE FREAKING HUGGED RAINI AND RAINI OH GOSH I CAN IMAGINE HER BLUSH METER GOING UP TO HER FACE UNTIL IT CONSUMED HER MIND AND SHE WAS LIKE 'CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH IS HUGGING ME WHAT DO IT DO' AND I'm so glad she hugged him back awwwww. Roxy teasing them both is my favourite too! XD Oh when she said how he has a nice laugh, I can imagine that boyish laugh that Patrick has too and...either he knows how he is affecting her or he finds her blushing and behaviour amusing and endearing I'm thinking it's probably this part. She was ofc having a tug or war with her mind about Patrick, oh gosh I wonder how long it'll take her to accept that she does have a crush on him. Or maybe she will be okay with the idea of crushing on him but at the thought of possibly ruining their friendship, she would take a few steps back? Maybe that's...the drama? Idk I'm guessing hahaha. I love the interactions she has with Patrick in this ;D

Also awww she wanted to acquiesce to them because she felt bad that they gave up some of their festival traditions for her. But Raini I think they're alright with it and you shouldn't feel too bothered or guilty yet then again? I feel like I understand Raini too and I would probably feel the same aaaaahhh. THIS NEXT PART. THIS NEXT PART! OMG AT FIRST I WAS LIKE OH GOSH PLS LET IT NOT BE LLOYD FOR GOODNESS SAKE AND THEN I BACKTRACKED REAL QUICK. BECAUSE SOMETHING DIDN'T ADD - OR WAS STARTING TO ADD AND I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS PART BECAUSE I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU MADE A LITTLE AU CROSSOVER OF YOUR AWB CHARACTERS! I thought something was odd when the guy with yellow/golden eye contacts smiled at her but without any malice and I thought at first, the Asian girl, the white guy around their age and the little girl was a family UNTIL YOU REVEALED REALLY SOON IN THE LINE THAT SHE LOOKS MORE LIKE GUY. IT WASN'T UNTIL I CONNECTED IT ALL WHEN I SAW RAINI'S FRIENDS TALKING TO THE WITCH-DRESSED GIRL AND WOLF BOY THAT I WAS LIKE AKJSLJKJSLDJLASJALDJSDLSAJL THAT IS KARIN, RADLEY AND LITTLE AMARIS RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE! Yup lost my cool because this is a wonderful surprise ohhh mannn xDDD

THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM IN THIS STORY FOR A BRIEF MOMENT EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN'T CONVERSATE WITH RAINI MUCH. Ofc my point was strengthened by the fact that you said the guy carried the little girl while the witch carried the walker like yup...I knew it :D

And then when they were suggesting going to the corn maze and Raini thought that was straight out of a horror movie, I thought the same too. Still, she wanted them to have fun too and so she agreed to go and then they went to the haunted barn. Okay this part it was so shitty of the rowdy bunch of guys to so what they did because darn you, Raini is not okay with that and at least Tripp told them off. But lol when the guys said they would bust out an exit area just for her oh gosh I kinda wanna see that happen hahaha. ALSO I CANNOT BELIEVE MIGUEL DID AN IMITATION OF TRIPP'S FUTURE ACCENT HAHAHAHA MIGUEL SURPRISED ME IN A WAY THAT I ALWAYS THOUGHT HE KEEPS TO HIMSELF AND LAUGHS QUIETLY WHEN HE WANTS TO BUT TO MAKE A JOKE OR BE THE SOURCE OF AMUSEMENT TO MAKE RAINI DISTRACTED FROM THE RUDE GUYS... MIGUEL IS ALSO PRECIOUS AHHH :O

eVEN Roxy and and Tripp couldn't believe it hahahaha these guys are so wonderful! And LOL Tripp's, "Dibs on Raini. You guys can go solo for once." HAHAH I mean I guess he does have a point because they're always together and oh gosh at first I thought they could just pair together but I remembered there's three way/tunnel to separate into. AWWW Raini offering to buy them candy apples but Tripp was so confident they wouldn't come out last but they kinda did eventually? XD

Awww when Raini accidentally brushed her hands with Tripp and he was also flustered and the fact that Raini cracked the joke which Tripp said earlier was so sweet I fangirled at this part. Like, awww even Patrick was surprised that he said, "Holy shit, did you just made a joke, Rainers?" hahaha nd she said him, Roxy and Miguel have rubbed off on her like...aww yeah. She's slowly coming out of her shell and even making jokes, I love this!

I can understand her part : "At first I had been a bit embarrassed at the amount of photos she took of us, but thinking on it now, I was delighted to have some mementos of today." like awww yeah she's not used to having going out with friends who likes to be around her, but she also can appreciate the fact that these pictures are proof she had had great times with them! *heart*

Zombieland and Shaun of The Dead! Binge-watching these shows on Halloween are good choices and oh gosh I know I've watched both of them but somehow I feel like Shaun of The Dead is much scarier? They're both scary though. The next part... xD

OMG SHE DIDN'T REALIZE (WELL YEAH CAUSE SHE FELL ASLEEP) THAT SHE SLEPT ON TOP OF TRIPP! AND THEN THEY FELL OH GOSH. Raini was just so flustered and surprised to find herself sleeping on top of Patrick, like yeah that's her crush but more alarmingly that she knew she wouldn't have initiated it at first and to wake up being in that position, I can just imagine the mortification she felt like 'I'm so sorry I DIDN'T MEAN TO SLEEP ON TOP OF YOU'. and hahah he was still teasing her? Dude I know you like teasing her but it just didn't help her situation then and also this part

"I'm joking, Raini." he laughed lowly. His was scratchy and thick with sleep. It was new to hear and see this side of Tripp. He looked boyish and unguarded and my stomach did a somersault." like I can imagine how she feels! Also I like this description too I could imagine why Raini would feel that way for Tripp. ;D

And aww Roxy checking up on Raini like she is thoughtful of how Raini feels in general, and she is actually pretty observant too despite her loud energy and that's really something that's wonderful about her. And I see a different side of the story which I love about how Patrick was also thoughtful about Raini and in the end because he didn't wanna wake her up, he was content with their position. I think that should clear up the situation and also I think in a way Roxy wanted Raini to know this part of Tripp because she know her best friend better. Also she was totally trying to set up Roxy and Tripp again when she said he was flustered and such and THEN SHE ACTUALLY ASKED RAINI THE QUESTION. And Raini did tell her which just again shows how much she's changing and how she's trusting Roxy and even Tripp. Also, Roxy telling her how Patrick that he's change a lot since meeting them and how he isn't free with his hugs but selective and that means a lot because it shows that Raini is one of the few people who he actually lets in like...I think she realized how much important that is to both him and his friends. Also LOL that part when she rambled on how Patrick is good looking, good at bass and has a fine humour! And then Roxy said she would tell him but Raini pleaded not to and I think that's another wonderful thing about their friendship because they could be open to each other. Also, this seems like a conversation between close friends and I like that as well bc that's why friends do too, they tease each other when they have a crush hahaha.

OOH I love this part when Roxy said, "Girl, you're asking someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes romance novels." hahahaha that is true! Also it is sad when you think of how Tripp was guarding himself even from his friends then until he really know them and are okay with giving them hugs, and to think that only his aunt and sister expresses their care and love for him and then friends, yeah I think Raini realized that he had gone through a lot those things and to come this far, she just feels for him because she couldn't imagine anyone going through that but he did. And oh gosh when Roxy said she cried when he first hugged her *cries*. His friends treasure him just as much as he does for them.

Also here you note on the next chapter about the Battle of The Bands and heck yeah! Raini will be meeting the rest of Tripp's bandmates. Also, LOL I can see why Tripp is concern on Raini being around Oliver but I really don't think that's gonna be an issue since she's got a crush for our ML~~ ;D Like it takes a special someone to capture her heart and that person is not Oliver lol sorry mate :p

And ooh what does Elliott do? Roxy said to Raini that she'll see when she meets him, makes me wonder how Elliott behaves when he has the fans around hahah.




Thank you for updating and giving us this chapter, Nix! Can't wait for the next one and keep up the excellent work! :D
icaruswalks chapter 26 . 5/6
IM HERE FOR THE PATRAINI HOURS AND I gotta do this like the mojo-jojo youtube channel here are the best patraini moments in this chapter okayyy LOL we'll get that list in a minute cause i like to start from beginning to end:

okay the very first paragraph when raini is finally admitting that she has her own friend group consisting of roxy, pat, and mig (and ill be honest id like to see raini talk to mig one on one too just cause he's more than roxy's bf right nd pat's bandmate ;D) holly! holly's past and she cursin' too oooooohhh but you did fit her in the regular row, right, but im glad to read that holly and raini are still close as ever despite the distance! and they talked about the playlist and more on pat yeaaaaa, esp with holly developing a better impression of pat now that raini talked to him more, did raini get an update on pat creating her a playlist? also cute that raini has a thing for giving nicknames to her cousin too heh and agreed, Halls is pretty cute! ALSO THANK YOU HALLS FOR WAKING RAINI TF UP that she was being flirted at, no matter if pat says he's joking, he was being REAL on his beginning affections for raini! PERIODT lol what but damn, raini whenever youre confused if pat is flirting with you or not, you know now that a) you can call holly for a wake-up call lol or b) assume that he and flirt back HAH. that'll take a bit of a while but is good that they're getting the talk that pat wants to be romantically invested in raini so. HEHEHE we know he is. "A spark has lit between you and him and I'm jealous of Roxy 'cause I won't be there every step of the way to watch it grow." TRUTH OKAY hahaha!

ughhhh cannot WAIT for the band gig but also get started on AWB then :D also can see you addressed that raini doesnt remember seeing pat's band play so when they do in the halloween band chapter, it's like she'll be watching them play for the first time right? praying for it aaaaaaaa this is the autumn activity chapter you were talking about :D sounds like loads of fun for the groupie! and that convo between raini and her mom is like a frickin CIA interrogation but that's asian parents for you \_(ツ)_/ but i bet raini's mom is glad to see that her daughter is making friends and is making sure that raini would be safe, as overprotective as she is haha. and aww raini is cold in her bulked-up clothes and i agree that i cant get used to the cold (although i live in an area where it doesnt get cold much so ?) but raini and roxy sound too cute for their unofficial double date lol. and its totally cool for the three to want to go during the pre-evening cause Fright Fest would be too scary for raini and cause her anxiety attacks? i can see that and altering the tradition was a right move! also maybe raini can attend in the future when she's got pat to hold onto as he official BF hehehheeeeee

ooh face painting! i bet that would look so cool on roxy and brownies on her for getting raini a more elaborate face painting hehe! also have to say i was predicting when the painter told her to close her eyes, that when raini would open them, she'd see the boys and HELL YEAH! also saw a lil typo: "You were no macho when you..." missing a T on no, right? anywayz i guess it's guy code to dress cold as fuck and also seen the thing where they wore basketball shorts in winter. dude, you didnt describe pat's and mig's bottoms nd im praying they didnt pair that with shorts LOL. and awww raini's face painting sounds so cool and you can tell she's describing it with her artist's eye! it'd be cool here if raini said something to the painter, idk some artsy shit, and the painter could suggest raini to volunteer/apply to be a face painter next year too ;)))

1.) pat going down to hug raini all on his own. was kinda funny they just stood there for a moment before pat reached down to close her hahaha! what is their height difference btw cause you said raini is my height but i forgot how tall pat was again lol! and died DIED at raini's reaction: "AHHHHHHHHH. My brain scramed at me. It was doing that a lot lately." girl you are TEW KEWUTE i wanna give you a hug too now but pat is the only one that gives off that adorable reaction hahaha! also pat laughing afterward and raini thinking his laugh is cute... its always the laugh that draws the girls in, isn't it? :3c
further edit now that i've reached the bottom: dude that was such an eye-opener that pat HATED to touch people aside from his aunt and teagan so to read that roxy cried when he first hugged her was like. those abused dog stories who finally wag their tails for the first time or sumn too heartwarming haha.

okay i have to move onto other parts that didn't make the list LOL but also raini saying "Me and Tripp together? In what parallel universe?" and holly screaming, "this one!" LMAO me too holly drill it into her so they can be a couple already aaaaaa my ship lol. ALSO I KNEW I was like why is she describing these other hayride riders and i was like OMG THEYRE KARIN, RADLEY, AND AMARIS... right? i got it once i heard about their costumes LOL that is literally them omg it'd be cute if they cameo-ed more in 4SORD and vice versa for 4SORD appearing in AWB eh? yep "cute couple and childhood sweethearts" sounds exactly like radrin isn't it? also i see that raini is definitely getting used to the group if pat can drape his shoulders across her shoulder eh? i love that the groupie didn't win the corn maze cause they took their time to read about corn facts LOL what cute nerds! also roxy loves taking pics is too cute and i can see that she didnt have girl friends to take pics with before so ofc she wants to save the memories with raini as her new bff... and now the haunted barn!

i love that her friends remind her that they dont have to go if she doesnt want to, plus that they can leave anytime. and then pat's comment that he'll bust an exit open if there isn't any LOL he's too silly in a good way :D also those boys joining them need to be get busted open for scaring raini like that and making fun of her for it. i was scared for raini if she was gonna have an attack but OMG when she reached out in the dark and brushed pat's hand that was... there's more to that haha! and theyre back to the memory of raini yelling at sean and agreed with mig, you needed to be there to witness raini's glory haha! but again with mig huh! surprising me and raini by making her laugh with that fake Irish accent LOOL really got raini there aaaa that's too cute im too happy for her that she's laughing and smiling cause of her new best buds she deserves a group like this after fumbling around with her new school transfer... only the best for m'girl. anyway, tangent there, but like raini said, a good laughing distraction was what raini needed to get her mind off her prior anxiety attack and now she's all good to go! also i am reading more of mig's characterization since he has an impressionist sense of humor plus he is literally scared of nothing too haha. also pat taking raini's hand i see i see but also am SO behind the idea of patraini going together just cause. patraini ofc HAHAHA also raini is an angel for offering to buy candy aples but girl. enjoy your moment with pat and you can have apples as a further treat later LOL.

okay so here we at #2 of patraini moments LOL:
2.) canon patraini handholding give me a HECK YEAAAA lol thank you random prop for stumbling raini so pat can offer his hand to her HEHE. tbh would've loved to hear about pat's jokes and bandmate funny anecdotes but understandtable you had other stuff to write! also raini GOT 'EM WITH "Huh, we're going back the way we came? You're not going to bust us out of here?" that is pretty frickin funny and it's too cute that pat LAUGHED outta surprise and called her Rainers too and then she said she got rubbed off by her friends... the absolute CUTEST i cannot with this candied apple sweetness hahaha! and ill just continue from here that after they got, they ate their apples, they played around more before heading to roxy's house! a scary movie marathon plus sweets sounds bomb and ive heard of Zombieland but not Shaun of the Dead? its great to read that would open up to BEST PATRAINI MOMENTS NUMERO TRES:

3.) imma tell you right now am a HUGE SUCKER for couple sleeping on each other cause my biggest concern is a nap partner LOL. and here we have pat letting raini sleep halfway on him aww i cant with the fact that he was freaking out about moving and waking her up cause that is the freaking CUTEST! also she pushed her future bf to the floor like RAINI WHAT YOU.. TOO CUTE anyway LOL. also he said she was pratically hugging him and raini described it as a koala hugging a tree HAHAHA. omg in her own words: "His voice was scatchy and thick with sleep. It was new to see and hear this side of Tripp. He looked boyish and unguarded and my stomach did a somersault." she is falling HARD for this boy all like planned, just gotta report to holly now lol! and thank you roxanne for the cute update that pat was too nervous of waking raini up so he got flustered aaaa i would've wanna read that!

okay now roxy-raini time, also cute of raini to be so embarassed by what happened that she thinks, "I considered locking myself in Roxy's bathroom and calling it my new home." LOL but roxy is the best when she joined raini under the covers so they can talk about boys HEHE but ALL THE BROWNIES TO ROXY for asking raini if she liked pat like that HEHEHE. also gotta quote this bit cause that's some poetic shit to me: "Exposing your heart so someone was hazardous. They got to see what was beating inside and had the choice to accept your heart or throw it away." dude raini has an absolute best voice cause i love this line too: "You could try filling the void with myriads of distractions, but when you really fell for someone who didn't reciprocate your feelings, the hole expanded into an endless abyss." OH this hurted when yanno that raini experienced heartbreak at fourteen and she didnt wanna do that ever again... also am soooo curious how its gonna work with chase coming back and am wondering if he got himself back on his feet maybe? raini would've wanted that even if he broke her heart and to THINK that she was breaking her oath to never fall in love until patty pat patrick wiley came strutting in LOL. yeah RAINI BUT FOR US it is shipping two fictional characters hahaha i so wanna see these two get together already when when when they already feel that attraction and raini is acknowledging AND ADMITTING to another person so... soon? also beauty is in the eye of the beholder cause raini is defending pat so well with that, "He's good looking. He plays bass, write songs, and has a good sense of humour," like that's RIGHT MY FUTURE MANS IS TALENTED AF LOL. and is so true there's a difference between the pat on stage and the pat raini knows behind stage and for real cause... being repititive but that's the realest shit LOL.

also you did say oliver will be flirting so hard with raini and pat the only real way to defend ya girl is to say youre interested in her so hands off and... get with the confessing my dude HAHA. also saw this: "My eyes welt up in tears..." did you mean 'welled up' lol or maybe thats a regional thing? anyway YES back to that story of roxy crying when pat hugged her back for the first time that's too sweet and you can tell his growth is only going upward! also yes raini you too cute oliver is and WILL flirt with you but also i can see what sgoing on with elliot hehe. AAAAAAAAAAAA ROXY HITTING WITH THAT LAST LINE TOO YANNO SHIT IS GOING DOOOOOWWNN hahaha!

addressing a/n: am so glad youre updating so quickly after april hehe and ooh you had Train to Busan too! if your "Raini would have never fallen alseep watching Gong Yoo on screen" was a YouTube comment, lottie would smash LIKE so hard LOL. and youre welcome loving that you're expanding your word length and tbh, there are scenes you can go on about and then reach a word count like emoddess haha! found that easter egg yes! and raini's whirlwind of thoughts was so much fun to read thank you for going all out for her aaaa and DUDE CANNOT WAIT WITH THE BAND SCENE AND RAINI MEETING THEM AS A FULL KICKASS BAND okayyy imma chill cause that might be a while but i wanna read the band coming together again, like. A LOT. but take your time girl until the next update c;
icaruswalks chapter 25 . 4/20
I'M HERE! here and ready to get into pat's head okie leggo!

to start off, love pat's anaphoraaa in the beginning haha cause you can tell he's pissed if he's repeating stuff in his head like the literary failer he claims to be lol. also brownies to roxy (since she loves baked goods so much hehe) for pointing out that pat suddenly had the courage to face his POS father when he heard that raini was the one sean was yelling at. and then raini had to back it up by saying, "Sean was the person that made you feel unsafe, but you faced him anyway. I think that's amazing, Tripp" like the lil' angel she is. also is cute that pat continues to be taken aback by raini since she is pretty surprising, isn't she? and that comparison of raini's social anxiety to pat would be as if pat was surrounded by a crowd of his dads... that would be terrifying to me, whoa. and then roxy ending it by saying theyre both 'freaking amazing' and cut scene with them laughing is too cute. at that point, raini was figuring out her growing crush on pat right?

and poor pattyyyy he's so caught up in what his dad said to him that he's been writing it out in his notes instead. that's a cool little bit there that pat's note were mixed in with the key words he'd taken from sean which were "temper" "heartless" and "dying" huh... i feel so bad for m'boy i wanna give him a hug. or would he prefer it from raini? lol she's too shy at the point too isn't she? and forgot that pat was in a volunteer group for troubled teens, huh? i forgot the specifics in that but didn't he like talk to them about drug abuse like he did in the past or is he there to help distract them about their addiction/troubles? BUT OH OHHHHH pat was gonna meet raini's mom already HEcK EYAAAAA but i did catch that raini's "voice was laced with frustration" like i wondered what they were talking about before pat arrived huh? idk if raini would tell her mom what happened earlier with sean, but that's prolly not it right? i do have to agree with pat when my friend speaks vietnamese, her voice sounds kinda lower than it usually is lol? ALSO WHOA raini correcting her mom that pat is not 'just a classmate' but 'he's my friend' like you go girl tell your momma you have a boy for a fried HAHAHA. anyway her mom saying 'patrip' cause raini corrected herself, that's too cute but also her frickin' quizzin' pat cause that's how asian parents be like LOL. it's cool at least that theyre easy questions nd not like 'whatre you gonna be? doctor?' lol im aiming for medical now but HAHA SEE how much raini's mom is impressed that teagan is tryna be a nurse, like, asian parents~ good thing raini caught the parents question cause that would be the worst for pat and then it seems like raini hasn't told her about roxy either? wait, has pat met her mom before roxy? its an accident yes but huh! also before them leaving her mom had to tell pat that he can be raini's friend even though he is DEFINITELY gonna be her boyfriend in the future, riiiiiight?

okay new thing so it's cute that raini gave pat a little vietnamese lesson those are fun between 'bahn and bahn koong lup huh :3c and teagan-pat time! also did not expect teagan to drop that she's the one that their dad where pat went to school like... girl, you didn't warn your brother he was coming? i mean, yeah that would prolly mean pat would do everything he could to avoid sean so. teagan has her point lol. though teagan knows what it was like when sean showed up unannounced at her apartment but also sounds like sean does whatever he wants, like being an ass to his kids *rolling eyes emoji* it's cute that teagan apologizes to pat so he instantly apologizes to her too since he's making his big sis cry, aaaa bleeding heart pat. its kinda surprising that teagan curses as well (but she fits under the cursing when pissed row huh?) and she says it while defending her choice to go visit their mom in the hospital... i can see teagan breaking down later on cause she is the more sympathetic one than pat, concerning their dying mom. i love that its these two sibling's unaminious decision that it doesnt matter if either of them chooses to go see their mom, but to make sure that their aunt is okay through all this like. fuck our parents cause our real guardian is vonny, huh? that's too cute of the wileys haha.

yaaayyy teagan is back home~ and with a new look too, short hair is totally in :D also very noble of teagan to donate her waist-length hair to charity hehe. her reasoning sounds about right seeing that she's still shaken by sean's impromptu visit and not sure if teagan takes after her mom, maybe, since raini did say pat looks exactly like his dad, but older and angrier lol. did pat have a buzzcut before school started? i do imagine him with the usual boycut you have for him in your lilystory haha. its so funnily cute that pat and teagan are bonding over making fun of their dad's haircut and i also hope that he does go bald 'cause losing all your hair is a small punishment for torturing your kids! HMPH but okay so teagan does look like her mom and that is why she chopped off all her hair nd it's FUNNY cause i can see sean saying that teagan looks like tara to appeal to her sympathetic side but teagan just. GOES OUT and cuts her hair off instead LOL she's hilarious i love her if i hadnt already. and them siblings making pasta together is too cute and there's no wrong way to cut an onion cause its too hard anyway when your eyes are tearing up lol. also thought pat might tear up himself when he thought the sean incident had brought him, roxy, and raini closer together and it would've been cool to see mig get pissed too huh? also pat gives nicknames to all his new friends like some rite of friendly initiation lol? OH FUCK does the title is like a play of words on "4 Seasons of Rainy Days" like "4 Seasons of Raini Days" like... thats genius GIRL WHY am i just figuring it right now LOL? also i dont think pat has a picture of raini does he? WELL he needs to fix that ASAP cause when theyre dating they're gonna have so many pics together am i right! and agreed 100% with teagan on "This time is different. I can feel it in my bones."

i think the timeskip is pretty good since it marks the days that aunt vonny and teagan would go together to visit the mom, but pat is still adamant on not going like. his decision is his decision and whether or not he changes his mind is entirely up to him. anyway PATRAINI TIME YES PLEASE haha already she's so nice asking him if he has stuff to throw away cause she'll do it. angel~ anyway makes sense that pat wants to devote his time to make music but even with that, dude, i know there's not a punk-rock major out there but if you major in music at an university, you can develop a better understanding of how to create music and stuff right? so write your papers LOL! you did say pat was 18 but right right pat was acting up when he was 15 so that would be ninth grade-ish? but for him to think he was stupid and RAINI GOES OFF AT HIM about how he can should be proud of himself 'cause his efforts can land him somewhere, not necessarily university, like girl can you be any smarter lol? and progress for raini too since pat said she looks at him from 10% to 60% damn that's a huge increase and a great one like pat said :D i feel like we had a question where you answered that raini helps out with pat's essays and this is where it comes in hehe?

and i caught that! PAT CALLING HER RAINERS aaaaaaa that's a cute nickname i like that one! also super duper cute that pat and raini are doing the couple thing where they share an earbud to listen to music hehe and they dont even have to talk to each other, just chill next to each other... too cute~ i see that pat thinks studying helps a lot if he has someone to study with. that doesnt work for me at all cause ill complain to the other person how much i dont wanna study LOL. anyway agreed with raini, i get startled with screamo/screaming songs, but pat probably likes that type of genre since punk rock has the screaming-singing, right? hmm does pat and holly have similar tastes in music cause it looks like he enjoyed it too so he can create a similar playlist? or the ones that raini enjoyed the most, that's sweet of him... also pat saying, "Then let's find something to have in common" ugh my heart that's too smooth of him haha! raini doesnt appear as heartstruck but she's got a crush on him already so its all good lol. ooh she's telling him about her painting hobby yaaayyy and it's cute how pat is learning about her hobby, which she hasn't done in a while, and he tells her he'll be her muse. little does the both of them know they'll both be each other's muse ehhh? also raini asking pat to play his original song on the bass that must earn points to him since he gets to show off a lil' he he heeee. AND A band scene is coming soon for halloween huh? you said they're midway october so im hoping that means you'll write the band scene next chapter or maybe you're saying that for pat's POV again? i wanna put in my two cents to say pat's POV at the BOTB was super good so i'd like that in pat's POV as a member but also do raini's cause i wanna read her in total awe of him cause he got her and roxy VIP seats LOL. dude you sound like you know how to write music cause i have no idea about octaves and reference pitches haha. this chapter was all about the adorable patraini cause him teaching her how to play bass is the best ending we could have... and plus with the fact he is kinda developing a crush on her too HEHE Houston we're about to have mutual pining lmao.

hey, it's been a good couple weeks since the incident so to start the chapter with him being pissed to him being lovey-dovey with raini is a great progress of a chapter LOL. yeah like i said, it was good to me and not like 'wtf what happened' kinda thing! HAHA okay good answer to our quiz then pffftt pat communicating to you, 'i wanna fall in lovvvee' through a dream. to funny. when you do your viet translation part is how i do my korean translation part cause i too always note that my korean SUCKS LOL. dont overcomplicate it i think you wrote this chapter pretty amazingly so can't wait to get back in raini's head and see how everything is developing in her head hehe! (also am fucking around with my account nd realized i didnt favorite you wtfffff or emoddess's fics so i gotta go do that lol)
Emoddess chapter 25 . 4/20

OKAY! I LOVE THIS CHAPTER is something you probably have noticed most times whenever I open up my review hahaha but it's true! I do love it and it started in the first paragraph of this chapter. It should have been impossible because of the emotions he felt towards his POS of a dad, and I love how his friends manage to bring him out of the gloom cloud - he was even surprised. Also, that moment when he was amazed at how they could do that, and even more so that Raini could do that - he thought she was anything but ordinary in the beginning.

And this talk happened at the same day after the encounter with Sean O'Doherty, right? So Patrick was still reeling in anger after meeting his dad. Three three of them were wondering how they could be brave dealing with his dad and when he find out they weren't going to run away, it was like aww...Tripp you deserve good friends and people who really cares for you AND YOU DID. I am so happy for Patrick!

It was also cute because they were all trying to tell each other that they were amazing and Roxy ended their silliness with a "YOU'RE ALL AMAZING" and I agree with her! I laughed when Tripp was like I gotta eat, I can't let my stomach growls ruin this moment and ROXY'S STOMACH GROWLED AT THAT MOMENT AS THOUGH TO AGREE HAHAHA.

AND oh gosh I know that feeling of like able to distract yourself when you have a company/friends but then when they left, it all comes back and ughhhh those thoughts about Patrick's dad and how the man said Tripp has the same temper as his dad and his grandpa like? UGH. No, don't get influence with it, Patrick. And I get that he snapped at the dude who just wants his pencil back, even though he didn't mean to because he was fueled with hatred and anger again whenever he thought of his dad, right? The classmate got the brunt of it oh nooo and Patrick felt bad too. But the anonymous classmate brought something to his attention which also surprises me and made me sad at the same time.

That moment when Tripp made errors because he was too caught up in his thoughts, that he unawarely wrote those words instead of tempo, heartbeat, and dynamics! It was an easy mistake to make because they look a bit similar in a way, but UGH AGAIN I could imagine the moment of realization of like "This shit is getting to me and I'm not in the mood to deal with it" when he kept the things away and left for class. Side note, I always liked knowing more about something that the character is into and for Patrick, it's about the music terminology. It's like a little lesson in music hehe.

I did not expect the next thing that happened to happen actually hahah omg here's Patrick just wanna leave school but then he met Raini and then her mum starts asking questions! Points to him for not feeling uncomfortable because Raini sure was hahah. And LOL that moment when Raini said "No" and he was confused like "No? We're not classmates". Ahhh I also understand why she was adamant in distinguishing the terms "friend" and "classmate" :O
BUT LOL WHEN SHE SAID "You and Lánh stay as friends and only friends." she declared. "Nothing more," Oooh her mum just said that sooo I wonder what it takes to make his mum open up to him and like be impressed by him? :O

ALSO I CANNOT HAHAH "Pa-Tripp" and then her mum was like, is his name really Patripp? I do like the information of him getting her to start calling his nickname, and how he was respectful and polite in talking to her mum. Also, awww Raini immediately apologising because of her mum's questions, but he was like, don't worry about it.

And then he spoke to his sister! Aaaah he didn't know Teagan told their dad and reading it, I can understand where they're both coming from in terms of Teagan just thinking that their dad wants to talk Patrick to solve things, but Patrick really hates the old man. And the moment he realizes she was panicking when she apologise _'' I can see that even though Patrick was angry about what happened, she still tries to calm him down but the thought of her putting him in trouble made her it's really clear how much these siblings got each other's backs, you know? It was nice seeing that because they needed each other's support, as well as Aunt Vonny. Still, her reactions when she found out he has a new friend named Raini but he didn't tell her anything hahahah and ahhh they're cooking for their aunt that's so sweet. Also, he didn't know there's a way to cut onions? Patrick, I wonder how you cut the onions for you to know there's a proper way hmmm. Also TEAGAN CUT HER HAIR? Ahh yeah I can see why she did that, and now I will have to imagine her in her new hair cut. And what is this I didn't know Patrick used to sport a buzzcut as well hahaah Pierre would love to know this information lol so he wouldn't be the only student with a buzzcut (that he is growing out of :p)

I LAUGHED HAHAHA WHEN HE TOLD HER THAT HE SEES ROXY AS A FRIEND AND THINKING IT WOULD BE THE SAME WITH RAINI. AND THEN TEAGAN WAS LIKE, I CAN FEEL SOMETHING IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME. He has no idea of the feelings he's developing for her yet, right? This would be the moment I think and I wonder how he'd reaction knowing that in this day and moment, Teagan knew something would flourish between him and Raini ;D

And so the last part was where it was time skipped to a few weeks later! I like the transition and I thought it flowed very well, plus I really liked your descriptions in this chapter - as always in every chapter heheh! So it's October and ahhhh this part of them being cute, I love reading their development and like you could also see the invisible sparks flying between them - the attraction - as well as their friendship starting to grow closer. I can see Raini becoming open to him and when he noted that as well, I was like, yess he noticed the change too awww. It all flows well, I don't feel any blank spaces between them so that's good. I like that entire bit of her telling him that grades does not equal your intelligence because in my opinion, I agree with that too. And awww Patrick feeling like he could count on her and not being judged - that is Raini for you! :D

Raini paints! This reminds me of the moment she saw Chase's painting, so I'm not sure if you've said it before oops but did Raini started painting after she met Chase or this has been her hobby before that? I think it's the latter but I am not sure ehe. And hahahaha awww "I'll be your muse," and when she was like "Aaah that's nice but I don't know how to react to that" he was like, "Just kidding! I know all about those" like awww Patrick you're not silly hahaha I think Raini is secretly happy too, but I get how he'd think he'd mess up because it sounded like he's coming off a bit strong lol.

AND AHHH HIM WANTING TO MAKE A PLAYLIST FOR HER YESSS PATRICK! AND THE HE TEACHES HER HOW TO TUNE THE KEYBOARD AND HIM PLAYING A SONG SHE WANTED TO HERE (of his originals) I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PART! My favourite though, is the last three sentences from the moment he told her having short fingers shouldn't stop her from learning, and when she gets famous one day in painting and being a pianist, that she'll have to remember him teaching her "where the middle C key was" AHHHHH I AM FANGIRLING AT THIS PART. CUTE CUTE AND SO SWEET OF HIM ;D

And then the part where he was REALIZING SOMETHING, LIKE HE'S SEEING A CLEARER PICTURE OF RAINI AND HOW HE HOPED SHE WOULD SMILE OFTEN, I knew in that moment, that was the realization where he was falling for her, but he doesn't know it yet ;)

Absolutely sweet and what a delight! *heart eyes*

Addressing your A/N! Glad you improvised because I love the outcome of this and also "30% description, 70% dialogue" that is fine with me XD

Ahhh so this wasn't part of the dream, and a whole new thing happened! I enjoyed it thought and LOL "I guess he was excited to start falling (in love) after all this..." oh he sure seemed so hahaha!

Lastly, I think you did a great job on explaining the Vietnamese terms! I see what you mean hmm from Tripp's POV, yes since he didn't know what it mean, maybe at the part where he caught the word "bánh" being used a lot in the conversation between Raini and her mum, maybe you could just say it how he believed he heard it like (and I could be wrong here) the word, bun? Cause Patrick didn't know how the spelling was, right?

That's it from me hahaha and I enjoyed this chapter a lot with the interactions between Tripp and Raini and Roxy, Raini's mum, and Teagan! Keep it up! :D
Emoddess chapter 24 . 12/1/2019
I felt emotional for this chapter, like the pain is there with all that's happened to them within the past chapters, and all in one freaking day. First the bullying, and then Tripp's dad came? They can't seem to have a break that day.

Applauding Mr. Moore to check up on whether Raini was covering up for them or she was genuine, because yeah I think he's been a principal for many years and know how students tend to disguise a problem because they didn't want to get in anymore trouble, but Raini was genuine and she stuck with her friends' stories. Even if it means letting Tiphany go this time.

But omg when Naomi's stomach grumbles and the PRINCIPAL WAS TRYING NOT TO LAUGH I LOST IT. As in aww man okay so the principal cannot resist random moment like that too, instead of being stoic and serious all the time.

If I were Naomi, I'd probably be super embarrassed too haha but it'd make for a good laugh later.

AND THEN RAINI WAS JUST BESIDE TRIPP'S DAD and damn. Patrick O'Doherty? Yeah it made sense that Tripp went with his mom's maiden name because of the history with his dad. But Raini's outburst! I can understand because she thought she and her friends were in trouble. Also, OMG WHEN HE TURNED AND THE RESEMBLANCE OF TRIPP WHEN HE'S YOUNGER AND HOW HE'D LOOK LIKE HIS DAD a couple of decades later was...surprising and worrying. I mean yes it's mentioned in the previous chapters but when Raini could also see it, it really means that their resemblance is uncanny between father and son. But I hope that's all there is to the similarities between them really.

Especially how when his dad looked empty and weary? I SINCERELY HOPE TRIPP WILL NEVER BE LIKE THAT. NO NAY NEVER.

BUT DAMN THERE'S MORE. His dad asking her to reach Tripp and like, she's already getting unsafe vibes from him and when he said how Tripp is still the same delinquent, I was like UM WHAT? AND THEN TRIPP COMES IN AND HE SHIELD HER FROM HIS DAD LIKE? What a protector. An angel protector. I get why he did it because his dad is considered dangerous and he never want Raini or Roxy, or his friends and people he loves be near the man who abuse him. He thought she was hurt too :/

When Raini spoke and defended Tripp though. I was so freaking proud and like, yesss speak up! Defend Patrick from his A-hole dad. And then Roxy chimes in rage with her two cents too and I'm so happy that Tripp has people like them in his life now.

I got emotional especially when Tripp revealed the cruelty his dad showed him when he was no one deserves to go through that. What the eff even? The hatred for Tripp's dad is obvious and stronger especially when his old man showed up at school, talking to Raini.
But also damn...his mom is sick and wanting to see him too.

They must have wronged him so bad that he doesn't want to see them, even his mom when she wants to meet him now.

And Ms. Nelson. She really do care about her students and that's a wonderful thing tbh, because now they can believe that it's not really about the paycheck but her genuine care for them.

I'm glad that Raini now sees how there's no similarity between the dad and son, because Tripp is so much alive and full of warmth and I hope he stays that way always. And I'm glad that they all have each other's back and reconciled again. That last sentence was my favourite, though. I love it :')

And addressing your A/N... It may be impossible right now, and despite his hatred and hurt for his parents, I feel like one day he'll be able to slowly thaw and visit his mother. Maybe he'll forgive or maybe not idk. Visiting can also not necessarily mean forgiving for him so easily I think, because it'll mostly take him years to make peace with his past? But to slowly come around and get that closure, I don't know. Then, he'll relent in seeing her. I feel like as much as he has that hate, he's also not completely heartless. Because he's not like his parents.

As for surnames, I think so? Because Aunt Vonny is also a Wiley, and she's his legal guardian so technically he can have it changed I guess.

And no worries, I don't think she's out of character. I like that she defended him and the change isn't too drastic because we see how she spoke out against the cronies too, with her 'GO AWAY' comment. So I'm happy to see her progress.

But wow yeah, so many things are being revealed in this chapter but I like knowing what's going on with them so far.


I have enjoyed reading them so far and I hope to continue doing so in the future as well. Keep up the excellent work and until the next update from you :)
Emoddess chapter 23 . 12/1/2019
I thought that first sentence was an author's note but it's actually an instruction.

And then that passage. I thought it was like an excerpt from a book until the words became too familiar with Tripp's part, and alas I knew it's him writing it. Wow, you managed to give a gist of what happened in the previous chapter by the encounter between his dad and aunt into this one. Also, that moment when he heard Raini's name in the announcement and figured killing two birds with a stone (getting out of class and finding her) was a nice alignment to what happened to the girls before.

This is long but very good and I have a lot to address!

I love how Roxy called a momentary truce because there's a bigger concern than their misunderstanding this morning and oh man, when Roxy explained to him what happened and Tripp swore, "Are you fucking serious?" YEAH, SAME.

So the search for Raini in places they thought they might be in and until finally he figured she'd be in the music room. Bless teachers who are kind and understanding of students in this situation tbh. You go, Mr. Chen! Also, Naomi's there too! Yay.

But I CANNOT when she said Tripp's legs are like daddy long legs and THEN Raini was like, WHY ARE YOU COMPARING HIM TO A SPIDER?! I'm sorry, everything was so serious and I felt anxious and concern but that comment broke the tense spell and I chuckled.

AND THEN not only Raini's, but Patrick and Roxy's name was called to and that was like a brief comical part in that announcement because they're all MIA from their classes. But of course, this is a serious matter and even though Mr. Chen was cool, he was still a teacher. I think you manage to develop these adults and authoritarian character well, like 'I may be understanding but I'm still your teacher and you guys are needed in the office right now' sort of thing.

So then, the three of them entered office, and I was briefly surprised to see Roxy and Tiphany but of course. Bullying is a serious thing and I'm glad the teachers took that seriously as well. I definitely didn't expect Tiphany to be all meek and I had thought she was faking it...until her mom was brought up. Makes me wonder if her mum is strict and all because she doesn't want her parent to know about her shenanigans at school. Also, I'm with Roxy and Tripp when they heard Raini forgiving, girl, no. But at the same time, she doesn't want to blow things out and because she gets the expression Tiphany made, sooo that's why she relented this time.

Roxy wanting to rage but Tripp held her back, and then later Tripp did the same but Roxy held him back - they are each other's protector and together, they'll protect Raini too from Tiphany's evil clutches. Despite her apology, I feel like Tiphany will stir shit up more because she's embarrassed? Sigh.

After they left the office though, them both saying they cannot believe Raini was so forgiving and how they'd rage if one another hadn't. AND ROXY'S COMMENT OF HOW RAINI HAS A SOFT HEART. YEAH, I AGREE OMG. She's a soft cotton fairy, alright.

That moment though, when they realized they were talking again and Tripp swooping in to apologize. Tiphany's apology did disorient her because she accidentally snap at Tripp.



OMG. What's going to happen next? I see the title; Like Father, Unlike Son and I cannot imagine what will go down.

Also, I see your A/N and there's a shoutout! Thank you so much! I'm very pleased and delighted that alongside Ica, we manage to motivate you with our discussions :'D

Also, also, I'm almost caught up, about ONE MORE CHAPTER TO GO! :D
Emoddess chapter 22 . 12/1/2019
Before I get to the content of this chapter, I just wanna say that...well, I didn't know Oliver is half Filipino until you mentioned it two chapters back! That's a nice additional info as I thought he's just Caucasian, I think? I wanted to say that but it escaped my mind lol but I remembered now!

And on to this chapter...

O.M.G. So the first half was so cute! How Roxy was actually baking for Raini and explains why she didn't get to answer him. And then Raini actually seeming comfortable like I wouldn't guess she'd have the anxiety sometimes when she talk to her friends. She was also kind enough about the cookies but then...oh, Tripp. He and his no filter mouth. Also, his probably good intention but somehow came out wrong.

I winced when he said that, and OH NOOO the hurt on Roxy and even Miguel's face :'/
Not COOL, Patrick. Patrick did realise his mistake of course and felt like a total jerk even though he didn't mean to, and I think it made for an awkward situation after they left, leaving Raini and Tripp behind.

Kudos for trying to realizing and trying to make up for that... so I can't really be mad at him. I still am upset but not so much at him lol.

The classroom! Oh man, the entire class was in on having a study period and it was throwback for me back in high school, because I remember us doing that too lol. And also that one kid who tries to tell the truth to the teacher but because the entire class was in a scheme, the majority wins haha.

ROXY hiding her text book xD
Aw while she's still mad (I would be too if I were her :/) she can't really stay mad at him for long, huh? And Raini being an advocate for Tripp hahah. But UGH if the teacher didn't interrupt, I could have just find out what more could Roxy and Raini talk about. But alas, they have been caught talking and UGH FREAKING TIPHANY LIKE, NO. JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, TIPHANY. I'm sooo mad at this girl .

The teacher also told her to sit down LOL but she...smh.
I hate how she tries to bring Roxy down even in a full room of people (and they just laughed which is's not funny guys) and then when she approaches Raini? I feel for her when she thought 'Unsafe, unsafe, unsafe. Everyone here is unsafe except for Roxy" :'((((

And then she bolted and her panic gets worse EVEN MORE SO WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED HER NAME and omg it feels painful. At the end though, she succumbed to the negative thoughts in her mind. It's not true but everything that happened made her believe it :'(
Omg I really hope things will not get worse for them next!
Emoddess chapter 21 . 12/1/2019
I was grinning the entire time from Raini and Patrick's conversation. The first half got me anxious like omg here comes another trouble... :o

First I find it adorbs that Patrick did a double take after he open the door for the girl who is Raini! They both didn't even recognize each other before that. And then he was thinking of starting a conversation but also making sure she's comfortable. I like that they're slowly starting to feel a little more comfortable with each other now. And the part where she imagined him in frilly coats and a wig hahaha. What an imagination!

I absolutely love that she seems more comfortable and at ease when she texted him and Tripp noticed that which kinda blows his mind but in a way that fascinates him? :D

The part when he comes home though. Oh boy. And oh gosh when he called Teagan but it's actually Raini?! And then when he needed his friends but they didn't pick up. I'm glad he decided to call Raini again because he needed distractions and he was stressed too :/

The part that I liked more was when Raini acquiesced to him wanting a distraction without asking questions and he started to become more relax and they were talking about musicals, HSM hahaha and Tom Hardy. AND THEN Patrick was like, "Call me Tripp" and I was cheering internally because it feels like they've gotten closer than previously. She has three friends now, excluding her cousin.

When she told him to call her by her nickname and he was teasing her, I smiled hahaha. I like their playful banter in the midst of a stressful a silver lining. I hope things will get better for them from here onwards!
Emoddess chapter 20 . 12/1/2019
Awww :D

Okay, so the first half gave me a nervous edge the moment Raini was approached by the girls, and I felt apprehensive when I found out it's TIPH-DOUBLE TROUBLE-ANY!

And omg I thought she was going to gang up on Raini but then she was badmouthing Roxy to her, and I just...want to deck her. Violence is not the answer, though. For a second there I was kinda bummed that Raini would believe that, but then I understood her. Also, super duper GLAD she didn't believe the lies Tiphany told her! Roxy is too pure for those things she said to her.

And then PATRICK TO THE RESCUE. I thought it was Roxy but when I realized it's Patrick, I was like, YESSS DEFEND YOUR PRINCESS, TRIPP.

She said, GO AWAY and yeah, I'm like Raini I thought she thought it but the girl said it out loud in a ROAR (sorta) and it stunned him and the girls! Yes. Now I think that explains why the cronies screamed lol, when Patrick came over. I had thought they were afraid of him because of rumours their Bitch Brigade (according to Tripp) said, but now I'm thinking it's because of Raini.

I love their conversation, the way she's starting to open up to him and you can tell he's very pleased and happy by that grin on his face ahhhh xDD

Also, points for him and his friends for not falling for the stereotype that all Asians are Chinese, because that's obviously not true. The nickname he came up for her and then Roxy and Miguel noticing the change in her. It made me so happy that there's progress between them!

And I chuckled out loud when she was freaking out that EMERALD EYES WANTS TO KEEP IN CONTACT WITH HER! XD
She's too pure omg.

Lastly, I can totally understand how she feels in thinking she's imposing on their trio group and also wishing to be part of that someday. Relatable and I think we have all experienced that before in friendships.

I like this chapter a lot :D
icaruswalks chapter 24 . 11/30/2019
HEY YOU awww yiiiiiisss lol yanno what i'm talking about. now, onto the real shit, am i right?

i think last chapter you were wondering if the adults sounded professional enough and yanno what, i still think you're on top of that, like, something straight outta a "How to Talk Professionally to Troublesome Students" handbook or sumn haha. also props to raini for sticking to her place as she doesn't want anyone to get in any further trouble, especially since she's seen how worried tiphany would be with her mom and it's like. angel, why are you such an angel lol? if it was anyone else, they'd be like 'this is life tiph, you get in trouble with yo parents' nd they'd make a report or complaint or whatever, but raini is different, the good different :)

also yay to naomi sticking with raini the whole time! since honestly from the beginning, i can tell they're closer than acquaintances since duh they're family now, but they didn't rub me off as the closest of sisters and you can't blame either one of them for that. and now they've been growing closer now that
raini lives with naomi nd even though raini is hanging with a diff crowd for lunch, i hope to see her growing even closer with her stepsister :)))

dude i was wondering how you were gonna have pat confront his dad when it was raini's chapter nd yanno know, you pulled that off well! especially when raini was eavesdroppin and she already placed pat's dad face as an older version of him nd i was like... oh shit, raini, this is your chance to be all quiet nd shit BUT SHE'S GOING THROUGH DEVELOPMENT so she had to speak up to ms. nelson... that was her mistake though since pat's dad followed her. her chance of speaking up for pat was great, but like she figured out, prolly not a good move lol. also LOVED that raini remembered what pat said to her on the phone, like i wouldn't remember those details at all. prolly cause my memory aint shit but raini! defending her mans when he's not there but also poor raini getting cornered by a man she knows pat feels 'unsafe' with so that doesn't exactly look good to her either...

BUT PAT COMES IN FOR THE RESCUE AAAAAAAAAA lemme quote here LOL: "He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me backwards into his chest" yooooooo he's already onto the hugging stage (albiet unintentionally but still) and that's skinship if i know it I'M GOING ON LOL: "My heart hammered so hardthat I was waiting for it to break through my chest. I could feel his slight tremors, whether it was out of fear or anger, I wasn't sure." i thought these paragraphs were so cute since raini was so AWARE of how close she was to pat, even in this situation, but like realizing later she was shaking and pat was the one holding her up... ugh my heart is melting lol.

also roxy offering to take raini away but raini refuses to leave pat (KNOWING how he feels about this man), like... raini, we said this a million times but you're The Angel of angels lol. also pat getting so frickin pissed at sean for tryna corner raini like that, rightfully angry i would think. and i can't believe that sean would pull that 'you wouldn't be alive without us' card like PLEASE did we ask to be alive and socialize with strangers and pay taxes and bills? i personally didn't ask for this shit lol but yeah PAT GO OFF ON YOUR DAD! it's okay for taegan to forgive your parents if she wants to, but you are under no way obligated to forgive 'cause that's up to you and no one else. also loved that roxy speaks out too cause duh, she's one of them, and if she would speak up for raini, she'd def speak up for pat right? roxy is the real mvp too haha.

and raini breaking down for pat... that's too cute. i know it's heartbreaking too that raini couldn't bear to hear that pat went through physical child abuse so like... i'm so glad though when she realized her thoughts were said aloud so pat heard her defending him, which is sumn he wouldn't expect since she's kinda like. a shocked witness to all this, so YEAH SHE'S DEFENDING YA PAT what you think about that lol? but i do wish if roxy was grabbing his hand, then raini could take the other. hey, hey, raini is still growing there (and a little traumatized by the earlier events i can see) so she'll be holding his hand whenever she wants soon enough haha. also thank the lord the principal and the security came in like they just gonna let this deadbeat dad walk around, threatening the kids? good bye~

and LOL roxy tearing up cause the three of them were against sean than just pat, cause it just takes three to rise against whatever issue, doesn't it? hehehe, anyway, i saw that pat gave raini a real hug (go raini woohoooo) and pat and roxy are all good now too hehe and i can also see that now that raini knows who sean is, she can pick out the better lightings in pat, especially in his emerald eyes lol! and that very last line... oh girl. I DON'T THINK IT'S OUT OF CHARACTER for raini to outburst against sean since he's talking shit about pat and OFC she wants to defend him, especially if he's not here so! GOOD FOR HER TO STICKING TO HER PLACE nd i really hope that she stays comfortable with her friends now that they had to go through... that. OOH GIRL IF YOU'RE SAYIN THAT this is the statrt of raini having a crush imma looking forward to thisssss hahahhaha!

um idk if kids can change to their maiden's name but since siobhan is pat's legal guardian, he can for sure take her last name since he's under her household right? the same for teagan since she was raised in siobhan's house and even tho she's not a minor anyway, she was when she changed guardians right? i think it all depends on whose household you're legally under so yeah? right lol. i also do think that pat is gonna end up visiting his mom in the hospital cause he does deserve a last word in, even if it's more negative than positive, it is better to close on some note better than none at all. am i right again lol?

what an update i really enjoyed it as you said it was gonna be a huge momentous step for raini to draw closer to pat! and unknowingly for naomi as well, and she's always been close to roxy (if not closest) let's be real haha SO IT WAS A GREAT UPDATE I HOPE YOU UPDATE SOON AGAIN 'cause like how does pat feel about all this huhhh!
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 24 . 11/29/2019
Hey an update! Raini was awesome in this chapter~ I love that in spite of her anxiety she can be a badass to protect her friends.

I can’t stand parents who treat their kids terribly and then expect something from the kids when they grow up D:

Also I’m glad the school was on top of who is allowed to pick who up.

As far as the name thing goes, at least in the US it’s a little hard for a minor to get a name change (as I learned from a friend whose parents wanted to add a middle name for cultural reasons) but I think changing your name to match your parents’ after a marriage or a divorce is possible - but I guess Patrick’s parents didn’t divorce. If Siobhan legally adopted Patrick a name change would be part of the adoption process and expected. Also, sometimes people enroll in school with a name that doesn’t match their birth certificate since they don’t check the birth certificate. So this seems possible. ...I don’t know if Canada is different though.

Hey, nice job on trying nano! I’m trying it too, though I don’t think I’m going to finish a draft or even get close
Emoddess chapter 19 . 11/20/2019
Aww Patrick and his friends! Finally get to see some of Elliott, Oliver, Miguel and Ben! LOL that interaction between Miguel's lil bro and the guys was cute haha. Like they're not the typical guys who shut down younger siblings like 'go play with your own friends' but actually encouraged them. I can tell Miguel's got a good relationship with his sibling and that his friends adore the kid too.

Ah, I get how Tripp's feeling in this - the notion that you're all in this together but when most of them split their time doing other important things, he felt as though he was being left behind and like they're moving far away from him :/
But like Elliott said, they're just meeting less, not breaking up. And Oliver just found out Tripp's taking vox lessons :O
I wonder how they'll sound once Tripp gets better at it. He mentioned that he didn't want to sing like Miguel and Oliver? So either he'll take the softer vocal approach, or scream? I can't tell but already, they have this awesome vibe to it. Next thing you know, they'll be just like Kelly's band and open shows for other bands xD
I like how even though Kelly's band has been getting recognition, they're still humble and stayed in contact with Tripp's band, like that's a good friendship/friendly rivalry.

Also, their newest single title reminds me of a band name and a song hahaha! xD
I love the last sentence including that ' and pizza on a Friday night with my friends." :D
Emoddess chapter 18 . 11/20/2019
Oh I was confused at first because I wasn't sure if she was actually sick...until I re-read it again haha. Okay, it surprises me that this cotton fairy Raini ACTUALLY faked being sick? I just didn't imagine her to plan them - which I have to say, was very thorough and smart of her hahah. But whoa, so she's got a different side to her! And of course her mum would be concerned! Besides the fact that her mum cares for her so of course she'd relent, I also think it could be that she RARELY (oh yeah, she mentioned this too) stayed home because of her sickness (or faked sickness) and that she's also a good girl, so that's why. I get the reason why she did it though.

And Roxy checking up on her AND comforting her, like she doesn't need to say sorry. Aww Roxy :')
I really like their friendship's dynamic!

Patrick came over which completely took her off guard! :O
It took me off guard too, hahaha. But aww, him coming over to hand her work...even though he said he was heading towards Ben's... I feel sad that Patrick felt down at her reaction, but I also get Raini. Hmmm, in due time, MCs! In due time xD

I was surprised but pleased that Raini called out to him and he froze. He probably had the thought, "Whoa, did she really just said my name?" sort of thing. AND LOL PATRICK! "Oh, cool. Roxy will be happy to hear that." BOY, I KNOW YOU'RE SECRETLY HAPPY TOO but okay let's focus on Roxy first xD

Aw, she's trying to appear alright in front of Naomi because her step-sis would tell their mum and she didn't want that. She wants to get better but she also wants to avoid suspicion from Naomi :/
That's gotta be frustrating and exhausting. I hope Raini will cope with her anxiety attacks in a better way though, because while it worked, it isn't really a healthy mechanism since she also feels anxious about Naomi knowing about it? :/
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