Reviews for Butterfly Love
Dill Wilson chapter 5 . 2/22/2017
I wanted to respond to Guest Reviewer (can't through PM since the person is anonymous). Without a doubt Lou in this story is a jerk - I purposefully made him so because it is common for kids to change (mostly out of peer pressure or trying to find a way to be popular). However, I'm surprised that Guest feels most of my male characters are jerks. I've tried to avoid the stereotypical male hero role and go for flawed male characters who suffer from hard luck, vulnerabilities, low self esteem or lack of confidence, or some trauma that leaves them expendable. I'm trying to think of other stories where the male lead is a legitimate jerk and none are coming to mind (perhaps Birdy Braft in my original story post) - I guess I didn't realize I was portraying the males as misogynistic - my intent has been to make the female lead characters the stronger ones in most of my stories - it is the women who often see the best in the male despite their weaknesses and insecurities - at least that was my intent. I have tried to avoid the female stereotypes as well - and I would like to apologize if I have failed in that endeavor. Some of the recent story posts are actually old stuff - a computer virus wiped out most of my files but (ironically) some old stuff I didn't know I had appeared so I rewrote them and I've been posting them - but I didn't pick up on any overt misrepresentations.
My personal life has been status quo for a while (in a good way) - as I report in my profile most of my traumas and failures came earlier in life (which is why I do write a lot of teenage stories and also why I try to make the adult male characters more vulnerable). I will think about what Guest here has to say - although I'm feeling kind of bummed because I honestly was trying to avoid jerks in my stories (one of the reasons most stories feature only two main characters - to skip all the triangles and bad guy/good guy conflicts and all that stuff. Thanks for the feedback, Guest - sorry I let you down with this story.
Guest chapter 3 . 2/22/2017
I'm sorry Dill but the theme of guy gets the girl, despite behaving like a jerk for years is wearing a bit thin.
I enjoyed your stories for so long but they seem to be becoming ever more mysogenistic.
Maybe you could try mixing things up and have a nice pretty girl (they do exist) and a non. Popular guy who is actually a jerk who gets what he deserves when he does something gross. (NOT the girl)
I decided to file this review as you are a very talented writer who just seems to have hit a rut in recent months. If I had to guess, its almost as if you had a bad breakup recently and its affecting your writing.
Tapp chapter 5 . 2/21/2017
Cute. Although their desires could be described better, it still got good characterization. Good job.