Reviews for Ripples in a Pond
M3rcy chapter 10 . 3/14/2017
That was a really nice story. At first I just liked it, but as it continued on I really began to grow attached to the characters Dan and Lisa.
I didn't like Lisa at the start, I thought she was fine, a bit shallow, but the more I stepped into her world and how she went about dealing with things, the more I learnt to respect her. She ended up being my favourite character at the end, just because at how complex she was. Dan I also liked, and I'm glad he ended up turning his life around at the end of the story.
But really, to me, Lisa was the one that made the most sense and just felt the most real to me. She reminded me of my own sister, who has had terrible struggles in her life and has almost been an outcast from our family with the decisions she's made. I still love her, but Lisa made me see things the way I never thought, that my sister might see them in a similar way. Lisa is tough, and doesn't take any bull crap. She had to grow quickly into a roll that wasn't meant for her originally. But she looked after Amy and helped her grow up and be a strong young woman herself. Lisa never had it easy. Her dead forced responsibility on her and made her become the mother without asking. I can see now that it helped Lisa in the long run, and I even think her mother dying made Lisa the strongest out of all of them. And when she did fall to pieces, Amy who she had nurtured, helped pick her up and rebuild her. I was really crying tears of joy when Lisa went to Amy's graduation, and I was really sad when Lisa had had two miscarriages. I was so happy that she still was allowed to have a daughter to love in the end, an adopted daughter, and I know she'll be the best mother to that young girl. Amy also is probably my second favourite character, even though the piece wasn't focused on her till the last quarter. She brought all her family back together and allowed her two older siblings finally start to heal the family wounds. The dad was okay. I didn't really ever feel like I got to know him, I just didn't feel like he got enough time to fully understand him, but he was still okay. I liked Dan too. I liked him more at the start, but when he became a drug addict and disappeared from the half way point in the story, I just kinda lost interest in him. But I liked how he tried to take control of his own life and joined the army. I've always held that job in high esteem, because I feel its a very altruistic position to hold. I liked getting into his head, as to me I could relate to him the most at the beginning. But like I said, my least favourite character, Lisa, ended up being my favourite, feeling the most real and human, with both her scars and wounds and her triumphs and will to go on. I'm amazed at how much character growth and development she made in the story, from fifteen to thirty-five. Every decision she made, seemed like something someone like her in real life would make. I didn't see her as being selfish when she didn't accept Kirsten and wanted to move out. I could just get her. I could get them all, but I never thought I'd be able to understand someone like Lisa, and for that I'm grateful for the most in the story. I'm glad she has a child, and I hope she and her siblings, like the story indicated at the end, become close together and heal completely and maybe one day, her and Dan can learn to love each other.
I never accepted what the mother Brianna did though. I know she did it for a loving reason, but I just saw she was afraid of death by nature's hand, and wanted to control it herself... which just personal, I'm against. I could completely understand Lisa's reaction and how she could feel abandoned and unloved. And the way that Dan and the dad just accepted it and tried to see it through the mother's eyes. Nope. I've been suicidal myself, thinking dying would be better for my loved ones, but it never is. Living until death takes a person naturally is always the braver option. But like one of them said, maybe she just wasn't brave enough. But the family wouldn't have been as torn- but then such an interesting story couldn't have unfolded, and I'm glad that it did show the ripple affect for her immediate loved ones.
I thought the story was pretty competently written, I think the area you excelled at was raw emotion and getting into the characters heads. I think for some characters you could've spent a tiny bit longer with, like Amy when she grew older or the dad, but I really did feel like I understood Dan for the first half and of course Lisa, who I ended up caring about deeply. Also, I think the passage of time was well paced and even though it was only around 16,000 words, I felt like it was never rushed and that the time periods moved at a good pace.
I hope this review helps.
Very good read, getting better and better as it headed towards the end.