Reviews for Dissimilarity
Mirandamau chapter 43 . 1/12
halo author, i am so interested in your work, my name is Miranda an editor for a fast growing platform, i would love to offer you something related to your work, may i know how to reach you professionally?
HeyCharles chapter 1 . 5/2/2021
I’m glad I was able to spur your writing along! Win-win situation since I get another great book to read. You know what, I suggest you publish your book on NovelStar. A lot of readers will love your work.
Guest chapter 24 . 11/27/2018
Omg, congrats, you are doing the things I wish I could! I love this story, and think that you are an awesome writer. I am proud of you honey, and think that you will be published one day.
Keep writing. Lots of love,
Joanna J.
Ezabellaa chapter 42 . 7/29/2018
Hello! I found your account and I am so happy. You'll find me in your followers.
cat10985 chapter 42 . 7/24/2018
Thank god! I have Wattpad! Lol. About a year or so I go I found it, because other authors moved there. I am so happy to follow you there! I love your writing and I love Liam and Lexie! I can’t wait to read more there! Thank you for being so awesome!
Ezabellaa chapter 42 . 7/24/2018
I am still not able to find it. I even made an account just for your story. Can you please go in that sight, copy the link from URL and paste it here or in the reviews.
Ezabellaa chapter 41 . 7/24/2018
Hey! I've never reviewed before but I read and love your story. I want to see where this story is heading. But I am not able to find it on wattpad. Please share the full link.
cat10985 chapter 40 . 6/28/2018
Ahhhhh! First sorry I haven’t reviewed! And second you are giving me a heart attack ! Each chapter you post I am anxious and ready for people finding out about them! And then it doesn’t happen and I am still left with anxiety! Lol! I want everyone to know so Liam can be happy and Lexi can relax! Ugh and Taylor really?! She is a horrible friend... I don’t get it.. I love this story! I never want it to end! I can’t wait for the next chapter! Great job!
Elisha Ervin chapter 1 . 5/29/2018
Girrrrlll! I have literally read this story every day since the 23rd. I love it so much and hate that its not finished. I relate so much to alexis on every level. Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 37 . 5/29/2018
FINALLY! I've waited for you for so long :( more please

good luck on your move tho. It must be hard. But hey, opportunities for new things, right? :)
lisha chapter 18 . 5/24/2018
loved the ode to hanna and caleb shower scene!
Elisha Ervin chapter 37 . 5/23/2018
Fucking brilliant! All of this.. I've spent all day reading this story and I need more! Your story is amazing. I love the sexual tension between them.
Nble2 chapter 37 . 5/23/2018
First of all YAY finally another chapter! I absolutely love their relationship and I completely understand the secrecy - I just hope it doesn’t backfire. Second, omg hope everything’s okay! I can relate to half the things you’re going through and I know how rough and lonely it can get, but from everything I’ve read in your stories I can tell you’re a mthrfucking boss. Genuinely hope you’re okay xo
katie chapter 36 . 5/17/2018
So I’ve just reread the whole thing from start to finish (while waiting for the next chapter!) and it is just as good as the first time! Completely addictive, and I love the dialogue between everyone. Picking up things I missed first time round too, like this history between Taylor’s step-sister (who she hates and stays at Lexi’s to avoid her) and Liam. So is that why Taylor is so uncomfortable around Liam and tried to set Lexi up with Mark instead? What happened there?! Pleeeease update soon!
Guest chapter 36 . 4/20/2018
This story is kind of like schooled by piper Lawson but different in some ways
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