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J chapter 35 . 3/22
Literally the best fucking story ever on this website, I’m too obsessed
Guest chapter 35 . 3/21
katie chapter 35 . 3/21
Oh my goodness, so much has happened! I just love the character development - I like that Lexi and Liam have come out of their shells, and I like that Mark and Polly and even Taylor have grown as characters, no one is one-dimensional. I don’t think you need to do steamier scenes, I think it would take away from the essence of the story which (to me) is Lexi finding out more about herself, and falling for Liam whilst trying to balance it with her loyalty to her friends.
Angel Princess 31 chapter 35 . 3/21
Awwww, Liam finally opened up! ! I'm so happy. He and Lexi need to work this out for the better. They need to just decide they want each other, and forget what everyone else thinks. They NEED to - for their own health. Im so looking forward to how they're going to progress! ! . Lexi and Liam are honestly just so cute. I love them.

As to your question, I think a one shot would be cool. Or maybe just extensions of chapters in a different story with the higher rating? I think it'd be cool to read extensions of their intimate scenes to explore their story more. (Like if there was stuff you couldn't put into this story in those scenes, you could put it in that one.) But I'm honestly fine with the way it's been now! :)

Looking forward to the update! ! Make it soon if possible! :D

Angel Princess 31
cat10985 chapter 35 . 3/21
Omg! I loved this chapter. It was honestly one of my favorites! I felt everything the characters were feeling. Most of all I could feel all of lexi’s anxiety, pain, worry, fear, regret, hurt, shame. I felt everything and it made me feel soooo bad for all of them. It is amazing because how you write the in high school is sooo real. Maybe my life wasn’t exactly like Lexi or Liam’s.. I didn’t have a love interest like that.. although I wish I did.. but all the problems they have and the family issues.. that hit sooo close to home. Kids in high school have it so rough. It amazes me that everyone who goes through high school makes it out alive, and it is so sad because here are some kids who don’t. All the things kids have to deal with today is so heatbreaking, I worry about my niece and nephew and any kids I may ever have. So your story comes so close to the truth that they are all going through something so hard. Your writing is so relatable and so truthful, which is why I love it. But I was so glad Lexi was there for mark, but the end was the best. I am so excited when Liam and her kissed! When he first woke up I was yelling in my head at her for her to go and run up to him and embrace him and never let him go! I now understand liam more when it comes to her and him. I don’t believe either of them are screwinf with each other’s feelings. I think they are both trying to limit the amount of pain people may feel around them. But I hope they just step up and tell everyone. They can deal with the backlash after it happens. Great job and like I said I loved loved loved that end! And ps! Damn I totally understand and respect your opinion of not wanting to change the rating, but I can still wish you would! Lol! But yes I am down for one shots with them! Maybe all the scenes that seemed like they were going to the steamy parts! And maybe after! Because I never want this story to end! But I am so happy for your idea!
cat10985 chapter 34 . 3/12
Holy balls! So yes it was supppperr exciting that you updated twice! A very nice surprise! And now with this cliffhanger! Omg! So I know Liam will be alright but maybe it will push Lexi and him to really think about how they feel about each other! Like I said in my last review I feel more like liam is messing and pulling Lexi around.. I understand why she said she would see him around after the way he acted with her. And Taylor.. I just don’t get her problem.. I really want Lexi to go off on her because she is such a brat.. and I do love that mark and Liam are close. So I hope mark doesn’t get upset she he finds out about Lexi and liam.. well I will hanging on to the edge of my seat until you update! I can’t wait to see what happens! Like always great job! It was a great chapter!
Neo Rulez chapter 7 . 3/12
That is so sweet of Liam in a way! He is starting to like Lexi — I mean Alexia lol anyways great job in this chapter got me hooked on it.
Neo Rulez chapter 6 . 3/12
Wow the text messages between Alexia and Liam got intense.
Neo Rulez chapter 5 . 3/12
I wonder was there something between Polly and Liam. Hmm... Got me intrigued
Neo Rulez chapter 4 . 3/11
It is nice that Mark apologize to Alexia! She didn't know!
Neo Rulez chapter 3 . 3/11
So, I like this chapter! It was cute definitely interaction between Alexia and that guy
Neo Rulez chapter 2 . 3/11
I liking this chapter as well. I wonder what will happen next
Neo Rulez chapter 1 . 3/11
This seems interesting. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
J chapter 34 . 3/11
AH UPDATE UPDATE so intense I love it
mazzle37 chapter 34 . 3/11
It’s so frustrating that they aren’t just together !

But I love it too!
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