Reviews for June
SydneyCarton chapter 1 . 9/2/2018
Absolutely beautiful. It takes a lot to make me emotional, and this made me cry.
M3rcy chapter 1 . 3/13/2017
Oh my goodness! I found this story so depressing! I kept thinking that Arthur would move on like a normal person would. You know, remember his brother and the good times they had, but also grow and become strong from the loss. But no. He just wallowed in his misery and didn't even care about what his mother and father were going through. He didn't even try to move on. He was selfish in himself. I kept wondering how were his parents coping with a son that completely withdrew from life and was not even trying to move forward. In the end, when he killed himself. I was just so disappointed in him. He just gave up. I've read stories of other's who've committed suicide, but they usually had the world turned against them. The whole world was rooting for Arthur and he was the one who turned his back on it. I ended up despising him. I've been suicidal myself, but I became strong through my hardships and there's always light at the end of the dark tunnel. But he was trying to keep in the dark. He was just so selfish. And like his mother said. "Do you think your brother would want you to live like this?" The way Arthur goes on about his brother and how positive he was, shows that that is exactly what his little brother would've wanted. In the end, all my sympathy for Arthur diminished.
It was really well written, but Arthur was too self absorbed and inconsiderate of his living loved ones. And that's what ruined it for me in the end.