Reviews for Of Galaxies and Kings
Crescent47 chapter 1 . 5/8/2017
AWESOME. This is a beautifully written piece, a wonderful chapter. There were some grammar mistakes (I remember that you forgot a period somewhere) and info dumps. Beware the info dumping. I couldn't keep track of all of the names, though you did a good job of making the names very diverse. Descriptions were lovely, though I don't understand how some of the things occurred. For example, why did they follow the people when they found them? Couldn't Tessa have just shot her if Sever hadn't told her to put the gun down?
This is honestly the best sci-fi story I've read, though I don't read that many sci-fi stories. ; It hooked me very quickly. Each of the characters seems to have a purpose, back ground, and unique personality. :D
Keep writing~