Reviews for Taps
euansawakening chapter 5 . 12/16/2017
Review as of Chapter 5:

Wow, this is a really interesting setup you've created here! It takes a lot of literary craftsmanship to set a story in such a rich, foreign world, and to build palaces out of paragraphs as you have done.
I'd say your chapters are a little too short to properly capture a reader's interest.
I'm not sure if it's just me, but chapter 5 seems completely unreadable as the formatting code seems to appear amongst the text.
I noticed a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, particularly the earlier chapters. It might benefit to proof-read your work more thoroughly before posting.
A skill that I would suggest you practice is conveyance - especially in the opening. It was rather difficult to fully grasp what exactly what was going on. (Don't forget the golden rule of conveyance though - Show, don't tell.)
Overall however, this is a very good story that shows a lot of potential in your writing. It's clear to me that you're very passionate about your writing, and if you have that, you have all the necessary qualities to become a legendary writer. Keep going :)