Reviews for Tangled Webs: Brothers In Arms
Exiled Adrian chapter 8 . 11/4/2018
Now that's just weird! And kind, however...
Nobody just shows up out of the blue offering to sell horses, what's the catch here? Is it some kind of God or other figure looking to make some kind of plot or something? Meddling in someone's affairs?

Also, wonder why the six brothers left? Maybe it was because of their brother's turn to be sacrificed... not only that, but... they robbed merchants... I have no doubt they are going to wonder how in the heck they're going to pay it all off.

Also, I do like the fact that at least two of them have the idea of making a bit of peaceful living without resorting to violence.

So, does Vith have an ex that they can pray to for help? Someone good, maybe? Also, what other deities are there in this world's pantheon?

Also, in the Catholic religion, since Arawai is the goddess of the hunt, there's a patron saint of hunters named 'Hubert' whom left the profession, but wound up being the patron of it anyway after he died. Go figure. Just a bit of a comparison.

Also, the priest is so holy he can talk to his goddess with just a thought?! Can all clerics in a state of holiness do that just as easily?
Exiled Adrian chapter 7 . 11/4/2018
A nice bit of banter and conversation with the brothers.

I realize that rahn means 'f word'. Inferno is obviously hell and they are all really pissed about being in the surface.

Now, personally: I want to say that, judging from what i read in your old early story with the brothers: they finally get a dose of what happened to them! They hunted poor sods in the underground and now they're the hunted...
Is there a Drow version of purgatory or heaven in this world? Or is there an overall heaven or purgatory for people of all races in your world?
Exiled Adrian chapter 6 . 11/4/2018
I did read this a bit earlier.
I sense a bit of jealousy from the younger brother. He knew that drow adult his whole life and now the one he cares about worries more about six other dudes that he never met? I'd be a bit jealous too I think at his age.
So, werepanthers... I heard about werepanthers, were bears and were sharks in Skyrim... werepanthers? Never heard of them before... but I DID hear about Wererats. Aren't they the little turds that run around in the sewers? All you need are some werecats, a werebear or two to send down there and voila' you've got a rat problem gone! Anyhoo...

Yay! Druzil's got his werepanther abilities under control!

Also: fun fact I discovered: in the Catholic religion, there's actually a Patron Saint of Hunters by the name of Hubert, he wound up leaving the profession for religion, but he was still made the patron of that profession.

Also: he can legit telepathically connect with Arawai? I've heard of things like this where people were so holy that they could communicate one on one with God like it was nothing.
So, does Arawai in your universe have a 'spouse'? Servant-spirits (their world's version of angels)... and is there an overgod like D&D's Ao whom is the overgod of their world. Also, what other patron deities are there and how did they come to be? what's their origin story? Heck! I'd love to see a history of the world of your universe!
Exiled Adrian chapter 5 . 10/30/2018
The priest keeps referring to Arawai in the third person! Is it possible to refer to her as 'the goddess' this and that or the 'Goddess of the hunt' and such? using the same name at times is a bit annoying... though, call me weird, I thought that the priest himself was Arawai!
... SO That's what the previous story I kind of read was about! Not a remake, but a prequel! Well... think the Drow will have a day of reckoning? Y'know, ala that one town over in Pennsylvania? The one where the smoke from the coal fires keeps burning? A lot harsh and very mean-spirited against them, I know. But almost all of the drow sound like cunning, devious, jerks who's snake goddess must've had one of those messy divorces and to top it all off: wants to kill her former devotees. Hope she gets her comeuppance... in the form of a boot to the head!

Good story though! Really good! I just thought him referring to Arawai all the time was a bit much, but that's it. All in all: good chapter!
Exiled Adrian chapter 2 . 10/27/2018
First thing on the prologue:

At first, I thought this was a bit based off of Drizzt from the D&D books. I never read them myself but I heard about them. I played D&D Neverwinter Nights and I knew the Drow in those games worshipped a spider goddess that could turn loyal followers into mad or powerful Spider-Drow creatures... but a VIPER Goddess?!
And she lures them down to her place for a 'good time' only for them to turn into monsters and then have them get killed by their own kinsmen?! Wow... cold, brutal savage... does anybody even warn the snahd about this crap?!
Still, a lot better spelling and grammar than me I have to say.
Will read more. I personally wanted to read the original Tangled Webs. I'm also working on chapter 3 of Sym Legacy and it's taken a bit of time. I handwrite everything down first when it comes to me and then post it online. But, for fanfictions: spur of the moment thinking and then post it online and fix it later.
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 20 . 10/22/2018
Intense doesn't even cover the feelings I had for this chapter. The fight was well described, lots of details, very hard to not get swept up in the whole affair from unnerving start to bittersweet end.

I am rather sad for Rizzen. It's going to be a hard loss to bear for Druzil... If it is lasting. I mean, the wound was healed, maybe Druzil shouldn't be quite so hasty with miracles.
~ Zukafu
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 19 . 10/22/2018
Guess who spent a vast majority of the chapter with her hands in the air going "woop woop" for various reasons? That's right. T'was me. Anyways...

I am very glad that Ackela got what was coming to him in the Inn. Tilla fully deserved that public apology and it's good that the Innkeeper was so keen to stand against him on the Sinafeys' behalf. Many cheers for that part.

Also, I quickly realised I was getting my (very recently discovered) wish answered. Rizzen got himself to the dice house! More cheers... However, of all the people to literally bump into, he couldn't have picked a worse one if he tried. Oh dear. Hands are down now and clasped together because this cannot end particular well - especially with the next chapter being called 'Blood and Gore' - I will hold onto all my hope though.
~ Zukafu
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 18 . 10/22/2018
Finally, the recognition the brothers deserve. Shame it took so much to get it in the first place, but at least it's recognised now.

I would like to see a scene in the dice house! I feel like that could in so many ways - all of them would be fantastic though hence why I would very eager to read that.

Also, have many sympathies for the deceptively spicy food. Done that before with a smaller person. Rizzen took it relatively well considering.

Just when you thought people had got to a point of acceptance where they tolerate the brothers without causing a fight, someone has to come in throwing derogatory terms around. Well, I guess we'll have to carry on and find out what happens next with that.
~ Zukafu
The Warrior Poet chapter 39 . 10/17/2018
There is nothing more ominous than a dust cloud on an open plain, especially given the circumstances.

Kiowa acts as though avoiding Sou’Tern’s nagging is the only reason he is helping the villagers, but I do believe her somewhere in his black heart there is a desire to become a better person, however small that desire may be.

I think fire would be a more effective deterrent than ice for this particular foe, but that is just my experience playing RPGs that is talking.
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 17 . 10/5/2018
I mean, I should be quite so amused by Kimmeriel’s nonchalance first response to the fire but alas. I am tickled.

But this certainly is something tense. A fire at the Mayor’s house. Though it is debatable whether this is karma for his earlier actions, it does offer up a sort of opportunity. I mean, if the Sinafeys come out of this as heroes, they will HAVE to get some sort of positive response. Maybe even some belated recognition?

And what have we got here (writing a review whilst reading is quite a wild ride) – Druzil has heard the bawling call of heroism. Yes, he is putting himself in quite a position. All fingers and toes crossed to see him safe. It’s truly nail-biting these descriptions.

Baby is safe. The woman is safe. OH NO Druzil! As strange as it is to say, thank goodness for being a werepanther. Otherwise, this may have ended very differently.

A very tense chapter that I was gripped on every word.
~ Zukafu
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 16 . 9/22/2018
On one hand, I am glad that little Rizzen is not becoming a shy wall-flower and is strong enough to stand his own ground. However, he may need to learn the art of discretion before it gets him in some real trouble.

But I feel the Mayor did have it coming somewhat. Firstly, the desk – that was expected. Bloody giant ears will make a mess but young’uns (Regardless of Drow, Highborn, Villager or any other) won’t consider something like covering the desk first. That’s all on you. Second, his few but antagonising comments were surely going to exacerbate the rising situation. Again, this is all on him.

I’m pretty sure if Rizzen isn’t physically stopped, they will be leaving with their due gold because of all this. I mean, he’s already considered a freak and a devil – thief is not any more derogatory…
So, Kimmeriel lives in the jailhouse. Pretty much like a prisoner himself. And for over six months too, that’s got to be tough. It almost feels like he needs a very good reason to get out of Gardaria himself – people are already threatening to leak out his location for him to be found, the mayor is a question gent, the guards are awful. There is nothing exactly keeping him there. Maybe Florrie is the only exception. She didn’t seem so bad. Silver linings. I’m betting he won’t stay long.

Oh no, what’s this ‘something wrong’? Guess I find out next time in the ominously named chapter of ‘Fire and Smoke’.
~ Zukafu
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 15 . 9/22/2018
Gardaria is not the most accepting place for Drow, it seems, but at least the tow hasn't started throwing stones. At least, now yet anyway...

Kimmeriel's sass at Jordan was fantastic – but then Rizzen too! I laughed a lot at that. It felt very deserved. Though, yes, perhaps Druzil and Kimmeriel are right. He probably shouldn't be so quick to seek retribution for every misgiving the humans throw his way - physical or not. He’s not ever going to get anything done if that’s the case.

The varying uses of language to show off the coarser speaking lot of Gardaria works very well, I think. It certainly proves contrast to the main cast who, as a whole have a very different tone about them.

The constant threat of Kimmeriel’s past catching up with him is ever present. I am just going to sit with most fingers and toes crossed that his brother doesn’t catch up to him any time soon. Otherwise, that could be an event with some unsavoury results – especially if his gifts are anything like Kimmeriel’s own.

Hopefully, despite everyone hate and fear about the brothers, the Mayor will hand over the reward and things may begin changing... Or not. At least they don't really have to stick around too long no matter which way this all goes.
~ Zukafu
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 14 . 9/18/2018
Yikes. I didn’t see that one coming. Kimmeriel has quite a story behind him! This sure does explain a little more of his character – and I’m sure it will shape him in even more ways as we get to know him further down the line of this tale.

A cruel family though is at least something we will find some empathy for with the two Sinafeys. As well as a ‘curse’ that isolates them from everyone else. I have to say that I am glad that despite this Druzil and Rizzen are still travelling on with their new friend.

My only quibble is the notion of soul names. For them to be something so important in this world, it seemed a little jarring to have them only mentioned now, in this specific turn of events. I would be lying if I said I had any remotely helpful suggestion though on when and how to do this delicate task though.

Another exciting chapter here that I thoroughly enjoyed reading,
The Warrior Poet chapter 38 . 9/12/2018
"Say blessed goodbye to the crumbling town you call home if you will even miss it!"

This is so Kiowa.

He may have agreed to help, but nothing is going to stop him from dealing shit out as he begrudgingly does his work.

There are some good Afagi bits here as well —I especially like how Kiowa leaves him to deal with all the terrible appreciation being doled out by the villagers. If there is one thing the Sinafeys hate more than helping, it’s receiving your useless rahned expressions of gratitude, thank you very much.
RainbowPearls chapter 38 . 9/7/2018
Yhoooohhhh! I was grinning imagining Kiowa say that. The last sentence of warning I mean. Ladies- xD Good good!

The scene of Fraline with Kiowa was fine but I couldn't control my laughter of the scene between that woman and Afagi xD xD. This story seriously manages me to smile and laugh in a while. Do update soon. Okay? I'll try my best to read ASAP! :')

There is gonna be an awesome fight! Whooaa!
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