Reviews for Mars Aeternum
Francoist chapter 1 . 4/10/2017
Mars Aeternum is an enticing book with well written imagery. The only confusion lies is what sort of writing piece this is. Is it a poem? Is it a flash fic? Or is a story?
One might deduce it is a story and if that is the case the piece I have read is chapter one.

Chapter one of Mars Aeternum is a fantastic read. Timbo Slice, pulls you in with clear imagery and a lustre to know what will happen next. Set against the backdrop of war we meet a templar knight who seems at a loss for what to do. The war is too much, the opposition too great in numbers. Despite his scepticism he prays to any and all that will listen out of desperation.

What he receives is so much more than one could ever expect!

I enjoyed reading this piece, from the moment the Templar enters the tent. I credit you with getting to 'the point' relatively quickly. The offer is made in a timely fashion and the offerer has fulfilled his part of the deal. However to the reader and templar it seems so sudden. A drastic transformation that works on so many levels.

I certainly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys the fantasy/supernatural genre and while I applaud the efforts of Slice, my advice would be to continue on.

There is more to this story and there will be readers who will wait anxiously to see what is to come.