Reviews for The Last Giantess
Renulen chapter 115 . 1/29
Leaving Chrissie unsupervised, Remy Jr. doesn't count here, is never the best thing to do. Her simple views can lead to trouble, though unintended. At least she is trying to make things right.
Renulen chapter 114 . 1/22
Remy certainly has a lot of things to sort out, the circus being the first. I can understand the workers being uneasy about him running it, he only has a little experience.
Renulen chapter 110 . 12/28/2019
A heavy chapter here. Sure, Claire is safe, but Nathaniel is in a pretty bad state here. Even with the bullet removed he may not make it. Everyone here is reflecting on the events of the night.
AmatureWriter85 chapter 76 . 2/7/2019
It is a bit odd not seeing Chrissie in her usual happy demeanorb but it goes to show how guilt can eat away at someone.
AmatureWriter85 chapter 75 . 2/2/2019
It is unique to see how Chrissie does cope with the idea odmf death. Granted she has seen plenty of it during the Macro Plagueb but that is something that the reader doesn't get a chance to see.
AmatureWriter85 chapter 74 . 1/24/2019
Nice to see that Remy's and Doctor Dam's relationship is progressing, even with the thought of Chrissie being a a part of it, like a chikd. It is funny how Chrissie did go overboard bandaging up tbe one worker.

I thinkthere is a typo here, Chrissie mention mentio s someone named Chloe when it probably should have been the name Claire.
pillidge chapter 2 . 1/17/2019
Well, I think the breathing and beating heart of a giant wouldn't feel "gentle" for a human. since there is a difference in size I think even a regular breathin and pulse of a giant would feel rough to a human.

In the other hand seeing the reflection of oneself clearly in the eyes of a giant, I never thought about it, but I completly agree and I like that detail.

Pointing out that riding on a giant shoulder would be scary was really realistic. In fact, this chapter felt very realistic in general with the description of the weather and terrain. Well done.

About the sign beeing pulled, maybe a better way was to spin it until the directions of the sign and the paths match. And a easy way to look from a even higher point of view than Cressie's would be her lifting Remy over her head at full lenght of her arm, it would be scarier though.
AmatureWriter85 chapter 73 . 1/17/2019
Wow, Remy is not having a good day.
A nice chapter here, thpugh painful, thw broken ankle is a good excuse to give him that desk job.
pillidge chapter 1 . 1/5/2019
Hello, there. I read the first chapter being intrigued by the title. Well, I was not expecting something out of the seven deadly sins anime. Only a few comments:

The poker or card game scene is very used.

The narrator attributed a silver tongue to Remy, but that was not seen in the dialogues. (at least in this chapter, maybe it was too soon to point it out)

A chest plate is somewhat bulky so it may be difficult to conceal under clothing, it would make more sense if it were a chain mail. but exactly what is it that is shot to people? Arrows or are we in a medieval environment with guns?

I do not believe that a giant from his/her own perspective would called him/herself "giant". Imagine a talking ant calling you a giant and think how you would feel about that comment.

Skinnig an animal it is a messy work, but grabing a skined animal is just as messy. her hand should have been covered in blood.

I'm sorry if I sound very rigid, it's just that my english is rusty. But for now I'll give your story a chance because it caught my attention.
Ookamifemale001 chapter 56 . 8/23/2018
I love this! Chrissie is so adorable. X) You're a great writer and I'd love your input on some of my work. I need reviews. Please.
TealEmperor chapter 12 . 7/19/2017
Hi! I've been following this story for a while, so I don't know why I haven't reviewed it until now.
I really like this book. It's my favorite on FictionPress. It's well-written and a fun read. The premise and concept are interesting, not like the typical stuff one finds in the Fantasy archive. The characters are likeable; Remy makes an intriguing, non-heroic protagonist and Chrissie is adorable. The prose is well-paced and the chapters are a good length. The prose is also clear and nicely written, getting the point across without too much or too little detail.
There are a couple spelling and grammar mistakes, but not enough to distract from the reading. The biggest problem are some run-on sentences and long sentences that need commas to make for clearer reading. Also, I'm a bit confused about Chrissie's height, since it seems inconsistent through the story. I remember the text saying somewhere that she is 30 feet tall. 30 feet is still a considerable height. Sometimes I have trouble imagining it.
But overall, this is a good, well-written story that is a lot of fun to read. I enjoy every chapter. It's cute to see Remy's soft side when he interacts with Chrissie.
RaptureRaptor chapter 5 . 5/17/2017
Unfortunately I believe you picked the wrong story file for chapter one, seems it's from the A-Lass series.

As for the rest, good stuff! A few minor grammatical errors, and a misused word or two, those should be easily fixed. There is also an unfortunate lack of detail about their surrounds, it is hard to set the scene in my mind as I am unsure of the exact size difference between Remy and Chrissie, and what the place they're In looks like. Try to flesh out the scenes a bit more, give the reader something to spark their imagination. The story reads well and with the current style I'd say it would be age appropriate for adolescents and early teenagers, which is great as there are so many writers batting for the adult market.

Keep up the good work!