Reviews for Daenerys
Electrumwriter chapter 1 . 4/14/2017
I see the little girl in this story likes the game of thrones TV show (before Ramsey appeared anyway) and wishes she were like Emilia Clark! I see the story as a whole as being an analogy to a day dream and it works well, coyly weaving the day dream material in with the mundane.

Grammar schools accept pupils at age 11, not before. In the Banana Republic of Great Britain, every kid is fettered to their year group no matter what, even those in grammar schools, so yes, even the surviving grammar schools must level down to a certain extent. Discipline has also been taken out of the teachers’ hands so they have to phone parents over any ridiculous and trivial thing.

Good description of Miss Aderyn, although perhaps she could be meaner to justify Tanwen’s hostility. Unless of course the idea is for Tanwen to be seen to over react. The best part I think is the justification for her dragon fantasies. That she doesn’t want to be shackled by reality.

I like the description of the dragon – especially its inquisitive gaze that suggests it is sentient. And it is green! My favourite colour. But the pedant in me believes that to be aerodynamic, a dragon’s body must be small compared to its wings so I have to mention that each time there’s a dragon.

Ohh my… I suppose it is just a dream sequence at the end, but Tanwen seems more sociopathic than the spinster…