Reviews for Shattered Fortress II: Adversaries
Inala chapter 5 . 12/23/2017
return her smil... smile
thoughher eyes stayed... though her

Wow this is trouble!

I think Azad may be a little surprised about who Cyrus is in love with...

The worst is how much trouble his family could be in if he can't bring them supplies.

I'm excited to read more but the holiday is too close I think. Merry Christmas!
Inala chapter 4 . 12/21/2017
Developed technics... is this another word I don't know or is it supposed to be techniques? ;)
throwing zee of balance... off

He's going inside! Omg. This is bad. I know it's bad, he knows it's bad. Then why?!

I loved the play scene. Very boy. I also loved the empty like taleb's head. I giggled.
Inala chapter 3 . 12/21/2017
Mady's name became Maddy at one point
He moved quickly close his guard... quickly to close.
before leaping of... off
Shew was intimately... She
a sort of after imag... image

Hmm, interesting development. I wonder if Azad will think them as animals when they can use the crysitfice.

I find it interesting Taleb is surprised Rasmussen is still alive, when every Dryn Mar has to fight when they reach 20 of course they aren't going to kill them all, they are needed alive to fight.

Some interesting developments, we'll have to see where they go!... and I can!
Jaya Avendel chapter 13 . 12/19/2017
I was truly terrified Azad and Zee were going to be killed. Dropped. Something about its meaning is darkly humorous.

The ending chapter speaks of what is to come with the election of new Directors; some good and some with lurking darkness in the shadows of their souls, like Avona. I have bad feelings about what will come with her in the lead.

Exiled to the surface goes the Dryn Mar, it seems. And Cyrus is still there. Hopefully he will do something for them. I found it extremely interesting Deena was elected to be rehabilitated. Under Azad's influence indeed! Love is not understood by many, it is?

I enjoyed the story very much, and I am looking forward to book 3 with great anticipation!
Jaya Avendel chapter 12 . 12/19/2017
My land, Kanin's powers came roaring up to full charge! Drycana seems to be in full use over here! Bryne exploded into angry flames, Kanin and Ada summoned lightning.

I love how Cyrus thought of Moana slumping to the ground as he saw the look of terror in Azad's eyes. In few words, I could feel his exact emotions only to well.

It took quite an effort to bring down Mady; the combined efforts of many. But now I fear for the future of those who survived for the ship does not appear to be in ship-shape condition.
Inala chapter 2 . 12/19/2017
Grammar and spelling: present by mention of... by the mention
Deena tilter her head... tilted
It mentioned zee jogging. I thought the article was wrong there.
The last sentence is odd to me. I've read it over and over and know what it means, but it's a round-about way of saying it... maybe.

Wow, when the magic lifts they are Human, obviously the dryn are the real bad guys and the enemy of my enemy is my friend and they really need to join forces.

Can't wait to read more! Such a great work.
Inala chapter 1 . 12/18/2017
You use this word elsewhere, monoclinic, should it be monolithic?

More conspiracy. And why are Moana and taleb fighting.

This chapter went by so fast. Or maybe I read it fast. Loving it still. Can't wait for another.
Jaya Avendel chapter 11 . 12/15/2017
Ooh, tense chapter!

Zee brought out the Lon blade and a showdown commences on the Drop Rock! Mady appears to be making more then trouble, even daring to challenge for leadership! Zee has been discovered, at least seen by Cyrus and Berry. I like Moana's thoughts upon seeing the child. But I wonder what the fate of Azad will be and what will happen to Zee? The Directors would have him killed, surely!

And now Azad fights for his family, Moana decides to leave, and Mady attacks Cyrus. I hope she does not kill him! Moana responded with anger at the end, connecting with Cyrus's rage.

Now, on to more. I think I will hang on and wait to savor the last two chapters! If I can.
Jaya Avendel chapter 10 . 12/15/2017
Poor Zee; he came face to face with a monster in the largest sense of the world, negating or-walls as he walked, opening every prison of the Ward . . . and Anita does the same thing but can control it. I like how it was thought to be Azad using her.

For a moment I was afraid it was Taleb. But Mady . . . I might have known! She killed Barash . . . I wonder what will happen next? What about Zee and Azad? Will they escape?
Jaya Avendel chapter 9 . 12/14/2017
Broken Hearts indeed! The intrigue here was great; I was completely hooked.

I cannot help but wonder if Taleb spoke to Azad's wish to keep Cyrus and Moana apart simply to gain his aid! I would not put it past him.

Will they be able to pull this off? What sort of treachery will Mady commit? Will Moana do something wild and somehow become human the way Kanin and Ada did?

Looking forward to more tomorrow!
Jaya Avendel chapter 8 . 12/13/2017
It was quite an interesting discussion between Ela and Cyrus. And it explains why Azad made a mistake; Ela loves Cyrus but Cyrus loves Moana. Awkward.

I never saw that coming! Kanin and Ada are human! My heavens! And Taleb's revelation was a shock. It gives an almost gentle aspect to his character at his wish to protect his people.
Jaya Avendel chapter 7 . 12/12/2017
A wonderful bit of world-building here. I was interested in the talk between the Directors of the magic that raised Bron Nassal to the sky and how it may be connected to the Dryn Mar. It would be interesting if the humans had powers similar to the Dryn Mar and they reawakened.

The last ones? Unless your world is very small, the humans of Bron Nassal cannot be the last ones!

It seems Zee may have some abilities of his own, breaking through the or-wall like he did. But it is hard to live in secret because culture does not permit wholesome family life.

I wonder if Anita will come into the story later? Nothing appears to be happening with her of any use to the story.

Looking forward to more!
Jaya Avendel chapter 6 . 12/11/2017
The conversation and the tension between Cyrus and Azad came to a head, but it had been building for some time. The fact that Zee was around made me even more worried about him; Cyrus could have caught a glimpse of him at any moment! I do wonder where he managed to hide himself?

Cyrus's curiosity with the ship was a curious spectacle to behold. And during the moment, several things happened. Azad sort of went into a dreamy state and voiced his suspicions.

I knew it, I knew it! It is Moana, not Ela! But I am surprised with Azad; surely he would be happy either way? Cyrus now knows the meaning of love, even if he will not admit it, and that is all Azad really needs.

Barash . . . Oh my. I wonder where this will lead. And I wonder how far Pry will go to obtain her water. Her gifts with plants give her a gentle feeling of nature, but I imagine she would do anything for them, to keep them alive and prospering.

Looking forward to more.
Jaya Avendel chapter 5 . 12/10/2017
I suppose Cyrus could be in love with Ela but it would surprise me very much for she shows no feeling of returning the depth of emotion coming with love. All the same, Azad may have come to the wrong conclusion because he wants to see something so badly, he sees it.

Oh Zee! Azad found him before it was TOO late but is it too late? One step and Director Ovadius could make a shocking discovery! I kind of felt sorry for Zee; so young and alone and frightened. And a failure in his own eyes!

What a tense moment to end at; a complete cliffhanger in a way.
Jaya Avendel chapter 4 . 12/9/2017
It was good to get a brief description of the Inner and Outer Wards from Cyrus during his dash toward Moana. He definitely has strong feelings for her.

Poor Zee, alone and afraid, and Deena wondering what has happened to him! I knew he would run off and do something rash. He is determined to prove he is not a child to his father. But what kind of trouble will his wish bring?

Looking forward to more!
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