Reviews for Perseus and Old Twister
RainbowPearls chapter 1 . 5/11/2018
Wow! What a wonderful tale that was! I was actually wondering how exactly will these wishes come true as one...
But I must admit all those heroes that are dead did had guts but no brains that Perseus had and what a sentence that was! Asking a wish that fulfilled all the three needs! :)
This was so superb idea! Finally the monstrous storm namely Twister was fought off.
Nice shot~
alltheeagles chapter 1 . 11/12/2017
Oh, I like the plot! It's highly original and yet based on familiar concepts in fairy tales. It's also a 'thinking' story and makes perfect sense, which is not always true of fairy tales. All in all, I enjoyed this very much!
BradytheJust chapter 1 . 8/29/2017
Is it bad that I thought of Wonder Woman when we had the golden lasso?

Alright, now where do I start with this story?

Having the weather personified as an antagonistic being just made Twister that much more unnerving. Twister was smart, powerful, and almost evil... and I loved it!

The dragon tricking Persus was very well done. Many people, myself included often forget that dragons are not just powerful foes, but also smart (Like Smaug in the Hobbit) and the Three wishes for one riddle was hard to solve.

I do enjoy having to carefully word your wishes to make sure everything works, it adds an extra layer to the wish making!

Great job and you've been exceeding my expectations as a writer. I'm really enjoying your stories!