Reviews for Fated To Love
Tapp chapter 1 . 4/22/2017
Some good ideas in here. Just a few remarks.

The first chapter introduced a lot of characters and it got a bit confusing with who's who and who's vampire and who's werewolf thing. It's hard to pick out the main players with the non-limited third person perspective going on. For instance, in the last section, it started out talking about Bella, but by the end of that section, it's actually Violet that plays a more important role, so I had to switch my attention to Violet and reread that part to get a sense of her character. It'll probably be better to see the world from one character's perspective in order to assert his/her importance and make it a lot clearer who the players are.

That being said, I'm always into a good vampire and werewolf story, and I look forward to seeing where this one's going. Keep on writing.