Reviews for Faithless
princessdarkness12 chapter 2 . 9/24/2017
I like how Rachel grows more as a character in terms of caring for Leila. The tension between the lowcaste fey and the other characters sets up the historic feud and the role they play in the story. With Leila’s character, I’m glad she accepted help from someone, who is willing to care for her, with her mother is missing and I would like to know what is Leila’s relationship like with her faerie father.

I love the dynamic between Rachel and Ciaran, and I would like to know how their relationship came about, and how interspecies relationships is viewed in this universe. Is it frowned upon? And is Rachel an outcast among her own people because of her going solo without a coven? I would like to see Leila and Rachel bond, for the former having another female around to help care for her.
Ariella.Blake chapter 1 . 9/20/2017
Okay. So, this is my first time reading an original story on FP and I just have to say that you did not disappoint, my friend. I am liking how you're setting up the environment/background of the story and I can tell there's a lot of details that still have to be explained so I am definitely excited to learning more about this universe you've created. Getting to the actual content of this chapter, though, I am invested in Leila's character already. I'm very curious to learn more about her situation with Brandon and her mom and even her dad. So, I'm glad to get deeper into her background. I am hoping that the cops are at least going to try to help find Mars, but I doubt they'll be able to cover any more ground. I can tell that I'm going to like Rachel. She seems to really care about Leila even though they don't really know each other yet. That's definitely a relationship I'm interested in seeing develop. Another one I'm interested in is Rachel's relationship with Ciaran and all the history that's there. I'm wondering if relationships between different supernatural species is a regular thing, or if it's unusual but happens sometimes, or if it's very rare, or frowned upon, etc.? But I can see that they care about each other so I approve. haha. I'm glad you had Rachel go back to Leila before the end of the chapter. That scene gave a little more of an explanation of the fey and the Grand War and got me more interested in learning more about all of the history behind that conflict. And I'm glad that Leila was willing to accept Rachel's help b/c no teen girl should have to go through that alone and like I said before, it does seem like Rachel really does care about Leila so I think it will be good for the both of them to get to know each other and bond, especially with Mars not being there. And I am very curious about how Leila will handle the pregnancy with Brandon not being involved and the fact that humans don't normally survive giving birth to wolves. But she is part fey and part witch and part human so maybe that will help her live through it. And I am also looking forward to seeing Leila interact with Aiden ;) haha. But, to put an end to this review, I am really enjoying this story so far and (as you can probably tell) am very interested in reading and learning more about this universe. I've seen your edits on tumblr so, of course, I'm also excited to meet and get to know all of the characters that you introduced on there and see how Leila interacts with them all. I can tell this is going to be very interesting and I hope that the lack of reviews doesn't stop you from continuing with it. If it makes you happy then keep doing it, girl. And just know that I will always be a fan of this story (and all of your stories) and your writing so just keep your head up, my friend. As I've stated like ten times already, I'm excited to keep reading this and will try to do so as soon as I get more free time. Ily! Ily! Ily!
DayStorm chapter 2 . 8/12/2017
This is going to be a very interesting roomie situation. haha A vampire, a witch grandmother with the face of a 20-something and a scared pregnant tri-breed. Man, you know how to set up situations. And I’m lovin’ it!

lol Leila’s first introduction to Ciaran? “What are you, thirteen?” Well, he’s endeared himself to her right off, didn’t he? May we discuss how Ciaran is watching a romantic comedy when they arrive?

Leila might not be too impressed, but personally I like him! Ciaran’s just teasing. What’s the word you used? His dry wit. Witticisms! haha Actually makes me feel he’s more trustworthy than the other supernatural’s who are going to make an appearance in this story later; separate from his association with Rachel. Find him charming. Which I guess is a bonus for a vampire.

To risk sounding repetitive, I love how smooth your writing is. Was reading the questioning in the kitchen and it was just so natural. You place the right amount of narration between the dialogue to show what people are doing/thinking/headed in a way that doesn’t bog down what they’re saying to each other.

The characters stay solidly in their lanes. Rachel’s: “I don’t know here, and I’m not going to pretend that I do.”

It’s just those small things that have such a tremendous impact on a story. The characters feel real, because they don’t move independently of themselves – if that makes sense. I mean your characters don’t do a thing because the story requires them too.

Leila wants to find her mother. She’s young and frightened, but headstrong and driven. She’s worried for her mother and feels no one has her back. Thoroughly dismissed by the police and now . . . staying with a woman and her lover . . . people she doesn’t know.

Rachel wants to keep her safe – not unreasonable – and seems to have a deeper understanding of this monumental thing Leila wants to do. Leils doesn’t know, yet, how big a job she’s setting for herself. “Find mom” sounds lengthy but fairly straightforward. Rachel knows it’s not.

And here we go. Shiloh. Leila’s dad, a demi, and . . . from the sound of it . . . an ass.

LEILA DIDN’T KNOW! Holy wow. She didn’t know how difficult bearing a werewolf child was; nor her odds of surviving the birth? I hadn’t caught that before, I assumed she knew already and that it was only part of the tension weighing on her. OMG

Well. That was . . . dramatic. The fey coming in. Rachel and Ciaran both none too pleased by their involvement, but that’s what was clear. How about subtext? You notice how easily swayed Leila was? Evidence of her youth. Not a fault, so much, as just the way it is. She accepted that the Fey could not lie, thus believed that they had information concerning her mother.

Needing Ciaran to point out that just because someone can’t lie, does not mean they can’t deceive.

Sure. They have information concerning Mars Davenport – they didn’t specify what sort of information. For all we know THEY have her. Or else they want her, and Leila is a variable. She can be used against her mother, manipulating their love. I know I pointed it out before, in my chapter 1 review, but Leila being ravenously hungry worries me a bit. Her body’s trying to find the fuel necessary to keep up with her pregnancy.

And . . . can I say . . . oh, shit. Aiden’s here! lol You know, my opinion of baby-daddy Brandon is hovering just about where I feel for deadbeat-dad Shiloh. Why’s badass beta wolf here? Because Leila was left to deal. Hell.

Yeah. Brandon’s an ass. Can we kick his ass? Pleasseeee? For me? hehe How ‘bout if we bury him up to the neck and then throw little pickles at him?
DayStorm chapter 1 . 8/12/2017
Dude, I swear you never disappoint with the narrative. So EASY to read, you just sink right into the story and that’s wonderful. Smooth, great pacing, tight narration and just enough exposition to let us all know what’s happening without bogging down the chapter with tedious backstory.

Uhhh Okay to start. I totally agree with Leila’s assessment of the condescending Detective Constable Williams. Dismissive. Uninterested. Prejudiced? Totally lost interest in Leila’s concerns for her mother the moment she confessed Mars was a Valkyrie. Smart of her to assure him she – as a minor – had some place to go. I mean she did it impulsively, quickly, not wanting to end up in a home. But it was no less intelligent a decision.

I LIKE Rachel. I like this character and OMG did I ever enjoy reading this scene. More exposition here, but it didn’t feel intrusive whatsoever. It flowed, this whole section just so easy and natural and nothing here was unnecessary. She was there for Leila. It moved the story forward.

Oh, uh. On the side: OMG IT’S A BOY! Was NOT expecting to receive that bit of news so soon in this story! Was not expecting to even have it hinted at until . . . like . . . LATER! That gave me a small thrill when I saw it on the page, just sort of slipped in there, and I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not exaggerating. I was . . . for real . . . happy to know.

A wolf pup? A difficult birth? :( Oh, Leila.

She mentions that the later into the pregnancy she gets, the more tired she feels and that worries me more than a bit. Because you would not have dropped that in there if it wasn’t important. Her baby’s drawing more strength from his mother than is usual for a fetus, isn’t he? I already know Leila’s a tri-species – human, witch, fey – but there’s no wolf blood in there.

Makes me think her body’s not equipped for a werewolf baby. Would also explain why human women rarely survive a wolf-birth . . . and Rachel’s worried. Even with her supernatural thirds.

Okay this review is shorter than most but I reallllyyyyyy want to keep going! See you in chapter 2! :D
Total Targaryen chapter 1 . 5/9/2017
I'm liking the start of this story. I think it's an interesting twist that Leila is pregnant - I haven't read many stories where the teenage protagonist is, and I'm wondering what sort of impact that's going to have throughout the story. I'm glad that Rachel is taking her in, but is it just because she's concerned about Leila and the baby? Ciaran is also pretty funny and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him as well.
princessdarkness12 chapter 1 . 5/8/2017
I love the chapter so far. I wonder what Rachel’s motive is in sheltering Leila and where Mars is. I love how the descriptions pull me into this world and how it works. I wonder how Leila’s pregnancy will progress with her being alone and not having any family with her.