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AvegaLil chapter 1 . 4/12/2021
The author did a great job. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to or
Liane Kennedy chapter 7 . 11/19/2020
Really enjoyed this story. I can only be sorry that it has not been completed.
Angel Princess 31 chapter 7 . 7/3/2019
Yay, an update! I'm super excited to read this again lol. Another update would not go amiss. I ship these two so hard XD Lol. I'm glad they're finally kind of seeing that they're attracted to each other. Can't wait to see where it goes! Fingers crossed the update is soon!
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 7 . 6/30/2019
This was a cute chapter. I will admit I have never read anything to do with Sherlock Holmes. Even just the classic stuff you would expect me to have I haven't in terms of like Dr Hyde and Jecklel or whichever it is. I have never seen Franksnstein the whole way through but I get the gist of what i think happens. The closest I ever read to anythin well not read but watched was Penny Dreadful a seriously awesome horror show and Wes Studi is in it and a bad ass. It's the weirdest thing an Apache in England shooting up England lol.

I did not expect Katie to Jill off. It was brief but hawt lol. It's interesting the difference in reading from female authors the oerspective of how women are in their mind with that versus us. Plus female orgasms are beautiful facially i mean genie ones. Male orgasms look like the dead victims in The Ring movies lmao face wise. Plus that isn't a big of a deal. All though many dudes feel a sense of self loathing after the fact LOL. It is interesting though that she only part way fantasized another subtle difference. Then again people weren't as graphic back then and at this point she's pretty much imagining and she's a virgin unless I spaced and have read this wrong.

Hawk was an interesting scene too but i wondered what his actual name was and how to say it. Did they really say the Creeks were the first to be civilized? I ask because even if this is true you can hardly be called sellouts because many Creeks killed whitey including the US ones. With Choctaws and I'm not disrespecting them at all but with them they fought in the Revolutionary war but they never made war against the US which is kind of rare for an eastern tribe. With a western group like Mandans or Arikara they didn't fight even one battle. (And as i may have mentioned before that's what irks me even more when everyone calls Crows sellouts when they had at least one battle against the US but these other two tribes don't get called that) I'm not saying that they should be called sellouts either I just ask for logical consistency from our race.

I kind of envy Creeks in a manner of speaking well mostly because like yeah we had warriors too and we were feared in the northeast but you got the Red Stick! Rotisken'rakéhte were/are bad ass but the Red Sticks rolled over a fort. Too bad they didn't get to kill Andrew Jackson though. And it's too bad we didn't get to get Washington.

That table manners scene lmao. i'm that way around family and friends but if it was a woman I was romantically interested in hell no. Especially too because I like Mexican women and they are very much about table manners but then also by the same token I like it whwen women are not afraid to eat. BUT...I wouldn't like a dinner without conversation. That's so American and yet in other countries dinners last hours cause fuckers talk at dinner. I am introverted but i am extrovert with people i love to be around. But some will never see that side and that includes most of who i work with.

I was thinking too chicken and pork is good too but thus far i haven't yet seen a traditional meat meal made yet. So I'm glad Katie mentioned fishing. They didn't have buffalos in traditional Creek lands either did they?

I think probably my favorite scene was Hawk telling Cole his advice and also it makes me wonder something how does Cole feel about what he did over there i mean he may not have animosity towards Germans and I don't know how he personally views anglos in America either but there must be anger but would he ave seen killing Germans as a form of indirect racial revenge on Europeans or would he see it as he invaded another land the way his was. Cause with World War I it's not like you could objectivley say that they really were the axis of evil. And did he fight just Germans or also Turks? Will we see any flashbacks or at least will he tell any of what he saw over there?

Sometimes brooding dudes need outgoing women too im not saying Katie is perky per say but she is outspoken. I gotta disagree with Cole on is tatst in women though that is te time. Actually...I understand his like of softer side women that's pretty much how Mayan traditional type women are. Or like that mixteca actress i had mentioned to you before shes shy and i find that adorale in a way too. But...I like the whole outspoke thing too. I guess that is one ultural difference by the way between Mexican born Native women and Mexican American. Or like...a Mohawk women as opposed to a Pueblo woman..if you know which one I'm saying is which. I don't know that you have the personality types of your own tribes down to any type as im sure there's enough of a variation but i can just say with us there is a stereotype about ours hehehe actually a pretty funny meme says more than i i could.

Ah stars...and sunsets those are good to watch too.

i kinda laughed a bit at the turning red over hand holding though.

Also Katie has danced but doesn't like it. Hmmm and it's interesting how riding is the one thing she has in common with Talisa. It is pretty open minded to be friends with somebody with only one thing in common I don't know if most people could. Like I've aked people even if they could be with somebody that didnt share music taste. Had a teacher that said she could she liked R&B husand liked hip hop but like amillenial couple i couldn't see that or even friends. Geerally metalheads don't hang out with the hip hop crowd there is some crossover but generally the ones who are more one thing you get what im saying.

It's too bad horse riding isn't a big thng either anymore. I heard a vegan youtuber saying riding a horse when you could ride a motorcycle and go faster is cruelty but honestly he's fulla shit he feeds his cat and dog vegan pet food lol.

I don't know why also but their talk of appreciating the stars and just ight time and being out in it for som reason reminded me of the lone wanderer talking to bittercup. Anyway i look forward to update and same with wet matches. Outta curousity how do you decide on some of the names for your stories?
addledwalrus chapter 7 . 6/30/2019
I think it was a nice touch to have Katie fantasize about Cole while in the bathtub. You described it in a pretty tasteful way as well.

I wonder what Melissa went to San Francisco for.
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 6 . 4/8/2019
I know this probably isn't what you intended but i keep picturing Colton White from Gun the fact that he's another breed doesn't help matters xd.

The getting caught staring thing is a classic mistake. I watch women the way women check men out. Subtle. In fact it's a more accurate way to say it's a military thing to do. I knew this guy who fought in Operation Desert Storm (Chicano half breed dude it was the weirdest thing he regrets what he did there yet also hates Arabs at the same time cause he got shot there) he had watched or rather observed me without me realizing it he taught me how too but the first thing he noticed was i was angry and a loner. That doesn't take a genius to figure though. I honestly don't even look friends in the eyes every time either. I read somewhere the Cherokees actually considered that disrespectful but idk whee. o untuil it's confirmed it's unproven.

What I've been told, is kind of similiar to that movie Dazed and Confused though in terms of girls and thats from the 70's to now can't let em know how much you like her cause if you do she'll dumpy you like that lol im not saying thats the way to go but it's what a lot of dpeople are raised with. But being in the 20's I imagine it's way different.

Shit though with the whole suiters at 18 thing and having to win over the father that way...fuck..that soudns even lamer than just proving yourself with horses hehehe. Even though it's a later period. I think if I was around back then, I'd probably just try to be an Indian John Dillinger but also make sure to find J Edgar Hoover and take care of him cause fuck that guy he did a lot of wrong to us when trying to get basic rights. You gotta love somebody who tries to out various people by threatening to expose them as gays or lesbians yet he wore his moms dresses lol.

I can see you're picking up on the language that's good. I like the way rain is said in Mvskogee. Creek is Oske huh? Well in Cree...and i only know this because one of my favorite netflix characters has this name is Sokonon that's a girl name for Rain. Probably whatever Native language you say theh word rain in will sound good. :)

What i will say about what Colton went's pretty hard to not feel inferior next to our pure blooded relatives. Even when confident it can be real easy to feel lesser than. I wold say that a pure blood with similar vews to me is my superior and the only way I would think a pure blood isn't better than me is if they waste that good DNA by being stupid and doing nothing for the better of our doesn't bother me being called a redskin or whatever else by outsiders but being called something by your own people for being mixed...yeah it hurts. But what I notice about Native men specifically is many of us will call each other white for no reason other than we disagree with each other on a subject. That's very common out west. If you have an idea basically that another skin thinks isn't Native values, you'll be called white. It's really weird and very arbitary and almost to the point where if that's what's going on,and you identify it you can't take it serious like ive had dudes call me white that were Native that later admitted they didnt think i looked white but they said so because we were ideological enemies lmao.

I think with Katie and what she is feeling looking at Cole's cousin is probably half breed equivalent for women. Feelinat insecure. And ugh as for the white your past words maybe Katie should hang a sign that says no Vienna Sausages. it is Oklahoma so they might not get the message hahaha.

The argument about the dog was interesting too i didn't think it would end up that big a with Colton only saying he needed one horse were the Creeks what would be considered a poor horse tribe or a rich horse tribe? re not originally from Oklahoma so not really a plains tribe but I'm sure there were tribal renegades that said fuck rez life and wo maybe took horses or what have you.

Anyway i didnt even know this was updated i didn't get update on it but then neither did my reviewers when i just updated on here. It's like the site is unreliable.
addledwalrus chapter 6 . 8/11/2018
I see you've changed the title again. Other than that, your attention to detail and the way you describe characters and settings really brings everything to life. :)
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 5 . 5/28/2018
This is a very interesting story and i feel like we don't see enough of it. This would honestly make a good movie. No joke I would go see it. You SHOULD write it into a script I mean why not? If you don't know how I can try and show you. I feel like that's often he next step for us authhors anyawy since we have a serious lack of readers this generation, fanfiction and fictionpress writers and readers not withstanding of course.

Also your story looks 1000 times more proper than mine too. I need to find a damn beta reader. Anyway, it's interesting how old fashioned Cole is but I have a question is that Muscogee custom as far as how people look at an unmarried man and woman out in town?

It's good to see that Katie saved the kittens. Honestly, Texans are a lot like that too how easily they kill animals. I kow what prairiees look like but I've just never seen one unless you count Texas which I don't because I was in the desert i mean i guess you can call that plains too since it's the southern plains but it seems like Oklahoma has a lot more grass plains.

Isn't Oklahoma the visual basis for a lot of the fictional state of New Austin by the way it looks like it is.

Interesting about the moonshine bit. Cole's right and wrong in a way about bootlegging. Yeah, the feds cared but not the way you'd think even that racist asshole J Edgar Hoover back then for the longest time denied organized crime was a thing. The man was pure evil in any case and in hind sight an ignoramus for thinking there wasn't organized crime lol. But still, a Native woman or man would probably be able to fly under the radar based on just the more localized form of crime.

I mean up where my people are, they still talk about cigarette smuggling that's a huge thing out there. That movie Frozen River idk if you saw it but part of that movie was just gonna be about the tobacco trade but they added extra stuff to it.

I imagine Oklahoma saw its fair share of a lof of wars and probably not all of them were Indian defeats either cause i know Texas Rangers were stupid enough to go after peaceful eservation tribes that surrendered like 40 years before.

But i mean the Quahadi Comanche land is like right there at the Texas/Oklas border. BTW, have you heard of a town called Quitique? I may be spelling it wrong.

Im hoping Katie finds a way to balance out her old life. A pulled pork sandwich for lunch...interesting. I've also heard it said that being quiet is a Native custom it might depend on the tribe too but in my cas im quiet when around non indigenous people if i can help it unless they anger me but i have aspergers syndrome though so we do say whats on our mind. Plus being that my people created the great law of peace that would mean we had to be somewhat longwinded which i am because you dont get known as an Indian nation known for orators if you're not LOL.

Tecumseh was the same way hes a personal ever met any Shawnees out there?

As far as the shaking hand thing and Katie being surprised they would do it though thats one thing that you really know shes been raised by whites by too because society tells us to shake hands but most tribes neverdid that. At least that i know of it was seen as an english thing. A lot of Mohawks in Canada won't shake hands.

One thing i noticed though with this story i was looking at the start when Katie describes her pale skinned sister but i didnt see a physical description for what Katie looked like or did i accidentally gloss over it?
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 4 . 5/19/2018
Cole getting cream soda...I think somehow I knew theyhad cream soda back then but I didn't remember that. And i know they'd have coca cola but well 192's it probably still had cocaine XD. And was possibly green i dont remember when that changed but those early years...tsk tsk.

Cole is correct. Homelessness was unheard of. I'm glad Katie is going to see her Tota (Grandmother) and I hope she gets some joy out of it as well as her grandmother as well and that she takes to the old ways like a fish to water.

I look forward to the next chapter :P
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 3 . 5/19/2018
Wow the Seminole got the same rule on clans we do. A wolf clan of Mohawk descent wouldnt be able to marry a clan member who is a Seneca wolf were the eastern most tribe and theyre the westernmost but i honestly wonder if that counts in terms of a tribe that is far away from each other like are Seminoles not allowed to marry any wolf clan of any trib or just within the tribe? i'm onestly not sure with my own people if that just extends to haudenosaunee (Longhouse) tribes or if tat's any tribe with a wolf clan because i know the cherokees have a wolf clan and Cherokees are our elatives so i know a Mohawk wol and a Cherokee wolf would not be able to marry.

I just found out that you Cherokees have what we have as well your own version of the false face society masks plus you have the exact same three sisters story/

What does te name hatchi mean by the way? I had to look up some muskogee names for a friend some time ago and the name i gave him that he settled on for a character in his story was the name Adayh but he was a Cushetta Creek from loiusiana in the story.

I actually should consult with you about Muskogee names because i may have found a name i might want to go with for the seminole character i came up with but wanted to make sure it's legit i think it might be but never hurts to check.

Also Julian is not very smart in terms of what happened to Katie. She was attacked by rednecks and he thinks a Creek is a threat? SMH. That's not even the case most times now. I get thhat it's just brotherly worry but still
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 2 . 5/19/2018
This resonates and hits home with me because im the only one in my family that cares about our traditions too. I'm the only one. If ever the language the culture i know is passed on it can only be if i have kids and I just...I aint enrolled but i consider that colonial anyway but because my father who is dead is who i get my Native blood from and we're matriarchal i dont have a clan but im not the only one to have that happen it's just clans go by the woman so id have to go east and get adopted into a clan so with Cole wanting to adopt Katie in...i felt the same way about it all...I hope Katie does and yeah the language is almost the same right into the tribe that is.

It's good that he helped her but also good that she was able to mostly fight those devils off.

I'm already loving the premise of this and am gonna add it to favorites and follow. You know how you're always saying there's not enough of us in general, writing or otherwise? I agree and thats even true on fanfiction and fictionpress. I' the only Native male I know of well except this Mexican guy thats only on occasionally but he writes yaoi and thats not my thingbut there are a few Native women on ff but not enough.

I honestly think though that a lot of us should also be writing screenplays too cause thats what this generation still does is watch movies sadly they dont read. When first started writing when i was 8, i wanted to write books cause of the Goosebumps series but now i know millenials don't hardly read. They should but they don't. I'm one myself and i read but im also "Odd"

I guess im just saying anybody with the talent for storytelling should try and write screenplays you ever think abot it? There also needs to be more Onkwehonwe women in general writing stories. More women that are Indigenous writing also can mean more Indigenous actors discovered. And one thing i noticed is that half of the actors that are used as American Indian actors in our movies come from Canada i think Canada actually has more Native ctors and actresses than tis country does.

Have you ever seen movies like Powow Highway, Smoke Signals (True story a good friend of mine is actually the actor who played Thoma;'s cousin) or sows like Blackstone which is inn Canada? It's worth checking out i even checked out Mohawk Girls since thats my people but they a;so called it a "Native" sex in the city it's not though cause it deals with issues of outmarriage since on my peoples rez in Kahnawake they banned outmarriage, it deals with assimilation language revival all kinds of stuff plus the judgng of half breeds or city Natives or those not from the traditional territory.

Plus strangely enough i my peoples land women ask men out as opposed to the other way around.

It's good to know that even though she's been raised by white parents (I was raised by a white woman myself my mom and my father wasnt there) so i ca relate to her even more.) that she still values her dog and would kill for a pet.

I like that Katie left him a note. That's cute. You don't really see that anymore.

You're correct about them not being able to pronounce Native names. No Non Natives can for the most part. We have hard names as well when i tell people the Kanienkeha transilation of my birth name which i hae my birth name but like it in kanienkeha, they cant pronounce it.

So is the V a stand in for the O or U in your language?
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 1 . 5/16/2018
Came over from fanfiction to check this out and interesting you know with all these shows they have like Boardwalk Empire i found it weird that Natives had no part in that. You cant tell me there wasnt some role we may have played in boot legging frm the early 20's to the 30s.

This also makes me wonder what Oklahoma is like. I know I got Seneca and Cayuga relations out there through our comon long house blood. Closest i ever been was Texas but guys like litefoot also somewhat paint a picture.

It's good you mentioned the flu of 1918. Sadl that wiped out most of the Cornplanter family tree. Surviving the 1700's only to die in the 1900's.

Another reason this is important is the 20's is an era they seem to skp they usially keep us from the 1500's to the 1800's but at the same time if they do anything in the 1900's they might go between the 70's and the 90's but not a lot in the early 1900's to the 60'.

As for Colton fighting in the war didnt they use the Seminoles for code talkers too?
eenitsedStarzz chapter 5 . 1/8/2018
This is a great start! Nice pacing, and I love the banter between her and Cole. Can't wait to read more.
Angel Princess 31 chapter 5 . 12/3/2017
This was a good chapter! I enjoyed getting to see a little more of Katie's past, and Cole's as well. Honestly, I think she'll fit in better in Coweta then she did in Broken Arrow. But, we'll see. :)

Angel Princess 31
addledwalrus chapter 5 . 12/2/2017
I guess Katie is starting to fall for him already. The part with the moonshine was pretty amusing and I hope nothing troublesome comes out of it.
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