Reviews for Angry Mob Justice
Mislav chapter 1 . 2/28
Chilling and thought-provoking short story. Comparing propaganda and manipulation to a virus was pretty appropriate. I liked how you pointed out that free speech, no matter how virtuous and necessary, can be used to spread hate and propaganda and manipulate people. Evil doers will always find a way. If those things continue to grow and spread, they can very well lead to chaos. That sounds like a good idea for some kind of dystopian novel, thought this story itself is pretty effective and interesting too, it covers a lot and gets you thinking. Keep up the great work. I will continue reading your stories.
Katie Grey chapter 1 . 6/4/2017
Hey here from the review game!
This is a really thought provoking piece. The sort of thing that makes you want to stare at the ceiling for a minute after reading and ponder it, puzzle it over in your mind. While some parts may have been a bit extreme - I've certainly never heard of any tongue cutting going on, although that may simply be because I'm just not informed - the majority of it could be applicable to what life is like today, that's the scary part. Perhaps, in a few decades, our lives will be like what you described here. Maybe freedom will be labeled as a virus and a bad thing.