Reviews for Dreams and Dolls
Katie Grey chapter 1 . 6/14/2017
I don't see how this is humorous... I would have put this in suspense or maybe even horror, because to be honest this story kind of freaked me out... Just like Cynthia, the thought of actually getting plastic surgery scares me, as do masks...
So far, aside from the mask, this story seems to be pretty realistic, the story of an actress's dying career, until she feels forced to take drastic actions... and become a doll just like the girl who stole the lead role from her. But I like the little hints of something supernatural in the midst of all this realism. It adds just the right touch to this story, and from what I can tell, this story will soon leave the realm of realism altogether.
In any case, this is a very good story, with a very good description of the characters. You told us her entire life story, basically, without it getting boring, which is very hard to do as well.
good job!
Timbo Slice chapter 1 . 6/12/2017
An interesting piece, I liked your pronoun usage as it gives the story a terse, almost conversational tone and having a main character like Cynthia who is a Hollywood actress makes the added backstory more compelling with the glitz and troubles of being famous.

The story itself is pretty straightforward with a strong moral theme one could take away of not taking your beauty for granted/love yourself the way you are, but I feel more of a horror route could've been taken given the subject matter and the tone didn't especially strike me as "humorous". Not to say it wasn't good, but the story and setting seemed fairly grounded in reality besides the fantastical elements of the doll mask.