Reviews for Juvenalia, Too
Mislav chapter 9 . 12/12/2019
Really fun epilogue. You provided a interesting and detailed overview of the characters, chapters, themes and inspirations behind them. Everything fell into place. Glad to know I was right in spotting-and guessing-most of them. I especially liked Rick and Morty reference, and the inspiration behind Erik Carter LOL

Also, pm alerts for Fanfiction and Fictionpress currently don't work, so you have to check your inbox, new messages won't show up in your email. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Keep up the great work. And I'll make sure to check your magazine out.
Mislav chapter 8 . 12/8/2019
Such an excellent ending. All the pieces fell into place. The orgy scene was very erotic and intense. I liked how they all had sex each other at the same time, with Devi's help. So hot-and surreal. The final battle was awesome. I liked the twist with uncle Richie wanting to take over Arthur's body. It was very smart of Carmen to use necromancy. Pretty poetic, killing Lost Boys and then making their corpses kill the rest of their members. Great job with action scenes as always. Those large spiders were especially creepy and threatening. Erik's fate was especially appropriate. Truly a fate worse than death. I got worried for Devi and Carmen for a second. Ian too. That was a close one. I liked how you included "Rich and Morty" near the end :) So glad that they all survived by the end. The final scene at the beach was pretty cute. I liked the detail with Devi smoking herbs on the beach. I wonder what will they be up to next. This made me LOL: ""You know, kid?" Richie said, coughing up blood. "Your boyfriend really gives it hard from behind.""

My favorite parts were: "Ian felt himself vanish into a tangle of manic arms. Carmen shed her top like a snake sloughing off dead skin, dropping her olive brown flesh against his pale skin. She moved her hands towards his boxers, exposing and stroking the member. As it hardened, she moved her mouth towards it. He felt it rise as prominently as a full moon, as her tongue wrapped around it like a boa constrictor. She swallowed once she'd finished, but she was not done.

Ian spun her around, and she pulled her into him. He probed inside her like a hunter in a deep jungle, searching for his destination. He saw her face contort in ecstasy once he found it. Slowly and deliberately, he came in and out, working it with the finesse he handed his other bayonet. Carmen's eyes opened wide as her mouth, and she shouted the names of Outer Gods he could not comprehend. Among their company, he overheard his own name. He climaxed like a mountain climber atop a summit, before attempting it again.

The second time, Ian felt something different. As he thrust, he felt the interior had shifted. Looking beside the bed, he saw Devi reacting in a peculiar manner to Cyrus' own penetration. Carmen pulled him deeper in, and he realized he was not only inside one partner. He saw Cyrus hesitate for a moment, as though he had been penetrated. Ian felt Cyrus' familiar girth inside his own rear, and he wondered exactly what was going on. Time and space collapsed into a heap of broken images and scenes, like a poorly edited film collage.

Ian found himself spooning a naked Cyrus from behind. He placed his arms around his shoulders, and he paraphrased Cyrus' first words to him. "Not a word, Dr. Black." Cy turned around and kissed him, as both became as hard as railroad spikes. Ian took top, and Cyrus grunted like a great grizzly bear. Each thrust was like an upward bound on some tremendous mountain. As the smaller of the two, Ian found himself moving like a rodent before the crashing legs of an elephant. When he finally reached the top, he presented his backside to Cy, just how he liked it. He felt Cyrus enter him like an electronic attachment plugged into a computer port. It felt, and fit, just right. As in a fight, it was important to be able to take as well as give.

Ian plunged his member between Devi's massive breasts, before going further south. He licked the tips of them like they were sweet desserts. Her muscular legs wrapped around him like he was in a jujitsu guard. She aggressively pulled him in, far more than their first encounter. She pulled his shouldered blades closer, rubbing them as he rummaged around inside her. She forced him deeper, deeper into her, as though she was taking anatomical measurements within. She stuck her tongue into his mouth, entwining it with his like a hungry serpent. When he found the spot, she squealed with delight. She spun around, taking him further inside. He found out just how flexible she truly was.

Ian found himself inside Carmen once more, with Cyrus penetrating her from behind. He found himself behind Carmen, and Cyrus going in from the front like a cavalry charge. He found himself behind Devi, and Cyrus behind. He found himself entering Devi from behind, and Cyrus in front. He found himself swallowing Cyrus' member, while he returned the favor. He found himself eating from Devi, and then from Carmen. He found the positions reversed, as if imagining every permutation and combination of outcomes.

Ian found himself back in the present, or what he assumed was the present. With each thrust into Carmen, he realized he was not only pleasuring one partner. Recalling what he learned from each of them, he moved to Carmen's spot, and then Devi's. He heard her moan, he found Cyrus' spot. Cyrus realized what was occurring, and he returned the favor. He pleasured her. She pleasured him. He pleasured him. She pleasured her. Carmen's portal powers were how each of them simultaneously pleasured the three others.

By the time it ended, Ian panted heavily under the covers. The bed was soaked with bodily fluids of all types. What he experienced was not merely a series of climaxes, but a series of summits not unlike a mountain range. Each blended into the others, and not always in the way he first expected. He struggled to recall which order the events transpired in, but he could not. A very sweaty Carmen rose up from bed, and she looked over the others. "Good work," she said. "We've screwed hard enough to disrupt space and time.""


"Suddenly, Arnold tensed up. The runes on his knife ceased glowing. Unfazed by the injury on his hand, he picked up a pistol from a downed machine gunner. He moved towards the main building, taking cover behind the doorframe. Ian recognized that irregular gait anywhere. Seeing it on the athletic Arnold was enough to confirm his fears.

"It's a real shame Arnold never looked to deeply into the runes on his weapons," Arnold said. "Because his fat friend made it easier for me to take over. That was our deal, after all."

"Wait, you wanted Arnold's body?" Ian asked, trying to line up a shot with his rifle. "And Erik was in on it?"

"Yeah, kid, Monty here was too obsessed with his world domination Nazi shit. He wasn't content just to have a nice niche doing what he loved."

"But you had virtual immortality here. Why take Arnold's body?" Ian asked.

"I didn't want to stay cooped up here forever. Besides, I figured Arnold would get here sooner or later," Richie said with Arnold's voice. "And I could take over his group. Once I got rid of the real danger, of course."

"What are you going to do?" Ian asked.

"I'll tell you what you're going to do, kid," Arnold said. "You and all your little friends work for me now."

"You're outgunned and outnumbered," Ian said. "And I've got you in my sights."

"Really?" Richie grinned sadistically. "Playtime's over."

Ian saw the pistol in his hand start to glow blue. He saw his rifle muzzle turn white hot, seeming to move itself away from Richie. He felt an invisible line tighten around his neck. He struggled to breathe, as Richie grinned manically. His pistol floated out of his holster, and it turned towards his head. The FK BRNO drifted back towards Richie, hovering above his head trained on Ian.

"You know what, kid? This was technically my pistol," he said. "Not a fan of getting my hands too dirty, but it beats Monty playing Robin Hood."

Ian struggled to speak. His lungs screamed for air. He felt his legs lift off the ground, as though some great and invisible crane hoisted him of the wooden floor. He stared out across the ruined school. What was once a great arcane academy, perhaps the only of its kind, was a mere charnel house. If anyone was left alive, they dared not come out to challenge the man riding in Monty Ward's former body. His vision began to fade. His fingers went pale. He began to think of Carmen. He thought he saw her wounded at the bottom of the stairs. He thought of Devi, trying to take Carmen to safety, only for some strange force to immobilize her. He thought, at least, of Cyrus. A shot rang out.

Ian plunged to the floor, and he saw Richie clutching a massive hole in his chest. Behind him, Cyrus held his smoking shotgun, and he prepared to fire again."

Keep up the great work, you are very talented. This was a great story. I really enjoyed reading it. I will definitely read more of your work.
Mislav chapter 7 . 11/23/2019
Wow! Really intense and disturbing chapter. Dick-train... with pitbulls for wheels.. that is a new one. A truly gruesome image. I'm surprised nobody threw up. Fetus-gun was an interesting touch. Arnold's scheme with the train was pretty clever, albeit complicated. I also enjoyed your note about the Australia landscape, how it is not like the way it is normally perceived by foreigners and often portrayed in the movies. I can ser the Lost Boys buying weapons from biker gangs. I liked how you mentioned that urban legend at the beginning. I've heard about it. Interesting lore about the Great Race of Yith. I like this universe-building throughout the story. The action-scenes were intense and well-written as always. The way they destroyed the trains was especially gruesome. I didn't expect Carmen to sacrifice the bikers. My favorite part was: "Ian heard the shouting that could only come from a well-drilled infantry squad, and a buzz-saw of automatic weapons filled the narrow corridor connecting the trailers. Ian took cover behind a wall, and he saw Carmen take cover behind another. He heard the familiar whistle of Arnold's grenade arrow, and he prepared to drop and cover. That did not happen.

Ian heard a gunshot adjacent to him, and he saw Carmen holding her smoking Dragoon revolver. The grenade arrow altered trajectory mid-flight, and flew out a hole melted in the ceiling. He heard the explosion from somewhere far behind him. The realization that Carmen had blasted it out of the air with her Colt revolver caused him to blink. With shooting like that, he could believe she was truly the daughter of a time god. The footsteps of an advancing infantry squad, however, reminded him of more mundane threats.

Ian ran his bayonet through the throat of the first man in the infantry stack. He felt the vertebrate stop the progress of the rifle through flesh. The man at the end of the improvised polearm went limp, but his comrades still advanced. Ian instinctively squeezed the trigger, and the Winchester blasted a round into the man's spine. While the bullet was diverted from its original trajectory, the pressure of the discharge forced the man's shattered spine out through the back of his neck. Fragments of bone exploded out like grenade shrapnel, dropping the man behind him and wounding the third. The fourth did not realize what was happening until it was too late.

Ian transitioned to his pistol, since the rifle's muzzle was clogged with chunks of flesh. He jammed it into the third man's face and pulled the trigger. Fragments of skull and brain filled the corridor like a grisly art project. The exit wound produced by the bullet left little of the Lost Boy's brain where it originally was. While it would have struck the fourth man if he'd been directly behind him, his formation protected him from a direct hit. Unfortunately for him, the loss of his comrades exposed him in the "fatal funnel" feared in close-quarters combat. Carmen ended him with a shot she'd knew would strike his unprotected neck.

Ian saw the room was empty, save for Erik and Arnold. A blue light appeared behind Arnold, and he grinned as he fell back into the portal. As he fell, he discharged a broadhead hunting arrow. Ian saw it glint in starlight a moment before another gunshot thundered. Carmen's shooting sent it in another direction than Arnold intended. He saw it impale itself into Erik's throat. Carmen again stood proudly with a smoking Colt revolver in hand. Her dexterity and speed was unreal for any normal human, as was her swagger when she picked up the Liber Ivonis from Erik's corpse with. As she thumbed through the tome, she gestured to the nearby minigun."

I wonder what will happen in the final chapter. How will they defeat Arnold and Erik? I really like this story. I had a lot of fun reading it.
Mislav chapter 6 . 10/24/2019
Another amazing chapter. Intense, action-packed, intriguing and horrifying at the same time. Interesting how Carmen's subconsciousness was enough to warp reality. I wonder will that be explored later on. Those creatures were especially terrifying- and disgusting. Interspecies hybrid/cyborgs (synthorgs) are a whole new level of disturbing. I felt especially bad for the komodo dragon/flower hybrid. I liked the background that you provided for Koizumi's character, and the way you explained how he and Richie met and joined forces. I appreciate you taking on Unit 731; horrific and often overlooked WW2 atrocity. The most horrifying part of the story was: "A pregnant woman was wheeled into the dissection chamber, still alive and begging for mercy. She wore a ragged shirt with a number, "123" on her shirt. That was the only way Koizumi knew her personally, aside from over hearing the head surgeon bragging about how he forcibly impregnated her. The head surgeon, unrestrained by any parental, or human, concern, was the first to carve into her stomach with a scalpel. Stainless steel unzipped flesh, and then came the entrails. He beheld the whole thing, trapped between horror and fascination.

Koizumi saw the woman held on longer than he thought she would. When she finally expired, the head surgeon handed a camera to Koizumi and held up the mutilated fetus. He was too stunned to protest, and he obeyed. The head surgeon introduced himself as Dr. Ishiro Sakaguchi, and he calmly explained why they did not use anesthesia, since it could complicate experimental results. Such experiments were necessary to save lives. Koizumi did not question, for he already internalized what he beheld.

Koizumi and Sakaguchi bonded liked a student and teacher. They designed ways to spray plague-carrying flees over Chinese villages. They fed anthrax-filled chocolates to starving children. They tied prisoners to posts and detonated bombs nearby to improve lethality. They froze prisoners' limbs solid and struck them with hammers. They vivisected infected prisoners to see pathogens in action, and they re-used survivors in other experiments. They improvised their own experiments to please their psychopathic superior, Dr. Shiro Ishii."

Absolutely chilling. The worst part is that such things were commonplace in that facility. Nice to get the explanation for Koizumi's immortality. The way they would make Substance 150 was absolutely horrifying and vile. The final showdown at the house of horrors was especially intense. I was actually worried that some of the main characters wouldn't make it. Koizumi's fate seemed very fitting. I'm glad that Arnold died too. I didn't expect him to show up in Ian's dream/hallucination. Looking forward to reading more. I wonder what awaits our heroes in Australia, and how will this whole thing get resolved. Keep up the great work, you are very talented.
Mislav chapter 5 . 9/29/2019
Another fun, exciting and intense chapter. I'm glad that Ian got better, and that Ian and Devi and Cyrus and Carmen finally did it. You described the sexual tension between them pretty well. Interesting-and tragic-piece of backstory on Devi. "My Little Ponies" (well, "My Little Unicorns"...) as villains... priceless. I liked the notes about phallic horns and alpha unicorns LOL. The savannah stand-off/hunt was especially intense and creepy, and so was the immediate aftermath. Carnivorous equines were an especially disturbing element. I liked the tie-in with the Greek mythology. I didn't expect Pieter Pretorious to end that way; not in this chapter, at least. (I wonder is his name the reference to Oscar Pistorious?) The idea of Ian being from a different reality is very intriguing. I wonder is it true, and how will the things develop from here. My favorite part was: "Ian heard the demonic horde descending upon him, and he brought the machinegun to bear. He swung the mounted turret through the carni-horses, butchering them before they could butcher him. However, something louder, faster, and more powerful caused them to scatter. He looked up and saw the helicopter gunship from earlier. He assumed the mercenaries must've called in reinforcements earlier, hence the artillery. Since they were all dead, the air cavalry was here. The horses scattered as a volley of rockets launched from underneath the chopper's wings like angry hornets. The alpha unicorn simply levelled its horn at the sky, and effortlessly blew the helicopter to bits. It was then Ian realized that from the moment they entered the paddock, they were prey, not hunters.

Ian saw the aberrations rear up on their hind legs, as though to celebrate their foes' demise. The alpha unicorn would finish them off soon, and devour their charred remains like grilled steak. The alpha galloped towards them, lowering its horn for a final blast. He pulled the trigger, but the machinegun jammed. He dove to his knees, and aimed his rifle from the hip. His finger jerked back, and he felt the reassuring report of his trusty hunting arm. He saw Cyrus blasting with his shotgun, Devi firing her pistol, and Carmen emptying her revolver as the animal drew closer. He closed his eyes as he prepared for the impact.

Ian opened his eyes a second later, when he felt the wheels run over something large. Behind him, he saw tire tracks on the neck of the alpha unicorn. What had once been its head was reduced to pink mist covering the parched ground like a rainy season flood. The bloody stump that was once its neck was nearly bisected by buckshot and bullet holes, the exit wounds covered in chunks of shattered vertebrae. What was once the horn, a phallic symbol of dominance, was crushed into hundreds of pieces intermingled with the pulverized, putrid meat. He would have celebrated, had his relief not been immediately interrupted.

Ian heard another artillery shell crash nearby. The herd deftly dodged the blast, but they did not escape harm. Their manes, their bodies, and their fur burnt white hot, causing them to frantically whinny. It took him a moment to realize he was seeing white phosphorous in action. Banned as a war crime elsewhere, it did not surprise him someone like Pretorius had a stockpile of such incendiary shells. Not wanting to be caught in the artillery barrage, Devi floored it. Behind them, he took spiteful potshots at the last horse standing, feeling solace as the unicorn fellowship smoldered behind them."

So intense. And this part made me LOL: "As Ian looked up, a final drop entered his mouth. Instead of tasting like cold water, it was hot, sticky, and sweet. It reminded him of the first time he'd swallowed semen."

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading more.
Mislav chapter 4 . 9/8/2019
Very intense and interesting chapter. The story is progressing well. What Erik Carter did was so evil, and it sounded exactly like something he would have done-even though it was all just a vision/hallucination. I didn't expect that twist, by the way. This part really got to me: "Every muzzle in the room fell onto the kid, who had yet to comprehend the weight of the weapon in his hands." The KKK rally scene was also disturbing. You described their sick ideology and twisted logic very well. I liked how you incorporated the title, juvenalia, in it. I wonder is Erik Carter a reference to Eric Cartman, a caricature of juvenile racist/anti-semite from "South Park", considering that all the other bad guys are cartoon characters. Not that "South Park" is a children's show though. The drive-by shootout was unexpected and intense. I'm so glad that Dex and his associates managed to get away. Flirting between Carmen and Devi was cute and fun. Devi's foursome fantasy really took me off guard LOL. I also didn't expect Carmen to be Yog-Sothoth's daughter. Nice to see the Rad Rats (Biker Mice, true?) as the final bad guys. Those characters were so creepy. Definitely the weirdest 90s kids' cartoon. I liked the part where they relied solely on pizza and junk food, and so they would trick gang members into supplying them with their favorite food and then murder them. Truly the banality of evil. Interesting angle with them being able to start over, reset the time, like in a video game, and that being through the same battles with different outcomes over and over again makes them more powerful. The final battle with them was especially action-packed and badass. I also liked the chapter title "Rats in the Halls", a homage to Lovecraft's "Rats in the Walls". The twist ending really surprised me too. I wonder how will Ian cope with it; if there will be the next chapter or a sequel. Keep up an excellent work. You are very talented, I always like reading your stories.
Mislav chapter 3 . 8/31/2019
Such an intense, exciting and fun chapter. I liked your explanation for nobody remembering Ian. I hope they will reverse the spell somehow. I wonder where will Devi's psychedelic experiences lead to. Is she in any way connected to Lothaire? Seeing Snirps-well, Smurfs, right-as villains... and having Ian and all the others blow them up with powerful weapons... LOL. I also liked this comparison: "The swarming, yellow-fanged creatures slashed at her legs and climbed up her body, like deranged Lilliputians trying to fell Gulliver for a feast." The way Dex was ambushed in his office, with bunch of toys coming alive and jumping on him, was funny and disturbing at the same time. I liked how you explored his backstory in the middle of the battle. I enjoyed your portrayal of the Klansmen as well. Humorous and scary at the same time. I especially liked the way Carmen killed Erik-both times. Serves him right. The way Lothaire died was especially gruesome and creepy. Uncle Richie keeps showing up in Ian's mind. Where is he? Looking forward to reading more.
Mislav chapter 2 . 8/24/2019
Very thrilling and intriguing chapter. I actually liked it even better than the first one, since the charactes were established, and they went out on an organized mission. I especially liked the chemistry between Dex and Ian, and Ian and Cyrus. The psychedelic scene involving Devi was a nice touch. Really nice and immersive, albeit disturbing, visuals. I didn't expect her to smoke weed from an improvised bong on a plane, nor use hallucinogenics: a welcome comic relief. Good twist with the final monster being Penny Pig LOL. That surprised me. Ian's dream about his uncle was really creepy and mysterious. Interesting angle with Penelope too, I wonder where it will lead. My favorite part was: "Ian saw Carmen draw and fire her pistol, deafening him in the tiny shelter. She fired it out of the open door, as though some unseen opponent waited was trying to enter. With instincts honed from a half-dozen hunts gone bad, he dropped to his knee beside Carmen and trained his pistol out the front door. His adrenaline-soaked senses searched for an enemy, but he saw none. Just when he almost relaxed, he heard it.

Ian listened to the wind whipping outside. It whistled like a furious spirit, as black clouds strangled the sun. He first thought that the oleaginous, oily words were some aberration of the wind on rocks, but their syntax and rapidity told him otherwise. Each guttural, loathsome sound bespoke something inhuman and intelligent, immaterial and insatiable. A strangely terrestrial grunting, like the rutting of swine, punctuated the end of each infernal sentence. As he tracked left and right with the muzzle of his pistol, he saw it.

Two spheres burnt like infernal suns suspended above the abyss. They were joined by two smaller, almost human eyes, that seemed to drift beneath it in midair. The outline of a vaguely humanoid form appeared, translucent against the ground beyond it. Ian identified a feminine outline, grotesquely swollen to obscene obese proportions. He saw what had once been an embroidered gown, pulled beyond bursting by the body it clung to. The skin beneath it was neither pink nor pale, but a deathly pallor. His eyes moved upwards, to the most horrifying part.

Ian saw the head was far worse. The lower part of the head resembled a human woman, with some imagination. Where the nose had been was merged with a distinctly porcine proboscis, terminating with a feminine nose between the two nostrils. The fat-swollen face resembled a deflated beach ball with piggy ears. Spots of green phosphor glowed from the sides of its cheeks, as though covered by some alien growth. Out of the former human mouth grew slaver-coated, boar-like tusks. The two glowing eyes, and the two formerly human eyes beneath, all turned towards him and burned with the fire of a thousand angry demons. When it charged, he shot it twice.

Ian saw the bullets travel through the thing's body without stopping it. It moved with alarming alacrity for its size, closing like a charging rhinoceros. He pulled himself away from the door, slamming it shut as it closed in on the house. He struggled to bring his rifle to bear, already knowing how useless it was. He felt the building rock backwards as the door flung open. He worked the Winchester's lever with alacrity born of experience, but his shots were like bullets flung into a torrent.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ian saw Carmen pull something from her pack. She slid across the floor, drawing a line of white chalk. The thing's cloven hoof stepped over the boundary, and Ian remembered the events at his uncle's. He shifted forwards and blasted it in the foot, which solidified after stepping over the threshold. A red hole appeared within the exposed appendage, and the pig-thing recoiled backwards. He heard the report of Cyrus' shotgun somewhere beside him, blasting the thing's toes into red pulp. It retracted the limb, which now seemed attached only by a thin strip of flesh. Squealing, it vanished from view.

Ian caught his breath in the moments that followed, his nostrils full of gunsmoke and ears still ringing. He looked around at his companions. Every weapon was raised. Carmen drew her heavier Colt Dragoon, and Cyrus' shotgun barrel glowed white hot. Devi held her dart rifle up. "Hey, I think we-"

Ian never finished that thought. Glass shards from the north window flew across the room, as a translucent, muscular hand fished for nearby victims. The chalk flew from Carmen's hand. The thing was immaterial, like the earlier creatures, he presumed. Devi screamed as she backed away from the hand, which effortlessly phased through the glass. Cuts across her face and body spilled blood onto the floor. When the thing's hand contacted the nearby blood droplets, it stopped. The same eerie glow from its face occurred near its fingertips, as the fluid vanished from beneath."

Great action scenes, with beautiful descriptions of scenery and intense atmosphere/tone. The ending really took me off guard. Has Ian really been dead the whole time, living as a ghost? Are the other characters ghosts too? Or is there some grand conspiracy going on? Looking forward to reading more.
Mislav chapter 1 . 8/24/2019
Very interesting and exciting chapter. You captured that Lovecraftian tone and atmosphere of weird fiction so well. Just the right blend of creepy, strange, and action. Amazing characterization and attention to details. I appreciated non-linear storytelling, it worked very well. What happened to Yolanda was especially cruel and creepy. I liked the build-up to that, and the reveal was unexpected and gruesome. I also enjoyed the way you introduced the other characters: already fighting the monsters when Ian shows up, and taking him right along for the battle, showing off their skills and personalities in the process. Cyrus Black is my favorite so far. I also appreciate the idea of children's shows being created by a psychopath/mad scientist who wants to create monsters and corrupt young minds. Pretty disturbing concept, but also very interesting, satirical and self-aware at the same time. I wonder where Richie's uncle is. Did he lure him to that house? If he did, why? My favorite parts were: "Ian led the advance, his bayonet in hand. If any Lost Boys emerged, he would have run them through with his bayonet. The others advanced behind him, and Cyrus secured the sleeping sentry's arms and legs with zip ties and gagged his mouth. When they reached the stairs inside, he remembered the times Mom admonished him for not taking off his muddy shoes at Uncle Richie's backdoor. Now, he dragging an unconscious body into the space behind the washing machine. He wondered how he found himself in such strange scenarios.

"Here," Cyrus said, handing the fallen guard's weapon to Ian. He picked up the submachine gun and looked it over. The crude amalgam sheet metal and piping was an open-bolt abomination a misfire away from missing fingers. Nevertheless, it was all he had. He leveled it towards the living room door, ready to blast anyone that walked through.

Ian cautiously advanced, but dove for cover when he heard gunshots deep within. A frantic staccato responded through the laundry room's walls, followed by incomprehensible shouting. He clutched the weapon tighter, knowing it would do little to stop what laid behind the walls. Frantic footfalls resounded down the hallway he once played in as during his youth, striking with the celerity of machinegun bursts. His vision narrowed as he trained the muzzle on the door. The door flew opened.

The Lost Boy who threw open the door barely had a second to respond, when the first rounds struck him. Two ripped through his stomach, and the third went through his elbow, cutting across arteries on its lethal voyage. He blinked, trying to make sense of the ambush, but the broken arm prevented him from bringing the weapon up. His eyes went wide with fear, as his other hand moved towards the weapon. Ian hesitated for a moment, but a thunderous gunshot brought him down.

Ian's nostrils were assaulted by the acrid stink of spent sulfur. A thick cloud of gunsmoke filled the laundry room, causing him to cough and wince. He turned to see Carmen holding the revolver in both hands, a pistol as long as her forearms. Smoke poured from the barrel like a hellish portal. Strange runes glowed along the barrel, causing eerie lights on the nearby wall. Carmen's face registered with a disdainful sneer more than discomfort. Cyrus' jocose posture had stiffened, and Devi looked ready to throw up.

"Keep moving," Ian said, taking a note of his companions' reactions. "Almost there."

Ian brought up Devi, and ordered her to cover him from the door. Adrenaline surged through him as he prepared to enter the living room, where he'd spent at least a dozen holidays with relatives. He pushed those memories to the back of his mind as he found himself focusing once more down the barrel of the weapon. It was not the first time he killed someone, but he feared it would not be the last. An eerie, familiar blue glow reflected down the hall, and he hesitated for a second. Nevertheless, he charged towards it. He heard his own scream a moment later."


"Yolanda saw the horrific ways her body was defiled. Her lower jaw had been removed entirely, replaced with a long plastic tube jammed into her mouth. Two plastic tubes were jammed into her nostrils, preventing from smelling. Her ears were cut off, and bundles of wires shoved into each side of her head. Her hair was completely shaved off, exposing her scalp. A halo of dried blood caked around the base of her head, like sediment on a polluted shore. Above it all, Richard was beaming with pride.

Yolanda tracked the wires and tubes to a machine in the center of the room. In the dim basement light, she saw them lead into a large machine that rumbled like some great infernal engine. It circulated tanks of bright green fluid into her head's natural and recent orifices. She saw other alcoves in the darkness, barely making out the details. She saw another woman's head, a half-rotten mess denoted by an emerald. She saw another marked by a pearl, in a similar state of decay. She momentarily savored her lack of smell, for the whole basement would have smelled worse than a charnel house."

I wonder what are heroes are up to next. I also wonder what are the Lost Boys' next plans, and how many other monsters are out there. Looking forward to reading more.
lorenzo860 chapter 2 . 7/10/2019
I also enjoyed thie chapter and i got the refrenceces like charlie cosmossteven universe(i think)
lorenzo860 chapter 1 . 7/10/2019
I really liked the story ,it was very beautiful.i hope to read more about these characters.