Reviews for The Red Haired Beauty
Guest chapter 1 . 3/8/2018
I like your writing style, and I would like to see further character development and opportunities for growth on the part of Olive Flower! Suicide is absolutely devastating for a community and will impact everyone who knew her to a greater or lesser extent. The lie in her suicide note is poignant (nobody truly loves who would willingly inflict that much suffering on others while in their right mind). I would like to see how healing could be brought about through this story, because as it stands it is incomplete. It would be a more interesting account if we were able to see how Olive works through her sense of rejection without resorting to a complete mental breakdown, or perhaps have her realise she has broken down and work towards a recovery, possibly with greater sympathy towards those she has rejected in the past. This does not mean she has to accept them! I believe she could find healing in community rather than pushing herself further into isolation.

Thanks for your story!