Reviews for My Journey Away From Religion
SimonClemens chapter 1 . 6/28/2017
This barely has anything to do with the rest of your essay, but Alice In Wonderland as a story is a metaphorical journey meant to be an emotionally resonant experience, and also to woo an underage girl.
Trying to take/follow such a thing as the biblical stories entirely literally instead of as symbolic exploration on a cycle of human mistakes/violence and attempts at redemption(depending on which Testament you go for) does not beget satisfying answers.

Also, as I understand it religion has always been closely tied with power. People will take on belief systems that tie into their perception of the world, or their perception of how the world should be. And, if needed, cherrypick parts for a 'rosier' vision.

The paradox of faith means pushing aside empirical facts. That also hinges me, but at the same time there has to be more to it. Somewhere, someone reached the conclusion that faith is all humans can have of God, by logic. You are obviously introspective and might be very smart, so bear with me and consider this if you have not already: If there was a God, is a divine being capable of being perceived/measured by the weak human senses really so impressive? If they are a godly entity, then how can you detect their presence using your empirical senses? How do you measure it? How do you apply the scientific method?
How will you be able to know or prove what you have encountered/found is God? How will anyone, including those who believe?
This idea goes back far, not even taking into account theology or mysticism.
Lovecraft springs to mind for a more ...popular example.
Silly racist nerd he may have been, but the idea of beings too immense and alien to be accurately perceived by mere humans(and mushes their brains for the effort)? Logical.
Have you ever seen the movie Pi by Aronofsky? Explores the same concept by way of surrealism. Going by the particular interpretation, the being/concept called God may as well be Schrodinger's Cat. A paradox only to be contemplated because it cannot be perceived the way we can with mundane things.
If there were a God, that is the reason I can accept as being best to put forth to explain his absence or presence or whatever state a God could theoretically exist in.

Although yes, this is also a pattern of thinking ripe for being used as an easy cop-out. "Mysterious ways" and all that. Just felt like sharing. I think on this often.

I'm sorry for rambling; it seems contagious from reading your material.
In short, I disagree with some of your points(not all) and I think you might take yourself so seriously as to be pretentious. It's a risk we all take anytime we bring up religious views, whether you have them or not.