Reviews for Are Humans Good or Evil: The Fallacy of Sin
bhVUIHBOhjvUIBH chapter 1 . 12/25/2017
Sorry, but if I may offer my counterargument...

Your main claim here (that humans never intend to do evil) seems to me rather suspect. For example, what of Nathan Leopold, Jr. and Richard Loeb? In 1924, they killed a 14-year-old boy and confessed to doing it only for the excitement. We also have thousands of thieves and other such criminals who either openly admit to stealing only to benefit themselves or try to cover up that fact with some form of rationalization. I argue instead that all humans feel a compulsion to do good, but there are some who ignore this compulsion out of a stronger desire to do something else.

Now where exactly does this compulsion to do good come from? It comes from the Holy Spirit (so goes the most common argument), which calls all of us to do God's will. And thus, our own nature, being the only other thing present within us, must be that which calls us to disregard the compulsion to do good. Therefore, we are by nature sinful; it is simply the action of the Holy Spirit, which prevails in the majority of cases, that makes most people seem to be good by nature.