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PlasmaTorch chapter 23 . 7/25
To those wondering when the story will be updated again:

I thank you all for your interest and dedication, but I have bad news for you. Even though the series is nearly complete, I have lost all of my motivation and energy to continue.

The events of the last few months (coronavirus hysteria, global shutdowns, BLM and Antifa riots) have turned me into a cynical misanthrope who has given up on humanity.

In my eyes, what we are seeing is nothing less than suicide on a civilisation wide scale. People all over the West have decided to flush their societys down the toilet in a collective act of madness.

I'm sorry to tell you all that. I know it isn't what you want to hear. But its what I sincerely believe to be the truth. I fully expect the world economy to crash sometime this year. I cannot resume my artistic pursuits under this circumstance. My life is on complete standstill until this crisis either happens, or fades away.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/22
I'm guessing this is dead. What a shame.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/27
Is this dead?
PlasmaTorch chapter 23 . 5/16
''By the way, a typo in the first sentence wasn't what I expected.'' LOL, I deserve that. I was half awake when I threw that zinger in.

But about the story. The Nazi leadership has become somewhat complacent. By the winter of 1941, they felt that they had turned the tide (despite the setback at Moscow). Hitler felt things were secure enough for him to leave his HQ and return to Germany, which he never did in OTL.

Theres not much going on in the Pacific, for now. The Japanese aren't doing anything, and neither are the Americans. The U.S. public is agitated by this lack of action. Support for the war is declining.

The British and Americans are planning to open a second front in North Africa, but the lack of shipping is making this complicated. Moreover, they know that the Germans will be waiting for them.
Guest chapter 23 . 5/14
The Soviets are rolling the hard six, I take it?
Memeology chapter 23 . 5/14
And now we have the long-awaited Stalingrad update... (sounds like a DLC for a game when I put it that way, lol)

It's not like I didn't expect this, the Soviets are getting absolutely steamrolled at this point. I doubt the counterattack would do much, the Germans have the absolute advantage here. Again, I'm not an expert, but the only thing that would relieve some pressure from the Soviets is for the Allies to open a new front, but due to America's situation, things won't be that easy. But still, the Germans have to be prepared.

Speaking of preparation though, I want to know what's the majority mindset of the Germans at this point: are they overconfident because of the future archives? From what I've read in The Nazi War Machine chapter 3, Hitler and his buddies seem kinda overconfident, but from the next chapter, Heydrich seems to want to do things the most efficient way possible.

Also, what's the situation with Japan now?

By the way, a typo in the first sentence wasn't what I expected, in such a dramatic-sounding sentence, no less. Again, I want to help fix these errors, is there any way?
Plus, please don't capitalize random words, just 'Soon, it will all be over... The world will be changed forever.' reads much better. Sorry for picking on the small details, but it would be better without the typos, lol.
nicholaspraetor chapter 17 . 5/14
Well forget everything I said. Its 12 am and I am suffering from insomania. Oh thanks for the upload too, nice story you have there
nicholaspraetor chapter 23 . 5/14
As far as I know from that treaty which was about naval vessels crossing the bosporus, there were essentially restrictions that Turkey can impose regarding to how many or what type of naval vessels can go or could not go,however I think what the Italians did was not an International Violation since it is Turkey who held the cards. In other words Turkey said yes so the Italians can cross even they have a lot of ships. Of course that treaty was made by an International Collaboration of the Western Allies before Ww2 however if you are a friend with Turkey then you can just bully them to open the doors. I guest its only Allied propaganda that said it was another of the damn fascist "violations"
Memeology chapter 22 . 5/3
The next chapter is in a few days? Epic.

Regarding what nicholaspraetor said, well I can't claim that I'm an expert on this stuff, but in my opinion, it's very dangerous to try to give future technology to Japan, especially stuff like the RPG-7 because contact between Germany and Japan was a source of leaks to the Allies. As he said, the RPG can slice through the armor of WWII-era tanks with ease. If the Allies manage to capture and reverse-engineer it, German panzers would take heavy losses. For this reason, if they managed to make RPGs, they should use them very carefully, and certainly not send them to Japan.

On the other hand, it might be a source of lulz as the Japanese might make another warhead on a stick.

Regarding the strategic bombers, IMO it will be a massive flex if they get the Arado Ar 234 working ahead of IRL. Imagine, at this point the British Meteor is probably in the prototype stage and Germany shows up with jet-powered strategic bombers that are faster than their fighters. Of course, this would require mass production of powerful and reliable jet engines which didn't happen IRL due to several problems, but at this point they are in a much better position than IRL with their future archives.

Speaking of jet engines, if they're going to arm themselves with Soviet gear like the AK and the RPG, why not go one step further and make a MiG? Of course, I'm going overboard here, but the Germans did design a similar-looking aircraft, the Ta 183, even though it didn't even make it to the prototype stage, and a MiG-style design would be more maneuverable than the Me 262 making it more suitable as a fighter, and the Me 262 could be a pure attack aircraft or something.
Guesy chapter 9 . 5/2
The standard ak 47 ammunition was the 7.6239 mm.
While the 44 was the 7.9233. The standard German ammo was the 7.9257 used mainly in their Mausers. Now Making a German Ak is not easy as you think. The Soviets did not even produced the 7.6239 until at the middle of the war. The Germans have either to decide in making new ammunition Factories,Modifying their existing factories or change the design of the 47 which is also not easy. The Results of bullet modification by the Soviets as a way to catch up with the American's M-16 rifle resulted to the Ak-74 which used the 5.4539mm cartridge. Basically,changing bullets meant drastic changes that it would result to a new gun. Now the Germans are at war and they have no time for R and D. The best way is simply to stick to the trusted and proven.
nicholaspraetor chapter 7 . 5/2
You know, It will be Ironic that the Nazis are fighting the Soviets with their own Gear.

Even the Sturmgewehr 44 was a rare weapon even for the Waffen SS. The Kalashnikov is a universal weapon that equips even the most pettiest soldier.
nicholaspraetor chapter 1 . 5/2
Neh the Stg 44 is like the Tiger Tank. Very Advance for its time but also very expensive and it is usually does not last very long.

The Ak meanwhile is a T-54, cheap to make, mass produced but also why use an Stg 44 when someone else made a decision to improve it. Just Paint it all black as its signiture , just like Hitler's toothbrush mustache.

Now Strategy. Using my knowledge in The Second World War by being an enthusiast and playing Hearts of Iron 4 for hundreds of hours I have made you a Grand Strategy to Win the War.

No1 Insurgencies
With a Large Blob that the Third Reich had made itself, I expect that pesky rebels are there to ruin efficiency. Try to Control that by putting a puppet Russian Government. If there still Romanovs in the Continent, Use them like how the Japanese in Ww2 did the Same in Manchuko. The Russians today still thought that the Revolution was a Disaster.

No2 The War of the Atlantic
- The War of the Atlantic was a War that the Germans lost a lot of their subs just because the Enigma was compromised. That would not be the case right now but sonar and radar will vastly improve. Another thing is Liberty Ships. The Americans kept pumping these ships so fast and so many that the Lion was dealing with too many Elephants too eat. However the unwillingness of the American People to fight an unpopular war will take its toll in its production. From this point you have to either increase hunting American Ships and try to destroy as much infrastructure such as cargo ships, oil ships but not passenger ships. You have to make the American masses upset but not angry to the enemy which is you, rather than its own government. Do this and it will be like Vietnam.

No3 Cooperation With Japan.

What the Reich could help in Japan is for my understanding minimal but technological developments are important. Try to ship through U-boats schematics of Tanks and especially anti-tank weaponry in which the Japs are essentially poor to deal even a Single Sherman. Try to ship a Panzerschreck(aka German Bazooka) or even a rapidly made RPG 7. I know the Germans could easily make a model with a schematic. The Rpg 7 was built barely two decades from the Second World War at 1961 and would have a devastating effect in the Battlefield such as experienced in the Vietnam War however there is a downside since an RPG has enough firepower to destroy or disable even the most powerful WW2 tank.

No4. Long Range Strategic Bombers

The Germans were unable to take Britain and one of the major causes is that they do not have large numbers of Strategic Bombers. Try to ramp production and make better engines using future Tech. You could however use a schematic of the B-29 superfortress if those two dudes have it. It will essentially free up cost in R and D which in the Real World was more Expensive than Project Trinity ( The A-Bombs). Hell, the schematics to build such an aircraft might be there in the Internet Archives for free or you might go to the National Archives and get a copy to an essentially declassified schematics of the aircraft, everything from engines to suspension and unto all the complex rnd process to make the aircraft.
PlasmaTorch chapter 22 . 5/1
Hello everyone, hope you are all doing okay. The past couple of months have been crazy. I haven't been able to work on the story until recently. Rest assured though, the next chapter will be ready within a few days! Thank you all for the interest and the feedback.

To the last commentor. The Germans are indeed testing a number of different rifles, including the Gewehr 43, STG 44, and AK 47. Weapons selection is a tricky process, so its hard to say what they will go with.

Advanced weapons like the Me 262 fighter, Type 21 U-boat, and others would all see accelerated development. The Tiger tank is already in service months ahead of OTL, and proving its worth on the Eastern front. The Germans are studying transistors, but they can't make use of them just yet.

And yes. After the capitulation of Leningrad, many ships from the Baltic fleet would have gone into service with the Kriegsmarine. They would use whatever vessels were serviceable.
Memeology chapter 22 . 4/29
Guest actually the Germans developed the StG 44 which was like the predecessor to the AK. Due to the future archives if they have managed to improve on the design a bit and put it into production earlier than IRL it would actually be very effective especially now that the Red Army is kinda screwed.
Guest chapter 9 . 4/29
So this is how Man in the High Castle Started.

No need to know qhat will happen if the Axis had Won
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