Reviews for An Open Heart: Other Realm, Frost Family Series Book 4
Naomi chapter 20 . 11/16
Well holy fuck. Right. Uhm. Heh? Okay uhm... I’m trying to get obverse that last moment between Bri and Willow.

Okay, so the brothers. They must be important... who was poisoned recently... there’s been so much go on! Hmmm. I’m confused. And baffled. But sooo good as always. I want the answers already. Hurry up and write.
Naomi chapter 19 . 11/16
What! What! What! What’ what! My little proph! What the fuck!

Ookay breath... girl! Do you hate me! Things were beginning to get happy and you ruined it!

Loved the single ladies but! Oh my god. I laughed so hard.

Does the story have anything to do with what’s happening/going to happen: happened? Just an idea. Oh and the mask? And relevance?
NikNak13 chapter 20 . 11/12
Ah man, another theory blown out the window! When I read Bri was pregnant, I thought it would be Felix's! I'm still pretty sure Evan is his though, especially with the teal eyes. Evan sounds so wise and sad for a kid of his age; especially when compared to Prophecy (who does appear a little spoilt sometimes!). It would be cool if they did turn out to be cousins.
I'm intrigued about Duffin, and why he seems a little backward for his age. And the two mystery men... one and two, hmm?
Naomi Breach chapter 18 . 11/9
Imagine a head spinning with question marks flying uncontrollably around it... this is me.
Guest chapter 19 . 11/7
Thanks for the warning a few chapters back that things are about to move really fast. But I think there's way too many characters and sub-plots and issues now. It's just TOO MUCH and TOO CONFUSING and no longer a pleasant read. Just my personal opinion but obviously, there are still some readers who love it so good for you. I'm super sad because I've been a fan since the first book, but am now giving up on following this. I wish you all the best.
Naomi Breach chapter 17 . 11/6
Well what do I say to that beauty of a chapter. I was a little confused because of the jump in time but other than that it was good I love that little kiss scene at the end. Oh I can imagine it. Ha! Stupid Aiden. I don’t really see the point of Sia at the moment. Like she seems pointless being in the story but I also know you. I’m a little suspicious of her to be honest. I wonder if I’m over thinking things with her a little.
Naomi Breach chapter 16 . 11/5
Fuuuuuuuuck and here we though things were going to get better! Ha! I didn’t really. I know they will but I’m a little confused and I can’t beleive I waited so long to read. What am I like really hmm? Well done sweetie good stuff
NikNak13 chapter 19 . 11/5
Lol, I remember now, you like foxes, right?
That's cool, how you say your brain works by thinking of arcs - isn't that how many TV programmes work? It gives us so many characters to root for, and the opportunity to change our minds about some of them. Still thinking Jacob's going to prove pretty important at some point, mind...
And I'm kind of glad that Willow and Aiden are all neatly tied up and coming to a close. I wasn't quite as attached to them as I was to Jack and Nisha; plus, I can't wait for you to explain some of these webs and red herrings! I did think the next book would be about Bren and Sera, but now I think more Felix. And if Willow and Aiden don't have a son, then either Felix or Sera will have to carry the line on, I guess. I get the feeling Aiden doesn't like being Lord of Winter, too.
And I'm soooo hoping we see more of Mr Big/Sir/'the creepy horrible guy'!
PS. I hate red herrings :D
NikNak13 chapter 18 . 11/4
Oh crikey, this is seriously good! Mind-bendingly so, but I love how many plot threads you've got going on here, and how there's the possibilty you're going to tie them all up in one big showdown.
So Chloe... does that mean the baby is Felix's? Especially with the 'friends with benefits' line. If he is the father of Evan, he must have been 15/16 when he was conceived? Umm, not too improbable, I guess...
And I remember the witch that got hold of the blood that Willow had to drink to survive. The death of a family tree - surely you don't mean the Frosts?
Bicorn... fascinated by that one word!
NikNak13 chapter 17 . 10/29
Ooh, I wonder if Aiden summoned Bren in time before his memories could be wiped! I bet it was Sera that Bren thought the blood had been taken from, as I remember Tatiana being so keen on drinking it.
Love the idea of the Teacup Swirl ride taking such a prominent part, lol. And it was cool that you had Willow ask Aiden out on the date (which I am awaiting with bated breath!)
Katarina chapter 17 . 10/28
I'm still here. I was just sick again and when I had time to read I could only do that and fall asleep. No offence, I was just so tired. I still love your story and I am still curious tot know where it will lead to... I'm so in love with Aiden and Willow, to think I hated her in the beginning. I just had to trust you! Thank you for sharing your story!
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 17 . 10/27
So glad that Willow is ok! I truly thought that Nox was the bad guy, but why would he be willing to heal her is he is? Trying to cover up? And poor Bren! That must have been a long night.

Oh, Marcus, you're so very right! Thank you for pushing Aiden to do the right thing! I'm glad Aiden at least *tried* to do it right away, hopefully, it goes well on their date? Of course, probably not...

Wonderful chapter!
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 16 . 10/24
I love how Bren was like- yeah, sure, human, but still gonna kick your butt. Also, if only the twin knew the card game... On a related note, my husband gets *brutal* about Connect Four.

Poor Willow! Just as she and Aiden were about to get into it, and she was smart too! She brought help, but Bren stepped away for just a second and then *wham*! Nox's(? I think it's clear now but "?" to be sure) minion kidnapped her! Why didn't Bren warn her about the soul stone? I mean, he had no idea, but now Willow is in danger. Again!
NikNak13 chapter 16 . 10/23
Bren is just adorable! But I hope he isn't going to lose his memories of loving Sera; those two would be so perfect together. Seriously, Willow is meant for Aiden, Sera for Bren, and Felix... well, I'll take Felix off your hands ;-)
Soooooo excited about the last part! I hope this means we'll be seeing more of Sir again soon!
NikNak13 chapter 15 . 10/9
Oh dear, now Willow's dad looks younger than her! Still, it's good to have the gang all back together :-)
Hmm, I can imagine how writing that second part would make you feel queasy but it wasn't too bad reading it. I'm sad though; I thought I'd guessed who Sir is but reading other reviews, I'd say they're right and I'm wrong. Still really confused in parts though, so you're up to your usual high standard of complete mind-boggling!
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