Reviews for Never Too Far Gone: Find the Deaf Ear that'll Listen
Reiko Stein chapter 1 . 2/22/2018
I read your enire story. Personally think it was a good one and I see potential.
J.Kuzzey chapter 1 . 7/30/2017
Not a bad start. I'm really liking the narration. We can feel her character in every sentence. A lot of people do first person POV but give the narrator such a bland voice. Pleased to see that isn't the case here. I love the dynamic between her and her mother. Very real. Nice job with character interactions in general. It feels natural.
You have a few grammar mistakes, but they're so common on FictionPress. Not capitalizing in correct locations, for example ["if you must know,"...] should be ["If you must know,"...] Occasionally you use a period instead of a comma for dialogue tags. For example ["KU." He answered...] should be ["KU," he answered...].
Other than that, everything else looks good. It flowed nicely and kept me engaged. A quick read through by yourself or another would probably catch most of the small mistakes, since usually those kinds of things happen from simply not looking back.
Keep it up.