Reviews for Animal X 動物X
Rren Cross chapter 1 . 8/14/2017
Oh wow. I got hooked when the brother was introduced as someone -probably the only one who considers him family. I loved it!

id love to see more of this supporting brother and perhaps even his speculation of what happened many years ago with his mother and adopted brother. How she died to save him, did he see it? What did she say to her son that made it different in comparison to the many that loved her.

how does he view the changes in his brother, how he views him as a sibling or does he really only pity him? Will he become a major support as time goes on? Eeeeehhhhh I'm excited to see what you do!

its a great start on the story, take your time and just continue as you are for its awesome! I can see a lot is going for you already with much potential to work with. let us get to know a little about our cast so we can get some real feel for who their are, though mystery is good if you ever choose that! Well done -

looking forward to chappy 2!