Reviews for Dawn of the Elementalist
The Light and The Dark chapter 1 . 8/19/2017
Now this was interesting...especially with an older character. Normally, I review by checking grammar, spelling, and structure first...but you were able to pull me in that I only focused on the story.

I loved the element idea you have going, especially the end when he combines fire, earth, water and air. I found it particularly intriguing how you didn't just say 'oh it floated in the air' but rather the air hardened or thickened around the rock.

Now, the only difficulty I had was when he was in the cave. I didn't understand what exactly was taking place. Was the cave falling in and flooding somehow at the same time? Maybe I'm reading it wrong and just need to look over it again.

And what elemental energy was there that was so powerful...or was it just an echo of power. I'm sure most of this will be explained in future chapters, if you will be writing more of course...which I truly hope you do.

Overall fantastic story!