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Jae Hwa chapter 15 . 26m
Kris! Kris! Kris! Oh my god the Exo-L in me is screaming!

But yes! Go solve that mystery Ria!
ArcanePunkster chapter 3 . 28m
I'm going to say this now the Pool-Dude/Doritos guy needs his own side story after this chapter, you have to have him as a 'trend' in your story now, I demand this! Only joking or am I?

I can tell you this now that I'm all for Ryuu in this election, the girls that follow aren't crazed psychopaths.

Oh and just to say, I'm shipping RiaxKian in this story however I know that won't happen cause the characters I ship in animes and manga never come to fruition.
Jae Hwa chapter 14 . 20h
Well, well! I see our lil’ Ria has a protector of sorts! Good for her, god knows she needs it—from the second years to Haru. Hmm, so it is her senpai! Aww!

I hope Haru fixes his xenophobia and attitude soon, it can’t be good to have someone like that as a clan head!
Jae Hwa chapter 13 . 23h
Haru really is a lil' bitch. Something must've happened if he's this unreasonably mad at Ria, maybe when she came to St Warrior's they declared her the true heir of the Hiwatari clan instead of Haru? Also, the voice is the senpai from the blue tower, am I right?
Jae Hwa chapter 12 . 23h
I totally agree with Ria, her cousin is a complete psychopath! And xenophobic, too! Just because Ria was raised among humans doesn't mean she's any worse. I mean, look at her! She's getting along with Kian just fine! Assuming Haru and Ria look extremely alike, I'm guessing Ria is very attractive, too.
Jae Hwa chapter 11 . 23h
Now everything is falling into place, well done! No wonder the Haruites were frowning at Ria in the beginning. I initially thought those chapters were to show what's going on and how crazy the school can be, but now I see that it's foreshadowing ;u;;

And the shoutouts were very sweet. :) I'm sure no one will feel uncomfortable with you!
ryytytut chapter 59 . 3/18
I'd love to have a character in the story, unfortunately the name "Damon" (my first name) is taken
Zeroalphamus chapter 59 . 3/18

After so, so long THEY have returned. You totally blindsided me!

I mean, wtf! From the looks of it Haru is involved with kian's imprisonment/possible abduction?

Or is it something else?

And Jihan! A new character based on a reader?! Holy shit I thought u was KIDDING! (I want it tooooo!)

One problem I found was : Kian said that he, unlike the others had a CHOICE to attend the academy...but last I read NO ONE is given a choice. I MUST KNOW MORE.

So...what is Kians secret? And what is Kian afraid of Ria finding out?
Tbh I thought the ships were going to be RiaxAmir and AstaxKian...the nice ones and the obvious tsunderes together...

But I'm not sure anymore. So did Haru and his creeps like lure ryuu away (distraction) and do something bad?

And what exactly are the 'normals' doing spying on Haru again?

And Nigel? The dude keeps popping up every where. Why did the factions attack him? Why is he at the Hiwatari place? Is he crazy?
Kian...I knew that dumb act was going to come and bite him in the as one day...but noooooooo!

Kian...someone save him! His brother maybe?
Jae Hwa chapter 10 . 3/18
Somewhere in the beginning: "Besides her Asta and Amir were..." Should be beside.
Also: "Amir was asking Asta, who looked caught her..." Looked should be cut out.
The paragraph where Asta was explaining how seniority works within the academy should be revised, it's worded weirdly.

I study in a freaking commercial building, and they get to study in a castle? Noo, that's not fair! I'm almost willing to give up my human status. Emphasis, almost. I probably wouldn't, since I have no sense of direction, but it's a cool concept nonetheless. Maybe someone should fashion a psychology university out of a castle, then I'd get to live that fantasy!

Huh, I was expecting Nyx to have black hair, or at least be black, since Nyx is the Goddess of the Night.

Ahh, so that was why they couldn't stay in their respective clan houses! They had to be recognized first! Smart move! And of course Amir would be treasurer! I'm so glad the five of them get to do these "fun" activities together! Seeing as how Asta said it wasn't good, I can't wait to see what will happen!

I'm starting to like Henry a whole lot!
Datathee chapter 59 . 3/18
Omoomoomomomomomomo! They're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

I swear, Kian was dropped a lot as a baby wasn't he? Interesting reveleation about him. I thought no one could make a choice about the school. What makes him special?

So there's another group: the normals. I'll pray for them. Nigel and Jihan, you brave, brave souls.

Kian, I too want to know Amir's secret. And I hope for your sake, it's not bad.

What's up with Asta and her Clan? Did they do something bad in history? Or does it have to do with their powers?

Ha. Long's Savior Complex. Yessssssss, someone clocked it. Thinking about the Fresher's arc, I remembered thinking he was going to martyr himself. Fortunately, that didn't happen.
Jae Hwa chapter 9 . 3/18
Hmm... the man-eating hedge huh? I have a feeling it's Kian being Kian as usual. Sleeping Beauty used 'Briar Rose' as an alias, too. Is there a connection?

Good job as usual!
ryytytut chapter 42 . 3/16
Chapter 42: deamon cactus, how do you come up with this stuff, it's hilarious
Jae Hwa chapter 8 . 3/16
A familiar sounds familiar? Aah, I see whatchu did there! Our Ria-chan is a hardcore army, I see ;u;;

But wow. I guess Ria must be extremely special huh? I’m curious what the other’s familiars will be. I’m guessing Kian’s will be a wolf, Henry something silver?
ArcanePunkster chapter 2 . 3/16
Liking that 'rollercoaster ride' on the bus to school. Wish my childhood was this awesome. For some reason I'm starting to like Kian even though it's chapter two, he gives off a vibe of being hostile but he actually cares about his friends, that's if he and Ria do end up becoming friends. But I suppose I have to keep on reading! ;)

As before just proof read some areas because I had go back here and there to just make sure I knew what was going on.

But like before it was an enjoyable read, especially on the way to work on public transport!
Jae Hwa chapter 7 . 3/15
In the beginning, "stone courtyard was leached almost white." Should be bleached.
When introducing Rui, it was slightly confusing. I thought Rui was the senpai—and oh my god, more handsome than her oppas? You must be kidding me!—and only realized the guy in blue was Rui after rereading it a few times.

But damn, Ria! If I had a handshake with someone that good looking, I wouldn't ask him to stop! But yeah, I like the small friendship (that's the closest thing I can think of) forming between Kian and Henry! But why would Amir's place have no hot water? Perhaps Kian used it all up when he got into 'hot water'?

...No? Okay, I'll show myself out.
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