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Cloudcrushed chapter 37 . 12/14
This review contains spoilers.

I can't help but feel sorry for the class tbh, especially Miguel. They're all 12 year olds but since he could read a person/object's history, he must've almost gone insane. Heck, I'm surprised he hasn't gone crazy yet since he saw the story of how those children got tortured to their deaths. Of course, they are yokais but even so, a human would have turned mad, traumatized for life and mentally/emotionally crippled for seeing such awful things.

I'd love to see more of him in future chapters! Pls give him more screentime.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 36 . 12/12
Geez, I wonder WTF is on Ria’s head and what Kian is thinking about.

Asta’s last line to Damon made me laugh. I think more banter between those two could be funny.
Zeroalphamus chapter 36 . 12/12
KIAN lmao
"floss from hell..."
I legit spat my juice over my phone omg. I wonder what plan Henry is upto now that the initial one got axed.
And what's with the black clan?
Update !
Cloudcrushed chapter 36 . 12/12
This review contains spoilers.

I have to say, Asta and Kian was savage af in this chapter. Especially Asta lmao xD
She got no chill and legitimately thinks that pain is a good motivator. Even though, it was Damon's fault to begin with, I can't help but feel sorry for him. Well, just a little bit. Hahaha, you have no idea how insane I went when that feather thing shoved itself in Kian's mouth and Asta's reaction to it was to slap him xD

Good work!

But I noticed a bit of a flaw, as in:
"...Amir and Asta gasped as they saw the blue fire erupted from his Kian's hand."

I know you're referring to Kian's hand but I think it's only necessary to pick only one of them. Which is either 'his' or 'Kian's', instead of putting them both in the same sentence.

So the correct sentence would be:
"...Amir and Asta gasped as they saw the blue fire erupted from Kian's hand."
IcyRose01 chapter 33 . 12/11
About the riddle, this is my interpretation.
Deities reside in the sky, well usually in most mythology so it's most likely something high up. And yeah, to have endless sight in the night would be having light. "My father was King and his father Time". Zeus was sort of the King of the gods and his father, Kronos or Chronos meant time. Artemis was a huntress and Apollo's twin, and the pearl in the sky is referring to the moon, which she is also a goddess of. Isn't this talking about Apollo? And basically the sun, as he is called a god of the sun.
Cloudcrushed chapter 35 . 12/11
This review contains spoilers.

I really like how this arc mainly revolves on Kian. But now, what will they do?

I got a feeling that Asta's mystery guest is Damon...
And I feel so sorry for Henry's squad, especially Miguel. They have to go through so much to survive this 'challenge' in one piece. I hope Miguel is a recurring character 'cause his powers are really interesting.

And it's sad because of Damon's bleeding inevitably led the undead to Asta's squad... *sigh*
Zeroalphamus chapter 35 . 12/10
I kinda feel sorry for Henrys group tho.
Now, who did they run into? Kians group or Damon? Damon was pretty badly injured and even tho he's a jerk, I don't want him done in ...
OMG I can't wait!
Ps. What did rani mean by 2 are not okay or something? Please keep uploading asap XD
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 35 . 12/10
So, that’s Kian’s big power people have been alluding to.

Hm, I wonder who Asta’s group ran into. Emilio and... I forgot her name maybe.

And uh, I’d suggest minimizing the number of ellipses. Some of them can be replaced with commas but some just seem out of nowhere. I think maybe you include them because you’re picturing a manga and text being on different panels? But in novel form, too many looks weird.


[And that god awful stench...seemed to be getting stronger.]

Can just be

[And that god-awful stench seemed to be getting stronger.]

The ones in dialogue are for the most part helpful though.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 34 . 12/9
I’m looking forward to seeing what Henry’s plan is.

OMG targeting girls on their period is so screwed up.
Cloudcrushed chapter 34 . 12/8
This review contain spoilers, don't read if you haven't read the chapter yet.

Wow, the anime feels are strong with this chapter (which is a good thing). So, will Damon/Zach/Raven/Miguel be part of the main casts now or side characters with some decent amount of spotlight?

This chapter is solid. I didn't think of anything about bleeding profusely in the instruction and I never caught the hint given when Kian bled last chapter. Kudos for that, my friend. Not sure what's my favourite part;
(a) Henry & Asta taking charge
(b) Kian, once again, being a prodigy that he is and knowing his way around the woods
(c) Kian realizing about what really happened with the fire ritual
(d) The conclusion that the skeletons have been going around and eating children in the woods.

The part where the guys are embarrassed with Asta's conditions were hilarious, though. But I'm glad that they didn't make fun of her for it and managed to stay cool. Well done!
Cloudcrushed chapter 33 . 12/7
This review contains spoilers. If you haven't read the chapter, please do not read this review.

OH MY GOD! THIS CHAPTER BROUGHT A BUNCH OF THINGS TO THE TABLE. So many questions, and most of them starts with 'Why...'
As in, why would Kian left the cave in the first place?
Why can't Kian used his powers but Miguel can use his?

"That thing's of course. That - that used to be a person." Omg, that line legit gave me the spooks. It kinda reminds of Lazuli from Steven Universe, as both the person and her got trapped in an object.

When Miguel 'read' the knife and told the class about its story, once again, you never failed to give me goosebumps. The instructions seemed weirdly cheerful as if the FC doesn't even care whether the class will stay alive or not.. I mean wth happened to their sense of right or wrong? If this is some sort of sick joke, then the FC have a dangerous sense of humor!
Zeroalphamus chapter 33 . 12/7
Sprey for not reading sooner...
Oh man nice overlay with the whole mystery, the creepy freshers ( which seems so disturbing)...and I think I got the riddle! But will the kids? And is the warning for real?
Looking forwards ...
This may seem random but whoooooooooo this story has just gone pregressively darker...
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 33 . 12/6
Well, shit’s getting real. Please keep updating at a fast pace like you have been so far! Or else I’ll go crazy to find out what will happen next!

I really love the riddle.

Let’s see what I can parse from it... deities that reside in the sea of darkness makes me think stars! Or maybe planets but that makes less sense. I think it’s telling them to go straight in a certain direction. (IDK which yet.) as for the rest of it... uh, maybe it means follow the sun? But I’m not sure. It’s the last two lines which make me think so. “Eternal guide, father of life.” The sun is source of all life on earth and people have always used the sun for their sense of direction, but the latter is true of other stars too. Also I could see the moon as a “twin sister” of the sun (especially since the moon is considered a feminine thing in so many different cultures...) that often looks like a big pearl, which is always separated from the sun. But if that’s the case IDK what it means by “my father is the sun and his Father Time”; I feel like it may relate to some culture’s mythology but IDK.

Anyway looking forward to more!
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 32 . 12/4
I’m finally caught up on this! You’ve been updating faster than I can read it!

Okay, so to start, i love the overall feel of this! You’ve captured that manga feeling perfectly. It’s made me feel nostalgic. It also gives me slight Harry Potter vibes, but with a different kind of magic system and a less... nice school environment. In the beginning, the story wasn’t suspenseful, more fun than intriguing, but as the plot thickens you’ve built that mystery quite well. Like Ryuu; is he friend or foe? I’d he really trying to protect Ria, or exploit her, or both? What’s going to happen with the Fresher’s? I’m genuinely excited to read more.

I don’t have much to say in the way of critique, there are some errors but you’ve already said you’re planning to clean them up. One thing I’d like to mention that is recurring though is in the dialogue. About the placement I’d gestures and such. For example let’s say we want to say Bob wants to tell Babette some shocking news which makes Babette gasp. This story has some parts similar to the following

[“Mongooses have launched an assault on the library!” She gasped.]

This makes it sound like Babette says that and then gasps.


[“Mongooses have launched an assault on the library!” he shouted.

She gasped.]

Another thing to consider is showing us more of Ria’s internal life. We don’t know much about her other than that she had 2 parents and liked manga (and what we see her directly do in the story.) I really like that you use her love of manga both as a reference for how she sees the world and solves problems. We see her compare things to manga, we see her stock it in her home, we see her think about it and use that as a reference when she invents a backstory for Haruka etc. I’d like to see more of that - who were her friends, how was her homelife, favorite school subjects, favorite things to do after school. It would make me feel like I knew Ria a lot better.

Anyway, overall I highly enjoy this and am looking forward to more! Excellent storytelling! (Especially since you were a kid as well when you wrote it!)
Cloudcrushed chapter 31 . 12/2
This review contains spoiler. If you haven't read the chapter, please do not read this review.

OH MY GOD! KIAN WAS SUCH A BOSS IN THIS CHAPTER! HELL YEAH. When he hit those anti SCs with actual facts and being a boss about it, I KID U NOT, I LOST MY SH*T tbh.

My reaction was the same as Ria's, Asta's and everybody else. Except it took me a minute or two to actually calm down and continue reading. DANGG, savage Kian dragging them hoes back to hell. Pls make more moments like this in future chapters with Kian or any other character becoming a smartass. Arghh, now im torned tbh, I was stanning Amir in earlier chapters but lately, Kian has been on FIRE and wrecking faves.

Sorry for being overly dramatic but im really looking forward for more!
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