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Datathee chapter 82 . 15h

They're back together! And Miguel is okay! These kids do so much better dealing with adversity when they're together as a class. I smell another bonding moment! I have a feeling the First Years are going to be the most united class in the entire history of the schools.

That poor driver. She just needed a listening ear. Jeez, Asta is colddddddd. Amir is proving to be the kindest one out of the five. I wonder if their personalities were influenced by their home life.

So Haruka and Ryuu are so horrible that adults are terrified of going anywhere near them.

It looks like Caleb might have taken a liking to the gang. What does he like about them?

Lol that fakeout part about Kian kissing someone killed me. I can't wait to see what they'll be like as they grow up and how they'll react to people really kissing each other. My money's on Kian and Ria. They're practically screaming Romeo and Juliet.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 82 . 17h
Aww... Cliffie.
The feud between Amir and Asta is funny.
Wonder what they’re not telling Ria...
Nerissa-McC chapter 82 . 6/15
LOL at the driver's rant! I can totally understand her, though. She must have seen some really weird things happen if she's been working at this school for long! And uh-oh, why do I get the feeling the official titles will be something horribly embarrassing? :D
Cloudcrushed chapter 78 . 6/13
This review contains spoilers.

*sighs* Kian, this is why we don't pick on babies and randomly gave them wedgies, especially, ones that are found in the woods. They might psychos after all...

But seriously, I felt kinda bad for the second year council. Yet they kinda deserved that for even thinking about messing with the factions in the first place. I wonder what Kezar did - did he nullified all of their yokis?

Also, the redhaired teacher was about to get his rear handed to him if the Ashwinis didn't run into the room earlier. So they were cursed huh? I know that teachers don't get involved but if something like their students getting cursed then shouldn't they do something?
Datathee chapter 81 . 6/12
Finally! We see more of Ryuu. It's nice to see the Factions being fleshed out. So far, it seems the girls on both sides are the pragmatists in the group. Lol the boys look like they all have impulsive streaks except for Ryuu of course.

I'd like to see more Freya. She seems so over whatever is happening. Poor Kezar :( He just wants to see his little brother.

What does Ryuu need Kezar for? What can he only do? Is similar to Kian's holy fire? I remember Henry needed him during FA.

With both factions on to them, I'm going to say RIP to the creepy twins. But...they might have something else planned.
Cloudcrushed chapter 75 . 6/11
This review contains spoilers.

Phew, almost there!

LMAOOOOO The mental image of Kian & Amir 'snuggling' got me cackling! xD Haru's sense of responsibility or 'care' towards his cousin reminds me a lot of Glossaryck from Star vs The Forces of Evil. Except Haru is much more brutal and more verbal with his words compared to Glossaryck... (if you've seen that show, that blue lil guy made the mcs got into unnecessary trouble just cuz he can)

But I get that he has (arguably) good intentions but eh... I'm not really sure where I was going with my analysis towards him xD. Anyways, the kids are under house arrest now, in the Hiwatari's mansion?

So many funny moments here and a lot of reveals on what's happening regarding Ria's powers...
Cloudcrushed chapter 74 . 6/11
This review contains spoilers.

Oh so... Jihan and Nigel are actually spying on the Blue Leader? So, the uniform issue was just an excuse, huh? Well, things are certainly getting interesting, *especially* after the introduction of 'that person.' With all these new characters that keeps on getting introduced, I wonder if we'll get to see other readers' submitted OCs anytime soon...

So both of the faction leaders knew of that creature lurking about in the woods? Does that mean the councillors weren't aware the whole time? Also, why is Ryuu after the second-year SC? Or maybe I'm wrong and he's actually targeting the kids?

P.S. I just realized that this 'sub-arc' actually took place for only one night... yet a LOT has happened.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 81 . 6/10
What’s the C.A.?
Nerissa-McC chapter 81 . 6/10
Uh-oh. What's Haruka up to now? It can't be anything good if it has something to do with whatever Ryuu has discovered...
Cloudcrushed chapter 73 . 6/8
This review contains spoilers.

Heya! Phew, well I'm slowly catching up and lemme just say... wow.

Okay, first off, please brace yourself for a very LONG review (pun intended badumtss)

I know I've kinda said it before but you never disappoint me when it comes to setting up of the lore. What I've noticed in this sub-arc is that since Kian & Asta's yokis aren't working, they're probably not related to the three mentioned clans. If anything, I'm sure that Amir, Henry, Ria and even Miguel plays a role since he was dreaming in a place similar to the shrine.

I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but in this sub-arc, I've noticed that Ria isn't afraid of the curse-punishment as compared to her friends, who were literally losing their colour whenever the shrine is mentioned. I know in the early chapters she felt super scared and confused because of her sudden change in environment and I'm aware that Ria is very naive when it comes to the yokai world... but even so, the part where Ria felt intrigued more than fear when she's learning about the shrine is raising some... alert signal for me. If what you've inboxed me is really subtle foreshadowing then wow... Bravo lirian.

Also, I love the fourth wall breaks when Ria knew (and hated xD) how she's always asking the 'same' questions. I'll be reviewing more soon

Nerissa-McC chapter 80 . 6/5
OMG, is the mannequin *alive*? That's so freaking creepy it might give me nightmares 0_0 And LOL at the reference to the slave attire :D
Zeroalphamus chapter 80 . 6/3
Holy crap. Talk about an intense chapter!

Everything suddenly makes sense! AND ALL of this was relate to the happenings way back? The Furr - tard part had me o-O

E sensei sure is upto something...hopefully nothing too bad.
The veil of romance and the 'pervert club' - now that I'd like to know more about!

And who is this twilight loving sempai?! Hopefully nothing happens to Nigel and Johari - they need a break.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 80 . 6/3
Ha. So Mrs. E was there the whole time?

I got mentioned!

Password pants? Lmao.

I think CSA in this story means “contract slave attire” but I would recommend against using that acronym since I commonly see CSA used to mean “child sexual abuse.”
Datathee chapter 80 . 6/2

I totally forgot about the slave contract. This was a good callback for a refresher. Now, the mystery is getting clearer. But, how does E Sensei fit in? Why would she buy it? What's her game?

Is this part of the twins' plan? Diabolical! How dare you sacrifice Nigel and Jihan? How dare you?!

I like the juxtaposition between comedy and horror. One minute, I'm laughing about Pervert Club. The next, I'm at the edge of my seat.

You're so good :D
Datathee chapter 79 . 6/1
They are creepyyyyyyyyyy. Plus power-hungry. Geezzzzzz. You actually got me to root for Team Blue/Red. I hope the boys are smart enough to figure out that there's really three factions and the Normals are actually sinister.

I can't wait for these twins to get their asses handed to them. So they're the ones who cursed the Second Year Council. Mind blown!

I loved this chapter. It was different and changed the direction of the story. This is so much better than Gakuen Alice. Espionage! Politics!
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