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Shang chapter 11 . 9/17
Okay, you did get a dumbfooled glance from me at the mention of Haru's last name, I give you that ;)

But to act like a manga character for a bit: why is EVERYONE so freakin' WEIRD?! :D

Kind of a short chapter, so there's little to comment, but man do those Haruites sound like some major antagonists for a story arc or something :D
Shang chapter 10 . 9/17
Four elements... four houses... hmmm... :D Yeah, I know I'm being kind of an ass implying this, but I just can't help myself here Granted, I am somewhat confused here - I mean Eli himself stated there are 4 elements (using basic division), yet E itself (sorry, I'm not sure if she or he is the more accurate there... and no, I'm not trying to be offensive... this time :D) proclaimed a five elemental system. Is there a typo somewhere or is this deliberately misleading?

The chapter itself was pretty fun, like Nyx's "reassuring" statement about her python's diet and the start of Student Council appointment was funny (after Ria it became pretty obvious where this was heading); granted, with Kian being generally an ass I find it questionable for the others to actually care what happens to him - he's being unpleasant towards them and is basically responsible for their trouble to begin with. Still, you do stick with your main cast ;)

Overall a fun chapter.
Datathee chapter 96 . 9/12 these guys share a blood bond? How else would Kezar know Ryuu was overexerting himself?
Judging by Freya's tone, it sounds she too isn't completely sold on Ryuu's tactics for whatever they are for.

What are the Vulaptra?

Does Ryuu have difficulty containing his Inner Nature?

Is he going to eat Jihan and Ni? :(

Why is Ryuu obsessed with Ria? What makes her so special to him?
Datathee chapter 95 . 9/12
I read earlier in the week on my phone but I knocked out )X

Asta's dad sounds like a gem. A really nice gem filled with warmth and goodness... Getting a snippet into her backstory, no wonder Asta is stone-cold violent. It sounds like she was raised to keep her guard up at all times which makes sense considering who she's descended from.

Yo. Amir is shadyyyyyyy. Why would he bounce at a time like this?

That hair moment was so cute. I sense a ship coming. Lol and it started with hair tips lol.
Datathee chapter 94 . 9/12
I'll check out Asura Shots :)
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 96 . 9/10

(Just kidding.)

I wonder what Vulaptra is and of course, the ever present question... what are Ryuu and Kezar up to?

I kind of like Jihan so I kind of hope he won't die.
Nerissa-McC chapter 96 . 9/10
Uh-oh. Is something happening to Ria? And what's going to happen to the two in the cage when Ryuu sees them? I've got an awful feeling that it'll have something to do with him needing to feed... 0_o
Shang chapter 9 . 9/10
To start off: you're just doing this to torture me, aren't you? A spin-off of Gakuen when I'm only on chapter 9? Even Nazi's had a decency to at least propose a last cigar or something :P

That said: is the "Briar Rose incident" somehow a nod to "Blair Witch project" on account of them sounding similar? ;

The chapter was okay, granted mostly hints; I'm awaiting my arrival at chapter 13, per you promise from PMs :P But I like the characters - they're rather distinct from each other. I wonder if we'll get a bigger cast once classes are introduced.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 95 . 9/1
LOL, they’re so alarmed at Henry laughing.

Asta’s Dad seems like a... not-so-nice person. Lol
RainbowPearls chapter 36 . 9/1
haha, I liked the title of the chapter- Drums and conundrums! xD
Asta needs volunteers- let's see how this unfolds! I sometimes like Asta so much! XD
I'm a little curios about Damon's friends! Hope they are okiee!
RainbowPearls chapter 35 . 8/31
The last sentence was so cool, lol yeah. ;)
I get a feeling that Haru is after Ria's feather. :'(

I feel bad about Henry's group- especially Miguel- I think I like his powers! ;)
The events turn out very interesting in each chapter ;)
Zeroalphamus chapter 95 . 8/31
And I do so declare...


I had been looking forward to seeing what would crack Henry's ice prince act. And I'm so not surprised it's the RIAN act. This was funny, as even I though he'd never show more emotion than a faint smile/lip twitch.
[but srsly...THAT is what made him laugh? THAT?!]

Once again, I get a weird feeling when Asta's background comes up. What is her Clan like? Her father [and brothers] seem like psychos. Especially in that part when she was worrying about the about the Blood Bond. I hope you shed light on their pasts more.

Amir, sadly is getting even MORE suspicious. Is he more powerful than he lets on? And which shampoo does he use? XD

The taabeez is definitely super important. In chapter 91 - Ryuu also has a similar looking stone like Ria's. And given that he gave her her tabeez...

So, there is some sort of connection between them, right?
And why is the thing in the woods STILL stalking them? Is it the reason for the Hedge?

Till next time~
nyaanyaa chapter 95 . 8/31
Asta's father sounds really scary. And LOL at Henry's laughter. Will they call ria that now?
Shang chapter 8 . 8/31
Ria, Rui and Rei... someone didn't waste time on inventing names :P

An interesting chapter to be sure with the mystery behind Rei and the "blue tower" residents (but - seriously - red tower, blue tower, white tower, black tower, gold tower? 0.o). I wish you did gave the tower's inside a bit more description, but that aside it was a good chapter and Rei does intrigued me.

Nice work.
Shang chapter 7 . 8/31
So there's a small phoenix in here and yet you still claim this isn't "Harry Potter"... hmmm... :D

I liked the scene between Henry and Kian at the end; a relatively standard shounen comedy. Without knowing anything of the mysterious neighbor, there's not much that can be said about this entry plotwise, but it was a fun read.
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