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Folding Turtles chapter 31 . 8/27
I have a feeling that this is going to turn into one of those the-guy-that-seems-good-actually-turns-out-evil situations, so Haru turns out to be the good guy and Ryuu turns out to be evil. Thoughts:

#29 - Rei looking lonely as he sits on his perch could be compared to the scene in Frankenstein when the mad scientist's creation is looking in through a window; this is often described as the most heart-wrenching scene depicting loneliness in fiction.

#30 - the Freshers is school-endorsed hazing. Imagine Councillor K gender-bent into an anti-Effie (as in, make the clothes polar opposites) when he says "May you mostly survive in one piece"... "May the odds be ever in your favor"... Wait, Kian, if you didn't like caviar, try sea cucumbers. They're also outrageously expensive (at $80/lb) and, from what I've heard, really nasty. When he said, "I ate it thinking it was JELLY!" I had a flashback to the time I ate wasabi thinking it was guacamole. Rude awakening.

#31 - the creepy statue of the woman by the fountain reminds me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Great show, BTW if you haven't seen it.
Folding Turtles chapter 28 . 8/26
Wow, after an estimated 110,000 words (568,000 words / 145 chapters * 28 chapters read so far), both the readers and Ria finally have some concrete explanations.

#25 - the Slave Attire is milder form of 50 Shades of Gray. Wait, imagining spin-off fics of this fic gives some truly spine-tingling sensations.

#27 - the uncle's note to Ria is bordering on creepy... "mental persuasion is stuff like mind control, hallucinations, and illusions..." mental persuasion is a.k.a. taking too much of the STRONG stuff. XD Pretty sure that Santa Claus only wears that characteristic red and white costume because of a highly successful Coca-Cola campaign. Ahahaha, it all makes sense, the blue stuff.

I've always wondered in the books with semi-/fully-immortal people (like Lord of the Rings) how come the immortal lands never run out of resources and turn into the Malthusian Apocalypse if the people basically don't die? Like, how come the conflicts in those worlds don't revolve around the END OF OIL or NO FOOD or NO ROOM? And everything seems to be based off this all-consuming desire for POWER? When immortal people live forever, why would they want to stir up trouble for everyone that could last an eternity instead of enjoying life by the beach and sipping coconut milk from a coconut? Then again, why would regular people stir up trouble the same way, especially when they only have a limited amount of time to live...?
Folding Turtles chapter 23 . 8/25
I guess one of my guesses about who had taken Ria in #21 was correct in #22 - got Kian's brother. :)

I suppose this last bit is why pantsuits became the rage for a couple years. I feel like Ria is stuck in A Series of Inexplicable Events...

Question: is your intention with this story to write an epic fantasy, several novels posted as one long story, or a soap-opera-style story that updates every once in a while just for kicks?
Folding Turtles chapter 21 . 8/24
Loving the multitudinous plot points popping up in almost every chapter. You are weaving a DENSE tapestry, my friend. Specific (though mostly random) thoughts:

#17 - the black stones in Ria's bathtub are volcanic obsidian, and the fire power within them is able to create a blissful hot tub... The gathering of cloaked figures in the cave sounds like a cross between Dead Poet's Society and Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Sure wish the second year council were just SHADOWS ON THE WALLS...

#18 - three blue flying roses and a bottle of Cognac for Ria's dreams of normalcy, just like the three red roses and bottle of Cognac that Poe receives every year on his grave. R.I.P. for both.

#19 - the "stalker rose"... it is Edward Cullen reincarnated as horticulture as punishment for corrupting the minds of innumerable tween and teen girls with dreams of romance with a hundred-year-old compensated psychopath (there was actually a legit academic paper written on this subject, I kid you not). Alternative uses of the blue rose: Bleu de Chanel. I'm sure the Paris couture houses would love to get their hands on that stuff. "Bottled immortality," you can already see the ads with wispy ladies.

#20 - Kian is experiencing quantum entanglement with his brother's physical state. Also, kudos, I think this is your best suspense chapter so far!

#21 - the person who just pulled in Ria is either her neighbor, her cousin, her uncle, or maybe Kian's brother?
Folding Turtles chapter 16 . 8/23
Riotously amusing! :) All my thoughts on the previous six chapters:

#11 - the elemental divisions remind me of The Last Airbender (loved the cartoon when I was little, but the live action film really killed the aesthetic). Nyx is secretly a Slytherin. The second year council sounds like a bloodthirsty lynch mob.

#12 - "the ground fell away at an alarming rate" ... even more alarming than the rate at which bees are dying? Because BEES ARE DYING AT AN ALARMING RATE!

#13 - Haru is just about the worst combination of nativism, Social Darwinism, and Hitler with his pencil mustache, or a psyched-up Nietzsche discoursing on the impending coming of THE SUPERMAN, at least, THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA (this book's a little dry, but dangerously interesting).

#14 - prediction: Councillor K and Ria's aunt are having an affair.

#15 - prediction: the cousin's probably mad because Ria was sent to replace him as the rightful heir, or some other kind of power struggle

#16 - okay... so not everyone in America uses "ain't"... It's typically more common among dialects of the South and Appalachian regions, although exact pronunciations vary by region. When I read "learn ballet," I was thinking... plie (accent aigu) in first position, in second position, in first position again, fifth position, first position, first position, first position, for some reason third and fourth position just aren't used that much... And the most disturbing: "We shall yearn to ... be kidnapped by him" - that sounded downright like the reincarnation of the NXIVM cult.
Folding Turtles chapter 10 . 8/22
I'm not familiar with manga fiction, having not read many mangas or watched many animes, but I enjoy the style of this story - the fast scene cuts and Ria's internal thoughts. Overall, I think it's a riotously imaginative, fantastical, and **wee-bit** disturbed version of Harry Potter x Spirited Away x The Magic School Bus franchise x general Gothic literature. Really great job on the worldbuilding, action narration, and pacing! Specific thoughts about section numbers...

#1 - it may be helpful to tighten the prose a bit by condensing some of Ria's thoughts and flashbacks about what her parents told her.

#2 - the reference to Lady Gaga's platform heels... Are you referring to the infamous space age heels she wore in the music video for Bad Romance, the ones by Alexander McQueen for the Plato's Atlantis show? Ms. E's wardrobe reminded me a little of Effie's avant-garde Marie Antoinette get-up from The Hunger Games. The description of the boy in black's clothing as having been shredded by a maniac with shears reminded me of Edward Scissorhands - another mildly disturbing Gothic / Contemporary tale (albeit a movie).

#5 - the repetition of the black bird made me think of Poe's beloved Raven that always quothed "Nevermore". XD

#8 - to sustain tension, it may be helpful to shorten the conversation between Ria and her neighbor. A glimpse and brief description may be enough to pique curiosity and keep readers guessing.

#9 - I had a such a good laugh about Kian's flaming finger, thinking the whole time that he'd sure like to - double entendre - give a flaming finger to the bird who gave him a flaming finger.

Really great work so far... have to catch up on the rest of the chapters, but also looking forward to your next update! :)
Cloudcrushed chapter 139 . 7/8
Good to be back, old friend. :D

Well, what can I say?

I'm getting bad vibes from Ms. E... She's seeing all of this as some sort of sick game, in the beginning, at least... The fact that the other teachers knew better than to mess with her, probably means that she's a force to be reckoned with.

SO many new faculty members made their debut. McNaught sounds pretty strong - if he can get under E's skin like that, I'm sure he got more tricks under his sleeves.

I'm getting bad vibes from Gevaudan... Boss fight level type of bad vibes...

I wonder what this could all mean...

See ya next chapter! TEHEHEHEHEHE~
Ser Quicksand chapter 48 . 5/8
I have to say, it's good seeing that you were able to get back to this last month, even if I also feel bad for allowing myself to fall so far behind. Hopefully all's well on your end.

Amir having a relaxed, mild-mannered white kitten to contrast Kian's ill-tempered one is remarkably fitting, when I think about it. As well, Henry having a little golden snake that's kind of skeptical of things works well for him as well, considering that in a lot of ways, he's the brains of the group. Even if he's still too modest to think of himself that way. Asta's little turtle seems oddly adorable to me, and the thought of all the familiars already being well...familiar with each other was nice. Though, that more than half of the shouldn't even have them in the first place is a little bit unsettling to say the least.

It's a little curious trying to figure out exactly what Councillor H is thinking pulling them all back like that. Just as I'm a little concerned that Henry was healed up by some method that the equivalent of high level, elite doctors hadn't been able to find or approve, since that makes me wonder if there might be some sort of lingering side effects. That he's still hiding some things about his dream/vision/etc from the rest of the group is making me worry a bit more too. Also, I have to applaud you for working the "familial summons" pun into the letter discussion. As for Miguel? He might just be in a little bit of trouble I'm thinking, but it looks like that's something I'll soon find out. I'm looking forward to continuing to get caught up.
nyaanyaa chapter 140 . 4/12
have really been waiting for the final and keep returning to this :(
I really hope you can finish this arc off so that we can get to the classes.
nyaanyaa chapter 145 . 4/12
hey! Finally!
I like jihan but I can't help annoyed at nigel. He seems to be quite useless :/
Also, I know you took a break but PLEASEEEE complete the rekarya. Good luck at uni!
Nerissa-McC chapter 145 . 4/11
Yay, a new chapter! :D :D

Haru made the academy run out of burn medication?! 0_0 Gotta agree with Jihan; the Haruites are completely bonkers XD I wonder who Haru was talking to... and what Ryuu means in that last sentence...

Good luck with your course!
Zeroalphamus chapter 145 . 4/10
liriaaaannn bro you have been late!

I honestly thought you weren't coming back for good so its great to know you are still writing. And I really missed the gang :( but ooohhh boy are u unpredictable xD
Here i was expecting more about the partnering and you throw me off loop again haha.
Please upload like you used to!
RailgunX chapter 10 . 11/5/2020
I was not expecting the Hedge story but it was both interesting and scary.
RailgunX chapter 5 . 11/5/2020
Hello! I have started reading this story and I love interesting the story is. Ria is just confused about everything and she has to learn everything while being in a new area. This is my easily in my top 5 favorite stories on this website.
Great-General01 chapter 2 . 10/30/2020
Love the story so far. Can't wait to read more.
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