Reviews for Family Found a Fallen Saints MC story
Faye Forehand chapter 2 . 11/27
This seems interesting so far.
anhimals chapter 21 . 11/14
I am liking Riley 2.0 better than the original version. In the original, she came off a bit too naive. She grew up on the reservation so she would have a bit of a badass in her. She isn't as social as someone like Stella since she preferred to be outdoors instead of being around the people in the reservation. She can still kick ass and take care of herself instead of needing Prince Charming to rescue her.

A part of me still holding on to Riley being able to take on Killian. Somewhere in the future chapters, you will write a scene where Riley kicks his ass. A reader can only hope, right ;) Until next time...
anhimals chapter 20 . 11/14
I am so glad you kept my favorite part of the old story...Riley asking Ryan what her last name will be!
anhimals chapter 15 . 10/16
I got excited when I saw you updated the story. I thought it was finally the reunion of Ryan and Rylie.
anhimals chapter 11 . 10/2
I had an alert for your original story and didn't see an update in so long, I thought you abandoned the story. I am glad to see it got a revamp!

Hopefully this time around, Ryan and Riley will get more good times than bad times. Looking forward to the next chapter :)