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ghodges137 chapter 97 . 9/16
An Ode to Romaine

Sit down for a spell,
And let me explain
About the story of a writer
Who called herself Romaine.

No, I don’t mean the plant
You eat in your salad,
It’s a girl who is
The point of this ballad.

Her tale begins
When she is hardly thirteen...
She struggles with depression
And bitch-mother-supreme!

She catches thrown softballs
with the side of her head.
She can’t eat any peanuts,
or else she’d be dead.

She caries a torch
For her fair Rosaline:
Who’s one part angel,
And two parts strychnine.

But our hero is one
Who is gifted and wise
And jots down her wit
To help her realize

That courage is a choice
That comes from within
And the path to her escape
Must one day begin

So she faces her demons
And conquers her fears.
Then she rises to become
A sage beyond her years.

She loves makeup, and acting
And sharing her snark.
She stands up for others
Like a modern Joan-of-Arc.

She’s a girl, an American,
A lesbian, a writer;
A clown, a victim,
A protector, a fighter.

Now her story is all told
So without further refrain,
let’s raise up our glasses:
CalvinHobbesGatsby chapter 92 . 6/20
I have a lot of respect for Emma Gonzalez, this was a great list.
ghodges137 chapter 83 . 4/25
I've heard it said that time is one of the great healers. It looks like it is working for you there...

It's nice to take a dip back into the ongoing adventures of Baby Blue and see that miss Romaine is well in the world. Here's wishing for more years of happiness and good times. Take care and thanks for sharing your sweet-n-salty thoughts! :)

- G.
ghodges137 chapter 81 . 2/22
Rocket Science - as in calculus-based Newtonian mechanics where mass is not a constant? That's some crazy stuff - how detailed do you get into that? Do you have to set up the Lagrangian and everything? Yeah, make sure you get plenty of sleep before that one! *mumbles a desperate prayer*
ghodges137 chapter 80 . 2/18
It's amazing the view one has after getting a chance to finally "decompress" after something like a broken heart. You start to realize that, perhaps, you were simply seeing something that was never there. Rosaline had her chance to embrace Romaine's love, but chose not to. Wise or foolish, it was her choice - and it takes a lot of soul searching to come to terms with that. I'm glad to see Romaine isn't judging herself poorly because of Rosaline's choice. I'm also impressed to see that only a few months away at college helped change the perspective - it took me ~3 years to finally get over (each of) my broken heart(s). Gosh, the memories! :/

But, after 80 chapters now of Baby Blue, I think it is plainly obvious that Romaine is a Nice Girl, through and through. She finds joy in the happiness she brings to others, be it her sassy wit or delicious bakes. She still wishes Rosaline well, and will still give of herself for others without hesitation or compensation. Maybe a little wiser and less Don Quixote with her heart now, but still a nice person.

But, if she ever goes down that path again, I hope she doesn't have a cow over it. ;)
ghodges137 chapter 78 . 2/6
So sorry, Romaine... you did go through a lot and these things take a LONG time to work themselves out. I know it is little consolation to think that your Mom meant well and believed it was the best way to be a parent. Sometimes people just give what they get - her Mom may have raised her the same way.
CalvinHobbesGatsby chapter 3 . 2/6
This is a very interesting story, you should keep going
ghodges137 chapter 74 . 1/30
I can see Romaine painting "happy little trees" and "happy little rocks". RIP Bob Ross.

I'd also love to hear what Romaine thinks about the Super Blue Blood Moon starting Wed 1/31/18 at 5:45 am EST ovwr the USA. A rare sight.
LorrahBear chapter 3 . 1/21
"Good luck. You tart." Is amazing.
LorrahBear chapter 2 . 1/21
I imagined most of these as papers started and crumpled and tossed in the trash. Is that right?
LorrahBear chapter 1 . 1/21
How interesting... do the two characters begin texting when Sally starts writing back? Or is everything via written letter? The timeline of these is a little unclear, but I like the unusual way you chose to start this story. Nice job!
ghodges137 chapter 70 . 1/18
Man swagger!? ROTFLMAO! That made my day!

I always thought a cloak was just like a big cape but also had a hood. Superman had a cape - Frodo Baggins wore a cloak.

And for the record, I think Rosaline was a darned fool to ever let Romaine go. Yes it sounds like a good idea to take your time - you never know what the future holds. Good Luck out there, Romaine - we're all cheering for you!
ghodges137 chapter 66 . 1/6
I hope finals weren't so bad for Romaine!
ghodges137 chapter 64 . 12/24/2017
Merry Christmas, Romaine! :)
ghodges137 chapter 65 . 12/24/2017
Sounds like a nice reunion - but only after a year? Wait 20 years, and then it gets interesting.
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