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ghodges137 chapter 52 . 11/19
Yeah, dreams are weird.

I noticed I can't read in my dreams - I can pretend to read, but I have never dreamed of an actual word that made sense. I also can't seem to shoot a gun, either. But when you have those rare dreams where you figure out you're dreaming (lucid dreaming?) that's when things get really crazy.
ghodges137 chapter 51 . 11/18
As a parent, this really hurts to read. Being proud of your child should NEVER be a prerequisite to be loved. You love your kids because they are yours - bragging is just a perk for some. Heck, I'd adopt Romaine if I could - she sounds like the perfect daughter! But, I'd most likely just spoil her rotten...

Wow, Romaine really lays bare her deepest thoughts and feelings in her letters. I hope this doesn't come from any personal experiences of the writer... if so, I've just hugged my computer! I hope you feel it and feel better! :)
ghodges137 chapter 49 . 11/18
Never stop writing poetry!
ghodges137 chapter 47 . 11/16
Sally! :)

Have you seen the Wikipedia page on Homosexuality? There is a whole portal to it - and the article is really well researched.

I *really* need to read the prequels now - I thought Romaine was too much of a "good girl" to really cross her mom with such replies.
ghodges137 chapter 46 . 11/16
Sorry about Romaine's mom - some people misapply science to validate a preconceived notion like homosexuality being evil. You're not silly, Romaine!

Also - if a solo part is available, don't you just have to just approach the choir director/professor and just ask to do it? Perhaps she can audition for it?
ghodges137 chapter 43 . 11/15
Well, Rosaline looks quite cute then :)

My sister tells me I (used to) look like David Tennant with glasses.

What celebrity does Romaine look like? In my imagination I believe she looks like Barbara Yung from Legend of the Condor Heroes. Am I close?
ghodges137 chapter 44 . 11/15
Wow - someone sure is busy these days...
ghodges137 chapter 45 . 11/15
One Day More - as in Les Miserables? That's a totally awesome score. I will sometimes play that the night before a really important and eventful day (like the first day of finals week).
ghodges137 chapter 42 . 11/12
Wow - this is a deep chapter. Romaine is having a Q&A with an imaginary Rosaline, her old love interest? That's some serious introspection there...

I'm curious to ask - is Romaine more comfortable talking with her imaginary Rosaline than the real person? Did Rosaline ever really exist, or is she dead now? Is Sally real? Do I have to read the prequels and etc. to get better context on this? As it is, I get the sense that there is a lot left unspoken - like how the writing style changes between characters POV - so it's hard for me to keep up. Now I'm starting to wonder if I have been misreading the real intent of Romaine's letters to Rosaline, or was it Sally all this time? Or are they really all just entries in Romaine's personal journal and are written like letters (like "Dear Diary..."), which says something about how shy or lonely Romaine is really feeling?

This reminds me of a scene I read where a guy stands at the grave of his dead wife and has an internal monologue, written as a dialogue, with her and tells her how much he misses her.
ghodges137 chapter 41 . 11/12
Oh, I disagree, Romaine - you know EXACTLY what you're talking about. And it's very on-point.

Women, in the vast majority of human societies, are viewed and treated as an inferior gender to Men - and often religion and culture will be used to leverage women to accept harsher, more restricted and subservient roles in society. And there are some women who are also guilty of using the roles to gain advantage in the system, like the female politician in Egypt who once argued that female castration beautifies them. How many societies are OK with having multiple wives (or married men sleeping with prostitutes) but will punish or kill women who do the same? Perceptions are changing, but it will literally take generations to die off and take the old ideas with them before we really see society evolve in my opinion.

In my experience, general elective courses tend to attract the riff-raff of college students - hopefully they'll just skip class or actually learn something and grow up a bit. Hopefully, in a Gender Studies class, the one thing people will learn is that gender has never been and never will be binary. The Male/Female boxes on forms are only relevant to ~90% of us or so.

I admit, being a guy I don't understand makeup. But, from what little I've learned, is that it can be an art form that can express a lot about yourself, and some prefer subtler tones. It also is a tool for people to look a part on stage or on camera - without it, the lights will make you look like a corpse. I wore some when I was in theater, and I hope I'll never wear any again.
ghodges137 chapter 40 . 11/12
That's cute you said "sir" to the TA - I was a TA once and most times you get no respect at all (even from the professors). One of my friends who was a TA was brought to tears by the mean comments of a college student.
ghodges137 chapter 36 . 11/4
This feels like a really deep and introspective chapter in Romaine's life that she is admitting. After finally reading & skimming over a number of chapters, I get the impression Romaine is someone who is looking for something, but she's not sure what it is. She's really intelligent, and holds herself to a very high standard - the standard she feels others have of her - but that also sets her up for failure and self-loathing.

So now I am curious to ask - why did her old chem teacher forgive her in her dream, and what does that really mean to her? Perhaps she feels the chem teacher (more than anyone else from her high school) was a kind of true mentor figure who could see through her sassy veneer and can see how genuinely she wanted to do well - and that sense of pure effort and intention, even in failure, is still worthy of praise from him. Perhaps, she's just looking for refuge from her own crushing drive to excel so she can make everyone proud of her (and thus she can finally feel she can be proud of herself as well)? So, is her subconscious trying to tell her in her dreams what she can't seem to understand when she is awake? Even when she pours her heart out in these letters?

I hope there will be a point when we finally get to see Romaine find some absolution from her past mistakes. Failing is not itself a point for fair judgment of one's character - it is in how one responds to failure. It's true - it takes guts to return a textbook in person and admit you just can't hack the class, and it sounds like Romaine knows that's the right thing to do. But I have known people who will choose to lie and cover up their failures, even when doing so is illegal, because deep down all that matters is the appearance of living up to their lofty standards. And for some people, convincing those around them of a falsehood makes it feel true enough to be acceptable in their own mind. I'm glad Romaine isn't that kind of person, and once she realizes how good of a person she is for having a good moral compass, she may finally be able to replace her "yeah I hate myself too" with a "so I'm going to do things right with my college chem teacher this time, I hope!"

Perhaps I am projecting an inaccurate reading of the character - I have never been good at understanding these things myself. But this chapter reminds me of the struggles my son had with high school, and how much he wanted to me to be proud of him - and how ashamed he felt every time he failed to live up to (his impression of) my standards. If Romaine were my daughter, I'd tell her what I told my son: if I could choose between seeing you come home with an "F" and not seeing you come home at all, then please get the "F" - sure, I'll be disappointed, but I will also be glad I can still hug you and will cheer you on to do better next time. Working in a hospital, I see a lot of folks dealing with much worse than a load of bad grades - just take the "F" and call yourself lucky, then try to do better tomorrow.

Sorry for such a long comment - like I said, this chapter seemed to speak volumes to me about Romaine.
ghodges137 chapter 20 . 11/1
As a physics major myself, I'm rolling my eyes at your physics joke.

I thought Astronomy was part of the physics program, like a concentration within a major and not have separate majors in physics and astronomy. All the cool American kids when into astrophysics, while the rest of us went into condensed matter, AMO, nuclear and plasma physics (among others).

And (adjusting my glasses) the Doppler Effect is a frequency shift due to relative motion. You could have said that Freshman behave more like particles because they are so easy to measure their precise location by their high school varsity jackets.
ghodges137 chapter 7 . 11/1
Funny - I never thought lesbians would go to gender support groups just to find a date. Makes sense, I guess.

And, FYI, Christians and straight people go to LGBT groups too, you know. It's about supporting your fellow human beings.
ghodges137 chapter 21 . 11/1
I get the impression that you are inspiring events in your story from real life (and congrats for getting into a university!). If that's so, then my sincerest wishes for your safety and well-being.

Date rape has been a big problem on college campuses for quite a while, and I suspect still is today. But, yea, I can imagine that the White Nationalists are starting to create a miasma on campuses these days with their Nazi symbols and marching with riot shields.
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