Reviews for Persuasive Essay: What Abortion Truly Is
Miss Modesto chapter 1 . 8/4/2019
Thank you, thank you, thank you! We need more people like you who can state the obvious.
Now I'm just gonna waste your time (and mine) by telling you about a personal experience (well, my mom's cuz I was was barely around). When my mom got pregnant with twins (me and my sis), she went through a lot of hell, mainly because she's East Indian descent and the docs were super racist. Anyhoo, they went overboard with ultrasound and whatever scans they do when you're preggers, and they kept freaking out over these "white spots" they saw on the ultrasound (boy, 90s tech was fun). They seemed to be convinced that we would be plagued by Down's Syndrome (no offense to anyone!), and at one point, a doc told my mom that he could "take out one". You know, abort one of us. My mom got fired up at this and chewed him out, saying that she find a way to take care of us (Awww), and what do you think he said? "Oh, that's very brave of you." Pff. Long story short, we were born prematurely, but the nurses were shocked that we came out so healthy (I wish I could make their reaction up). I'm not sure what that doc thought, but I hope he had his regrets about saying what he did. I'm so glad my mom decided to keep us, because even if one of us was "taken out", the other would have been affected to some degree (come to think of it, I might have been the unlucky one cuz I was lower down in the womb, but what do I know). I apologize if I made anyone mad, but this is one story that I may never be able to anyone besides my family, and especially one reason why I'm against abortion.
we're all humans chapter 1 . 1/15/2019
awesome arguments very nice job