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anonymouanonymou chapter 8 . 12/19/2017
Kankaku Dreamer by One OK Rock. I looked up the English lyrics, and they seem to be exactly what you're looking for.
Childish 'paw chapter 1 . 11/19/2017
Name: Kamereon Kaibutsu
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Role in the story: Antagonist that helps the main characters on the sidelines, probably joins the group later on just for the hell of it
Relationship with the protagonist: rival, and occasionally allies. Depends on his mood, really.
Hair color: reddish-purple
Eye color- inhumanly bright green. People think he wears contacts. He does not wear contacts
Figure: thin and lanky, but deceptively strong
Hair style: bangs that fall in his face, and the rest of it pulled back in a long, sleek ponytail, with one piece of hair sticking up
Height: 6'0
Weight:154 lb
Clothing style: pretty formal (purple dress shirt with the first two buttons undone, gray undershirt, dark slacks, black suit jacket.)
Personality: Kamereon is nothing if not deceptive, and twice as intelligent. His side job as an informant to anyone who comes asking proves this, as does the fact that's he's already the head of an up-and-coming company that focuses on furthering technology. He's also sarcastic to the power of infinity. He could literally be on the brink of death, and he'd be delivering a snarky, profane, most likely R-rated tongue lashing with his last breathes. Enjoys scaring people, teasing them, and generally pushing them around because he thinks the looks on their faces are funny. He also gets a kick out of puns. A good example of this is his name. (Kamereon is Japanese for chameleon (I think) and Kaibutsu is Japanese for monstrosity (I hope). He can be incredibly patient in the long run, with his plans and such, but when it comes to the little things, like the time it takes to get him a coffee, he's extremely impatient, unfortunately. Similarly, a setback or an insult can set him off. Kamereon, it ought to be noted, has a fuse comparable to that of a birthday candle. A bit of a workaholic. Contrary for the fun of it. Good with probably killed multiple people over coffee. Believes sleep is for the weak. Has little tolerance for idiots. Can bake and cook pretty well, but wouldn't admit it under pain of death, or ever.
History: Kamereon remembers next to nothing of his first fourteen years of life. Shortly before his fifteenth birthday, though, he was kidnapped by the same organization currently targeting Kurai's friend. He underwent experimentation dealing mainly with military technology, and came out of it with several techno-implants underneath his skin that allow him, and anything touching enough of his skin (i.e., clothes) to become invisible, or to take on the appearance of his surroundings, much like a chameleon. When he was seventeen, he managed to escape, and has since founded Kaibutsu Industries, alongside his informant business. Attempts to keep Kurai and his friends from reaching the organization, because he knows what those people do to kids like that. When it becomes apparent that this won't work, he basically throws his hands up in the air, says ' Fuck it's, and joins up with the stupid kid. This takes a while, of course, since he's stubborn as a mule, but it happens eventually.
Japanese voice actor: Ono Daisuke
English voice actor: Matthew Mercer

Recommendation for the opening: Awanaitsumorino, genkidene (Scandal)
Link: watch?v_EDvabyo620

(Sorry if it's too long, I might've gotten a bit carried away... and sorry for reviewing instead of submitting, but the stupid site won't let me use the PM thingy yet...)
(Oh, and feel free to turn him down, or make any chance you want! It's your story, after all! Good luck with it!)
Guest chapter 1 . 11/13/2017
Name: Hisa Yamada
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Role in the story: Joins Kurai's group to support him
Relationship with protagonist: Friends
Hair color: Mint
Eye color: Blue
Figure: Willowy
Hair style: Ties it in two low pigtails
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 45 kg
Clothing Style: Wears a black blouse and a dark purple pinafore dress. She wears knee-length black cross-laced boots and white stockings.
Personality: In stark contrast to Hisa's girlish appearance, she is boisterous, sarcastic, and at times, even to the point of being rude. She is fiercely loyal but can get pretty violent at times. Sometimes described as "eccentric".
History: She had a pretty normal life, except for a few shenanigans, until her older cousin got kidnapped as well. Hisa had a guess as to what was really happening but she hasn't told anyone yet.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/17/2017
This seemed fun, so I might as well join in!
Name: Saika Hibiki
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Role in the story: Friendly rival
Relationship with protagonist: Supports and remains loyal to
Hair colour: Pale pink
Eye colour: Blue
Figure: Boyish
Hair style: Chin length bob
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120 lbs
Clothing style: Punk
Personality: Saika is an ambitious and sober-minded young woman with much love towards everyone she considers special in her life. However, she is too often considered to refuse passivity and isn’t the type of share her plans to anyone. She is also a strong advocate against the “power of love” as she thinks it’s stupid despite being a hopeless romantic at heart.
History: As she’s from a family of high social status, Saika has always been popular though she dislikes and is unhappy with the attention. As the middle child of five other daughters, she seems to be the only one that her family is unaware of her plans to expose the government for what it’s doing. The rest is plot~
Japanese voice actor: Fumiko Orikasa
English voice actor: Tara Platt
SublimeAutumn chapter 1 . 10/17/2017
Name: Hino Ishi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role In Story: Protagonist
Relationship With Protagonist: She joins Kurai's group because she too had a loved one kidnapped and wants to save them.
Hair Color: Dark Red Violet (Was originally blonde. Dyed it to prevent suspicion)
Eyes: Turquoise (Was originally brown. Is wearing contacts to prevent suspicion)
Figure: Slim; Has some muscle.
Hair Style: Long and Messy. Has long bangs covering her left eye.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 131
Clothing Style: Wears a long black trench coat that is tore up at the bottom. Wears a small purple shirt with a white symbol meaning "revenge" on the middle of it. The shirt reveals most of the character's stomach. She also wears dark gray shorts with a few tears in it. She wears two different socks, a long purple sock that goes passed the knee and a white sock that goes up only to the knee while wearing small black boots.
Personality: Hino is a rule breaker. She is hot tempered, fearless and is only nice to a handful of people. She doesn't take no for an answer. She hates Kurai at first for being scared and taking the "safe route". Hino starts to respect Kurai more when he becomes more brave and eventually forms a brother/sister bond with him.
History: Hino had a rough childhood. Her mother left them when she was a child so it was only her, her father and her little sister, Shurui. They lived in the outskirts of Jigoku. Since their father struggled with money, Hino eventually dropped out of school and got a job working at a store. Even though Hino was working for the sake of her family, her father praised Shurui for staying in school and being successful, causing Hino to anger easily. Out of fear, Hino was fired for causing disruptions at work and getting into fights. She was later hired by a martial arts master, who trained her self defense. After several years working with the owner, he passed away, causing Hino to lose her most beloved job. Not long after, while Hino and Shirui were with each other, some kidnappers came and forced the two siblings away from each other. While being dragged away, Hino overheard information about the government and experiments. Summoning up her strength, Hino fought back and got away from the kidnappers. She looked for her sister, but couldn't find her. Feeling sudden loss, Hino went home to see that her father had left them. With no friends or family to rely on, Hino decided it was up to her to rescue her sister and to prove to the world what was really happening. After weeks of searching, Hino found no grounds, but did notice wanted posters with her name and picture on it. Not wanting to be found, she went as far as to dye her hair and wear contacts so she could walk in public. Not long later, she meets up with Kurai and his gang, and joins them in hopes of saving her sister and expose the government of their crimes.

Japanese Voice Actor: Ami Koshimizu
English Voice Actor: Colleen Clinkenbeard

I really like the idea for your story! I may have gotten a bit too descriptive on the character xD But I really hope you enjoy it!