Reviews for Kuroshima
historyman101 chapter 3 . 11/20/2017
I don't normally read horror stories, but I have come to like yours (since I did help you along with it, hah). In fact, it feels more like a thriller or a suspense story than a straight-up horror story, which is fine with me. I prefer psychological thrillers, anyway.

Getting to the meat of the review (of the story overall): I like how you've not only taken cues from Higurashi and other anime horror shows but also from some classics as well. The idea of a criminal conspiracy in town reminds me very much of Stephen King, the master of horror. You have a right mix of Japanese folklore, criminality and just general depravity hiding beneath the town's surface.

All the characters are rather endearing, especially Kazumi. She has a few anime tropes, but otherwise her character is very apropos of the story. Inquisitive, curious, and slightly apprehensive about what's going on. She clearly wanted to escape from a bad situation at home, only to find herself in an even worse one in town.

Can't wait to see it all come together, whenever that arrives.