Reviews for Of Sparkles And Broken Bones
Xanedis chapter 1 . 12/6/2017
Your story had a very punchy beginning that sucked me in right from the get-go. You know your characters, they feel very life-like and enjoyable to read. But my greatest props go to your sense of humour. The way you write, incorporating those jokes, might be just the perfect way for you to write(for now, at least - but I haven't really read more of your works, so take that comment with a barrel of salt).

I do hope to see continuation. On a side note, I noticed that the chapter had a bit of a hasty ending, which detracted ever-so-slightly from the experience. However, it can be easily remedied with a bit of revision, so I'm not gonna blabber on about it.

All in all, yours was the first story I reviewed on Fictionpress, and I don't tend to... review stuff(I dislike reading other people's stories, as I find it detracts from my own writing - don't ask me about the logistics of it). I hope to hear more from you, since you have an excellent sense of writing style. Also, your story was very easy to read, the flow of your writing was very natural and... well, flow-ey.

Honestly, I'm just trying to cram as much stuff as possible in here, since I know how nice it is to receive a review... But I'm out of words, so I'll be back once you start writing again. Or something to that extent. Buh-bye.