Reviews for The House on Byron Street
Guest chapter 30 . 12/11
This is really good. Some sloppy grammatical errors, like English isn’t your first language, but your pattern of speech seems to have a real British influence so maybe it is something else.

Your Dory is an awesome character, and the world you create is robust and surprising well rounded considering how jumbled your syntax is. Anyhow, thanks for sharing. If you get a good copyrighter I would definitely purchase all of your Dory series. You do wonderful character work.
Railia chapter 19 . 12/5
My Grandad who loved marmalade would always tell me how he was forced to have carrot marmalade during the war. I love that you put that tidbit in : )
Guest chapter 15 . 11/24
Sorry I haven’t reviewed. My phone keeps deleting the reviews before I can hit post! I have written a couple of long ones so I will keep this short and cross my fingers. I really like Dory a lot. She is probably my fave of your original characters. I appreciate your historical touches and I am really enjoying your mysteries. Wonderful, and I look forward to more.
Guest chapter 8 . 11/14
Did I miss a Dory story somewhere? I thought this was the second but I’m assuming all the reference to the boat is something! An enjoying this and I like that you’ve started doing mysteries although I think I’d enjoy a mystery and romance combo. ~*Railia*~ (who was too lazy to sign in)
smrae chapter 7 . 11/14
Tidal muse another fun story to read! Sorry I’m reviewing so late. I think this is my first crime/suspense story from you and I’m loving it. Love the setting and era you chose to place the story in, and the ATS girls. Can’t wait to see what happens next!