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Jacky Dario chapter 41 . 6/22
Thanks for the update, please continue. I'm enjoying your story.
Jacky Dario chapter 37 . 5/27
Thanks for the update, I can't wait for the next one!
Sepherohth chapter 36 . 5/25
That was an interesting end to the chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Sepherohth chapter 35 . 5/23
Well, that was a wonderful chapter with the awesome fight sequence. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Sepherohth chapter 34 . 5/23
The story has been very interesting so far. I'm super hyped to know more about the crimson character, seems badass. Also in this chapter I think you meant "scaredy" not "scary"
DeathflareGoddess chapter 34 . 5/23
Want to stress again I meant zero antagonism in my last review. I just felt like I could harmlessly offer my own stance on it too in case you thought you were doing something very wrong Duodecim. Didn't want you trying to change too much to try and please our every gripe" there's no need. Keep up the good work!

Though not gonna lie, I hope this story gets real bloody soon. Slowly creeping up to that M rating and I can't wait.
DeathflareGoddess chapter 35 . 5/23
Before I post on this chapter I feel the need to address something that caught my attention. For starters, there's nothing wrong with you using 'snort, scoff, eye roll' to portray emotions of the characters or any other similar actions. Using those gives much better imagery than a bland 'X said this' every other sentence (Not taking shots at Sephy but his issues with this seemed really odd to me). Being expressive has nothing to do with being an 'anime character' (even if I imagine this like a JRPG lol). I don't even know how someone draws that conclusion anyway?

Also you used sneer just fine, at least in my opinion. Never seen a problem with it so far. ANYWAYS coming off of that I liked this chapter. Izunata got a scar though and I'm kinda upset over that but at least she's not dead.

I want to know why she hates her powers so much though. I used to think she was like Sasuke in a sense with how she seemingly wants to harm someone for revenge yet the more I read about her the more it comes off as she doesn't know if she wants to escape or fight her past. Really interesting developments. Cyrus is pretty dope too.
Sepherohth chapter 25 . 5/23
This seems like a classic "shounen" story and it's interesting so far. I like the Izuna character, she seems kinda cool. Also, you use "snort, scoff, eye roll, sneer" wayyyyy too much, it seems like the MC is an over expressive anime character.
Sepherohth chapter 21 . 5/22
Sorry for the late review, kinda kept on reading without review. I just had to say this, I'm enjoying the story a lot but it seems the you're confused about what a sneer is? I mean, it's weird how you have used the emotion in conversations where it doesn't suit at all...
DeathflareGoddess chapter 33 . 5/11
Ok so,

1 - Casey is hilarious. That entire exchange between him and Rune was just funny as heck to me (the light bulb part especially lmao)

2 - Kayde is just too cute. Sad her scrap with Aaron (if it can even be called that) was offscreened but it keeps the story moving. Good call!

3 - IZUNATA CENTERED CHAPTER COMING NEXT! She's like my favorite character and I'm actually fangirling every time she gets the spotlight. Lets see how she deals with this new obstacle in her path considering her powers are nullified in the city. Awaiting the day her & Runic encounter each other again too!
Jacky Dario chapter 33 . 5/11
can't wait!
DeathflareGoddess chapter 32 . 4/30
First off I want to say this story deserves WAY more follows/reviews/favorites then it already has. Like, I have never liked a story so much. Now then...

This chapter wa ! I literally can not name a part I don't like! I'm loving the character interactions and the various personalities your characters have. The way they seamlessly accentuated each other from Iris teasing Kayde to shifting flawlessly into antagonizing Dante made everything feel so natural. Nothing comes off as forced, all tge interactions and scenes flow well into each other coupled with your knack for detailed descriptions (I visualized Lysander & Runic's stances easily) makes it feel like I'm watching a movie in my head more than reading a simple story.

Speaking of which, the ending (I won't spoil it for those who haven't read it) really threw me for a loop! This stories been holding my attention start to finish with cliffhangers, hidden themes and the atmosphere/plot overall. One of the best fantasy stories I've read on this site so far imo. Really glad you post chapters regularly and don't seem to be abandoning your story too, it's a definite keeper!

I know it's unexpected but a part of me wonders if Izunata & Lysander have a deeper connection beyond superficial similarities? I also want to learn more about Aerin (who hasn't really had screen time since her fight) and Aaron (who hasn't been shown at all) too and the wait is killing me ;_; it's so much I want to talk about here. How would Izunata stack up against Iris or Lysander? What about Aerin or Dante? Could Iris take down Dante like she did Yven? When is Cyrus (yes I remember Cyrus) coming back or is he coming back? I hope so!

Izunata is by far my favorite character in this story so far though (I love Runic too and Iris etc don't get me wrong!). Her mystery vibe and all around attitude coupled with her powers & vague backstory make her a true attention grabber to me. I can't wait for her next role in this story for when her and Runic undoubtedly meet again. She seems to be the drive for his actions against Lysander and I love it.

Eagerly awaiting your next chapter. Every time I get an email I stop everything I'm doing to read.
Rubygold153 chapter 32 . 4/30
Well, as a fervent Lys fanboy, I have to say that I love how you portrayed his detachment throughout the fight, including the kinda subtle commanding nature displayed when he told the peanut gallery to shut it.

His fighting style was also excellently displayed, showcasing his desire for quick, precise, and energy-conserving strikes. I guess Runic's CQC skill was pretty dope too.

What really caught my eye though was Ryvan's allusion to Lys and whatever history he has. I expect some more awesome content to come surrounding that.

Back to the fight though, I also loved the final showdown there and it's conclusion. Would have liked to see more of a display outside of hand to hand combat, but I understand that you can't dish out all the good stuff at once. Gotta pace it and reveal the abilities bit by bit. An unfortunate way to maintain interest throughout a story for someone who wants to read it all right now, but it is an effective one, since I will be back for more.

Finally, jumping off the Lys only train for a brief moment, I have to say that I enjoyed the evolution of Runic's thoughts throughout the bout. Regardless of how intense and epic a fight is at face value, it won't really hit home unless you can relate, since any conflict worth noting is essentially a clash of ideals and emotions. That said, you did well to express Runic's thoughts and internal struggle in the face of Lys' unmoving and insurmountable vibe, which in itself was a display of conflicting ideals.

Overall, gg. I expect to see more, and back on the Lys train, more of Lys in particular.
DeathflareGoddess chapter 31 . 4/29
Izunata is already my favorite character in this story. Your writings very descriptive and cinematic!
Jacky Dario chapter 28 . 4/11
Thanks for writing this. It is interesting and makes me anxious for the next chapter. I'm enjoying it.
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