Reviews for The Silversmith (A Rama Empire novel)
Lillyannp chapter 9 . 12/11
Another error: made THE knight not 'made knight'. Overall, great chapter.
Lillyannp chapter 8 . 12/8
Happy to help. : )
Lillyannp chapter 7 . 12/3
"Only alive because the mountainsides WERE" not WAS.
Kimainy chapter 6 . 12/2
People really tend to misjudge her, don't they? really neat the way you set up the story, so we readers get the same first impression as Merek, and then learn how unfair it is later. I like it.
Lillyannp chapter 6 . 12/1
Beldren's and the mayor's actions boil my blood.
Kimainy chapter 4 . 11/29
Ahahahahaha, oh my god I love Ulenna. Such a great character, going to turn Merek up side down one of these days.
Kimainy chapter 3 . 11/26
A bit to the short side, but knowing you you'll write some longer parts later on. It's nice to see a bit of the rama empire as it was before it disbanded- this seems like a good start! Definitely coming back to read some more here.