Reviews for Crazy Ramblings of a Frustrated Author
Sakura Reyna chapter 1 . 11/29/2017
Actually I was thinking, "WTF..Idiot sounds like an asshat," as I read more and more. If Idiot bothers you while you're in the dojo, tell your teacher ASAP. Even words can hurt as much as physical stalking. Idiot sounds possessive, obsessive, and jealous-it seems like he has nothing outside of you to focus on and he's afraid to lose you because it seems like you're all he has. Tell him to get a hobby and get the heck out of your life for good. I'm learning a bit with my "relationship" at the moment...I'll explain that later...but he doesn't respect your needs for space then cut off all contact with him, especially on that damn Book of Faces...unfollow him because it's gonna make you sick.
As for him blowing up at you when you dolled yourself up and got a compliment from another guy on the other side of the planet: Good for you. At least he was gentlemanly about it. Which is more than I can say for Idiot. If he refuses to listen, don't take his bullcrap and ct him off.
It's 4:05 a.m. here...I need to get some sleep but I will reply to your review with more details in a few hours. You and I need to work on our individual happiness, even if it something "simple" like retreating into our "fantasy" worlds. :)