Reviews for There Was a Girl
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 1 . 12/15/2017
There's an interesting style here - a mixture between poetry and storytelling. And for the subject matter you were tackling, I think it really worked well.
It matches the more lighter (or shall I put shining?) beginning with a somewhat more carefree, child-like style. But not too forced with strict, bouncy immAnd there it also sets the pace and the rhythm which you keep going right through till the end.
Towards the end, where things get darker, its... nicely mismatched... like two different notes being sung at the same time but they still work together and harmonise. The style you write in keeps it feeling very much like a fairy tale or a song. Though your word choices are not too graphic in description, they are enough to cut through the overall message. It feels stark enough to be real so by the last line, I have some chills.

I thought this was really good. Hopefully this isn't the last one of its type from you.
All the best,