Reviews for Chime
M3rcy chapter 1 . 12/30/2017
I'm so very happy to be the first person to review this story (I read it all, don't worry)
What a beautiful concept!
The writing was charming, smooth and cosy. The plot line unique yet still able to relate a sense of realness to it as the main character lost his speech in replacement of middle ages talk. I liked this story a lot, and it was so professionally written as well!
It just flowed naturally, had an air of elegance to it and the main character was an interesting person indeed (I just wish his name wasn't so hard to spell, I know it but I'm afraid if I try to keep typing his name, I'll mess it up)
Still! I was losing hope in this site for I hadn't found a nice well written and plotted story on it for a while (within the 10,000 to 20,000 word frame I usually read) but this gives me hope that unknown writers can still push out material just as good as the "professionals" (ones who get publishers) and sometimes even better.
Yes I must say I truly loved this story. It just had a charm all of it's own to it and was a nice way for me to close off the year of 2017.
Truly you do have a lot of talent! And this story shows it.
The Bell Chimes!
The only nitpick I have, and this is very small... why is it set a hundred years in the future? For things still seemed the same as today in it, yet I'd have thought society would've been more advanced in technology by that stage.
That's the only thing that confused me but other than that! This was great!
Continue writing always!
Much appreciate a good writer like you ;)
M3rcy :)