Reviews for Travelling Dark: The Holt
BradytheJust chapter 2 . 12/28/2017
Yay Toby and Ine got married! :D Hooray!

I really like the mix of exposition/world building (the different types of magic/the guilds/what Treyce had been doing since prison) with the present day story. It's something I've struggled with, but I might try to move my worldbuilding into chapters rather than have them be their own chapters.

Anyway, I'm glad Treyce is working to earn some money and hopefully kill some monsters while at it.

And Neassa... losing money on gambling, that just made me laugh. I'm now asking the same question as Treyce. "What has he gotten himself into?"
BradytheJust chapter 1 . 12/28/2017

I really loved how you described not only the prison but also the prisoners themselves. The lines about the prisoners "Supposed monsters" having more compassion than the guards really spoke to me.

As an avid (though not large thumbed) coin flipper myself, I liked the way you described Treyce's habit and how it affected not only his physical features but also the way he dealt with his magic gift.

I also cried a bit at the line "A few prisoners never got those manuscripts back." Now that's torture!

The Warden also was a very interesting character, especially his lines about the human spirit.

Well now Treyce is free, and I wonder what he'll do next!