Reviews for What It Means To Be Alive
BradytheJust chapter 1 . 12/28/2017
Well, my friend, the scene with the thug... abusing the man made me cringe a bit, but otherwise, this was a fantastic story.

The idea of someone waking up in a different body/being reborn has always interested me, but the extra tidbit of having to kill someone to remain in that body just makes it interesting/creepy/very heartfelt.

I can't imagine that responsibility of holding lives in your hands and having to constantly relearn who you are and the new life you now live every time you die.

When you had your character just looking for people to kill, it seemed so natural... as if they weren't giving their actions a second thought. That sent shivers up my spine!

Everything about this story was great, and I hope you continue it! It can't be complete :O