Reviews for Non-blood siblings are still siblings
I. C. Kyeropas chapter 1 . 1/4/2018
What an adorable story, zombie apocalypse or not.

My one issue is with the way you describe things. They are usually the most obvious and common ways to describe things (cliches). The group leader is tall, tan, and blue-eyed, just like group leaders from a lot of fictional groups. The air of a zombie apocalypse is smells of smoke and burned flesh. The cute moment is all about small fluffy animals. This is fine for someone just starting to write, but I think you're capable of more than that. For example, instead of "ripped clothing," try "clothing that looked like its wearer tried to climb over barbed wire fences in a hurry and on more than one occasion." Instead of "she looked very intelligent," try making her do something that requires intelligence, like "she tossed a rock into the dark room to make sure nothing overly hungry was waiting inside."

Also, you're using the wrong apostrophe and quotation marks. Use "this for a quote" and use the same button that does this " for an apostrophe, but don't hold shift. Finally, only put one punctuation mare next to a quotation mark. "Quote like this." One period before the mark. If the quote is not at the end of a sentence, use a comma instead of a period. The mark under the squiggle line on the keyboard is never to be used in English writing.

Good use of flashback.

Try to include a bit of mystery in your story, a secret that you know but the reader can only guess.