Reviews for Unexpected Paths
KoscheiTepes chapter 1 . 12/31/2017
I really hope that Lilli does thank Cassandra one day and realizes just how much she truly loves her. Unlike their mother she actually stayed and continues to take care of her despite how she treats her. I can't believe how selfish their mother was and not it seems as if Lilli is going down the exact same path. I know she (unfairly) blames Cassandra for their mother leaving (I get the feeling that she would have left eventually whether Cassandra had autism or not) but that's no excuse for her to act like a self centered whiny brat towards her. At the moment I think that Lilli still loves Cassandra and is just angry and afraid but if this continues it could easily lead to the two of them never speaking to one another again one day and I'd definitely hate to see that happen. Cassandra has already had more than enough pain in her life so I really hope that her sister grows up sometime soon and starts to treat her right. I really like this story and it definitely gets my vote to get its own series because I want to see if Cassandra and Lilli are able to get over what their mother did to them or not. I can't wait to see which story will be in the next chapter. I'm hoping that it's the trick or treat story next because I have a feeling that I'm really going to love that one too.