Reviews for The Final Countdown
sprinkled clean chapter 1 . 7/11/2018
First of all, I liked the style that you went for, the countdown with each line starting with the number from 10 to 1. You probably intended that, and it’s a great idea to write about, especially since you timed it with the new year.

I don’t understand, however, how the lines that count from 9 to 4 connect with the last three. It felt as if you were telling a grand story, setting it up with a strong line such as “nine chances to drown ourselves in sorrow’s embrace” only to end up with “just the two of us, can I have one more chance?” - it felt like two separate stories, one about eternal damnation, and the last, like a lover who wants to repent. If I could interpret it as one story, connecting it to the summary you wrote, it felt like you were saying, you never know when you would die, so if you have the chance for salvation, take it. I know it seems religious, but that’s how I understood the poem as one whole. I think the lines “five stories falling” and “four ever and ever” need more work, just because they’re kinda vague or not as powerful as the other lines.

I did like the poem because of the creative style and the shortness—it’s as if you can actually chant this while doing a countdown.

Happy writing!

- spring, from the Review Game