Reviews for Atlantech: Days of Darkness
Rapscallion chapter 11 . 19h
This chapter had a few surprising moments.

I was surprised by William's spiritual meeting with Ammon. I like that you're continuing with William becoming the chosen leader of the Tjatey. I also liked that Ammon was sympathetic towards William's objections to being named the chosen leader.

I was surprised that Victoria killed that witness at her latest bank robbery for recognizing her. I know that Victoria killed that producer in season 1, but that was self-defense. I'd hate to see Victoria going through remorse over killing that witness because she's suffered enough already.

I was surprised that Morane cut off Artis' finger, because he ordered Artis to repair the Android Stan. Morane should've waited until Artis repaired the android, and then he could cut off one of Artis' fingers as a warning.
Rapscallion chapter 10 . 2/12
This chapter had a equal balance of humanity and violence.

I'm glad that Brian found Safiya and kept her company until her mother Rehema and William walked by the café. I thought this scene would lead to Brian being introduced to William, and taking a bigger role in the story.

I hope that William speaks out for the Tjatey. I hope he also starts accepting the Tjatey part of his heritage.

I was surprised that Morane (apparently) destroyed the android Stan.

Good chapter.
Rapscallion chapter 9 . 1/7
I think Brian will soon be playing a more prominent role in Atlantech.

I'm glad Justin has returned to the jet program. I hope there'll be a prototype for the season finale.

Maxwell obviously never saw "Goodfellas", because he's spent his share of bank robbery on himself. I'd like to see Maxwell attract some unwanted attention from the police and even Morane himself. I'm also angry that Maxwell slapped Victoria, and I hope she gets revenge soon.

I liked that William is finally going to introduce himself to Victoria. William's bumping into Lucy, Grace, and Mipsy at the department store was amusing because I thought he gave the girls too much information about his romantic life.
Rapscallion chapter 8 . 9/28/2019
Justin had some great character development in this chapter; he's more confident and forgiving, and eager to help with the jet program.

I liked Justin's reunion with Dendera. I find it amusing when she calls him "young corporal". You seem to be setting up Justin and Dendera to be a couple later on in the story.

Lynne should've broken up with her boyfriend over the phone instead of going to his apartment and telling him face-to-face. She agreed to have one last drink with him, and I don't like where its probably going to lead.

the android Stan's humanity keeps reappearing in peculiar ways; to save Justin, he brings a teenage thief to Morane, and when Morane orders the teenager's death, Stan kills him quickly so he won't suffer and lays his body on the ground gently.

Jayce turned out to be one of the most memorable subplots of this chapter. I liked that he admitted to being a coward, and that he and a friend hid during the Tjatey uprising at the AMF base.
Rapscallion chapter 7 . 4/18/2019
This was a great chapter for Victoria. After two seasons of heartache, it was great to see Victoria happy!

I'm glad that Victoria didn't kill that bank teller. I think she had a chance to get rid of Maxwell, but instead she told the bank teller Morane hired her to rob his bank. I think that lie might return to haunt Victoria. I liked that Victoria was able to treat herself to a new dress. Even though she paid for that dress with the money from the bank robbery, it felt like she earned it.

I'm curious as to what will happen to Lynne now that she's taking some personal time. I thought Lucy and Mipsy were rude to speculate about Lynne's problems, but I'll chalk it up to their youth.

You brought back Detectives Vince and Marks for the murder mystery subplot. Vince and Marks run into Stan (their prime suspect), but Vince was too drunk, and Marks was too embarrassed by his partner's ranting to recognize that Stan fit the police sketch. I wonder what will happen when Vince sobers up?

Yes! William and Victoria finally meet! The description of the two of them meeting being fate was clichéd, but it worked. I'm glad William had the courage to ask Victoria if he could see her again, and she agreed. I'm glad this subplot to your story is finally rolling.
Rapscallion chapter 6 . 3/10/2019
I don't think I've ever been this disappointed with Victoria. After all her dealings with Maxwell, she never suspected that he'd cheat her out her share of the bank heist?

Maxwell's playing mind games with Victoria, telling her she has to kill witnesses to inspire fear and build a criminal reputation. I think he's just trying to set Victoria up for the fall if they get caught for the bank heist.

I liked that Victoria got to insult Maxwell by telling him he's trying to be Morane but he's too much of a coward to succeed.

I liked the scene with William talking to the Tjatey child Safiya and her mother Rehema. William seems to be on the road to accepting his Tjatey heritage.

Sam finds Justin gambling in Morane's casino, and successfully drags him outside. Sam (who's an android) turned off his recorder so Morane wouldn't know Justin is the one stealing from the casino, but he's worried Morane will figure something is up.

Victoria returns to the bank and threatens to kill the female teller for not handing over all the money. A shot is fired. I really hope Victoria didn't kill that teller.
Guest chapter 5 . 2/11/2019
Victoria's bank robbery went off without a hitch; I'm glad it wasn't the robbery itself wasn't a cliché where the bank is full of customers!

As always, Lynne's scenes lift the story. Lynne still loves William, but he's moved on to his crush with Victoria. Is there even a slight chance Lynne and William can be a couple again?

I liked that William asked Lynne to reinstate Justin to the AMF instead of demanding it. I'm glad that William's strong character development has continued. Is this a sign of him accepting the prophecy of becoming the great leader of the Tjatey?

Victoria and Maxwell take their loot to the Card Shark, where Victoria distracts Enrique long enough for Maxwell to hide the money. But Enrique—who suspects Victoria committed a murder—now suspects she's up to something else.

Stan protects a boy by strangling a pedophile. Is Stan developing his own emotions? Is this concern for the defenseless a product of his friendship with William and Justin? Stan also inadvertently reveals his identity as an android to the boy? Stan tells the boy to go home, but will he reappear again?

Lynne has a surprise meeting with Dendera. I like that Dendera asked Lynne to reinstate Justin to the AMF like William did earlier. That shows how important Justin is to the plot. I also hope Lynne is starting to understand there are some Tjatey who can be trusted.

Sam reports to Morane. Morane reviews Sam's data and is angered by Sam inadvertently revealing himself as an android to the boy he saved. As Morane shouts, Sam fight's the urge to kill him. Again, are these Sam's own emotions?

Morane's next mission for Sam is to bring in the teen swindling his casinos. Sam immediately suspects its Justin. Is Justin's life in danger? Is this where Justin discovers his friend is actually an android?

Great chapter!
Rapscallion chapter 4 . 11/18/2018
In the aftermath of the failed Tjatey uprising, I think it was a good idea to start this chapter from the viewpoint of Dendera and Sebak.

Dendera is upset that the humans won't trust the friendly Tjatey, and interestingly, she misses Justin, or "the young corporal" as she calls him. Will there be a relationship between them?

I felt badly for Justin when his drunken father stepped into his room and started calling him a screw up. I'm glad Justin stood up for himself. Maybe it'd be better for Justin if he moved in with William and Alley.

Victoria puts on a fashionable disguise for her and Maxwell's upcoming bank robbery. It was funny and realistic when Victoria accidentally pulled the trigger on her gun and put a bullet in her tall mirror, because most actors and actresses don't know how to handle firearms.

It was good to read William becoming assertive and embracing his Tjatey heritage. It seems to have led to the first real rift between William and Justin.

Maxwell picks up Victoria in a jalopy. The two reluctant allies bicker as they drive to the bank. I like that Victoria took the time to open her compact and check her makeup.

Justin visiting Chris' marker in the city mausoleum was the highlight of the chapter. You did a wonderful job describing this skyscraper-like mausoleum for all the departed humans and Tjatey of Atlantis City. I think Justin's speech and Chris' marker was cathartic for him, and he sounded more mature when he stepped outside.
Leahvb1789 chapter 1 . 10/20/2018
I hope this is you. I’m sorry, as I did not read the story. I am desperately looking for my sister. I’ve been dreaming about her, and I miss her. Somehow, my search for her has gotten linked to this and I don’t want to say any names in case this is not her. I don’t have messaging yet since i just made an account. I hope you see this, and if you have a sister you haven’t talked to in years, it’s me. Please message me.
Rapscallion chapter 3 . 8/28/2018
I'm surprised that Victoria's plan is to rob a bank. I hope it's Morane's bank; it's time for that bastard to suffer.

I like that Lynne apologized to William about what she said to him after the Tjatey's failed uprising, and that she reinstated him with the AMF. I wondered if there might still be a chance Lynne and William would rekindle their relationship, but it doesn't seem that will happen.

It was good of Justin to drop off that basket of wine and snacks to William. But I think it was a bad idea for Justin to get caught cheating at the local casinos; he's supposed to be a genius, and he got away with cheating in a previous chapter.

I hope Brian returns to Madame La Rogue and asks her for answers. Everyone knows you can't get answers at the bottom of a whiskey glass.
Rapscallion chapter 2 . 6/30/2018
I thought this was a short chapter, but a lot of emotions came out as I read it.

Lynne is inspecting the repairs to the flight control tower, but the girls notice how cheerful she is. Lynne bashfully admits she met someone at a bar, and the girls privately fear that no good will come from this. I'm scared too; I don't trust Mortimer and I fear he'll only use Lynne.

I also noticed that Lynne regrets blaming William for the Tjatey's uprising. I think Lynne still has feelings for William, and I wonder if they'll come out in the future.

Great to see Abraham back, and I'm surprised that he's been promoted to admiral. Does that mean Lynne stepped down as commanding officer of the AMF? I'm also glad that Abraham's regained his confidence.

Victoria's plight continues to break my heart. Thanks to the critics of her last movie, the studios won't hire her; she can barely pay rent and has started selling her mother's memorabilia and her own dresses. Things have to get better for Victoria quickly.

I thought Brian was very rude to the psychic reader Madame La Rouge. She offered him a free reading, and he insults her profession! She should've thrown him out of her office! I guess she had to tell him that "the darkness" was coming to get him.

I enjoyed the scene where William talks to his mother Letha about her past and the Tjatey. At least William learned that Naeem led the Tjatey uprising because he didn't want his people to change and accept the human lifestyle. I wish his sister Alley were there, and I'd like it if she appeared in future chapters. I also hope this is the start of William embracing his Tjatey heritage, and fulfill his destiny.

The bit where William and Victoria are both looking up at the single star in the night sky was a bit sappy, but that's romance, right?

Great chapter. I hope things get better for William and Victoria.
Rapscallion chapter 1 . 5/27/2018
I was surprised by how grim the season opener was for Atlantech: Season 2.

Justin has been discharged from the AMF, he's moved back home with his alcoholic father, and is gambling full time. Justin regrets trying to stop the Tjatey uprising through nonviolent means, and I noticed he and the other AMF soldiers went around the base killing all the Tjatey warriors that were rendered unconscious from the knock-out gas. Will Justin ever learn the reason for the uprising?

William is on probation, and is depressed yet again. He hasn't written to Victoria because he feels responsible for the death's in the Tjatey uprising. I was surprised William didn't talk with his mother Letha, or his sister Alley. I also hated seeing William and Lynne argue again.

The Tjatey uprising, along with Abraham's serious injury, and her latest argument with William, severely effects Lynne, and she walks into the Card Shark for her first drink. I expected Lynne would run into Victoria, but instead she meets a suave businessman named Mortimer. I hope Mortimer doesn't try to take advantage of Lynne.

The android Stan is malfunctioning and is on the run from the Atlantis City PD. With nowhere else to go, he staggers to City Hall where he collapses in Morane's office. I must say that I found Morane hilarious in this scene.

A grim chapter, but a good start to season 2.